Chapter Three

The Monkees followed the Doctor and Rose out onto the beach. Mike, Peter and Davy stared at the phone box, confused, when they neared it.

"Okay, where did that come from?" Mike asked.

The Doctor looked at him.

"It's mine actually. It's the reason I brought you out here." He said.

"You own a phone booth?" Peter asked.

"Actually it's a police call box." The Doctor said.

"A what?" Micky said.

"Police call boxes," Davy explained. "They have them in England. Police officers use them to contact headquarters when they're out on patrols and need assistance."

"Okay," Mike said. "So what's one doing in Malibu Beach then?"

"And I though you said this was a new beach phone booth." Micky added.

"Well, I lied about that because usually I don't show people what's inside here, but in this case I'm making an exception."

"Show us what's inside?" Davy said. "There's nothing inside there. I've seen several of these before. It's just an empty blue box."

The Doctor and Rose grinned at each other.

"Well, actually, this is a specially built police box." He said.

He and Rose walked around to the door and the Monkees followed behind him. he pulled out his TARDIS key, unlocked the door and he and Rose stepped aside.

"Have a look." He said gesturing to the door.

The Monkees looked at each other. Micky walked up to the door, opened it a crack and stuck his head inside.

"Um…Davy?" Micky said.


"How big are these police boxes?"

Davy frowned.

"You can't tell from looking at the outside?" he said to him.

"Um, well no, because the interior is very roomy and bright and it has a metal floor and ramp and---"

"What?" Davy said as Mike and Peter looked at each other. "Step aside!"

The Doctor and Rose snickered as Micky stuck his head back out. Davy threw open the door all the way and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. He wandered inside followed by the other Monkees.

"What the bloody hell is going on here?" he said staring up at the ceiling.

Outside, the Doctor looked at Rose.

"Any moment now, they'll all come out and walk around it and go back in." he said to her.

Sure enough a few seconds later, the four of them ran outside, did a complete walk round and ran back in. the Doctor and Rose giggled.

"Now, they'll say, it's bigger on the inside." Rose said to him.

"Oh my God, it's bigger on the inside." They heard Micky say.

The Doctor grinned.

"Yup, it's become a tradition. The new companion routine." He said to her.

The four of them stepped outside and stared at them.

"How the hell are you doing this?" Mike asked.

"Ah, well, that takes a bit of explaining. Why don't you step inside and I'll fix you all a nice cup of tea and we can talk." The Doctor said.

The four of them nodded dumbly. They watched as the Doctor and Rose went in and then they followed along behind.

A half hour later, the four Monkees sat at the Doctor's kitchen table, completely dumbfounded, as he and Rose explained themselves and the TARDIS.

"So…you're an alien." Mike said when he finally finished.

The Doctor took a sip of tea.

"Yup." He said.

They looked at Rose.

"And you're human?" Micky said to her.

"Yup." She said.

"And the two of you travel through time and space in this TARDIS thing." Davy finished up.

"Yup." The two of them said together.

They looked at each other and looked over at Peter who had a huge grin on his face.

"Told you guys aliens existed." He said smugly.

Mike shook his head.

"Okay, you might have no trouble convincing Peter that you're a time traveling alien, but I still need some proof." He said.

"You want proof, fine, I can give you that. Where do you wanna go? I can go to any time, any place, any planet you want."

The Monkees glanced at each other and shrugged. They remained silent for a moment.

"London, forty years from now." Davy finally blurted out.

The Doctor nodded.

"Follow me." He said.

The Monkees looked at one another and quickly got up from their seats. They followed the Doctor and Rose into the console room.

"London, 2007 coming right up!" he said as he began to work the controls.

The Monkees leaned back against the railing as he darted around the console with a huge smile on his face. They looked up at the central column and watched, mesmerized, as the rotor went up and down. Apart from that, the Monkees didn't feel like they were moving. They glanced over at Rose who was sitting on the captain's chair staring at them with a huge grin on her face.

"Is this guy for real?" Micky whispered to her.

"Oh, he's for real, believe me." She whispered back.

After a few more minutes, the TARDIS jerked and the rotor shut off.

"We're here." The Doctor said looking at them.

The Monkees looked at each other and followed the Doctor and Rose as they walked to the front door. The Doctor opened it and stepped aside. The Monkees stepped outside and froze.

They were standing on a pavement in the middle of downtown London, but everything looked completely different. The cars were sleeker and more streamlined than the 60's versions they were used to. The styles of clothing and hair on the people were different. Even the advertisements that they could see were for bizarre things like mobile phones and IPods and Playstations. They looked at their surroundings in awe while the Doctor and Rose stood behind them and watched.

"Now do you believe me?" the Doctor finally asked.

They looked back at him and nodded dumbly. The Doctor grinned.

"Good, because Rose and I like all of you and we want to help you make some real money so you are able to pay your rent and have some left over."

"Really? You'd help us do that?" Micky said.

"Course. You four seem like nice guys and it's a shame that you are stuck playing for peanuts when you have geniune talent. So, I'm going to take you to a music festival I know of where you can play for a huge mass of people and get paid handsomely for it.

The Monkees looked at each other and smiled.

"Oh man, that's great. Thanks!" Mike said. "How can we ever repay you?"

The Doctor held up his hand.

"You don't have to, I do this for a living. Just the fact that you get to play something other than weddings and bar mitzvahs is payment enough."

He paused.

"There is one thing though." he said.

The Monkees groaned.

"Man, I knew there was a catch." Micky said.

The Doctor frowned.

"No, no catch; I just wondered how you would feel playing a gig in the fifty first century, is all."

The Monkees' mouths dropped open.

"Fifty first century?" Peter said.

"Yes, there's this huge music festival at that time where bands from all across the galaxy come to Earth to play. Hundreds of bands will be there. Lasts for days. I believe I'm clever enough to get you guys a spot in the lineup, how 'bout it? Interested?"

"And it pays?" Davy asked.

"Oh yes, I believe it pays extremely well. Especially considering the inflation rate is sky high compared to the '60's. You guys can bring your money back to 1967 and be millionaires."

The Monkees stared at him hardly daring to believe their ears.

"Millionaires?" Micky said.

The Doctor smiled and nodded.

"Course we'll have to get the credits exchanged for Earth dollars, but I know a nice little place that will exchange any kind of currency for any other. It's extremely handy. I just ask that once you get back, you keep Rose and me a secret between the four of you. Deal?"

"Deal!" the Monkees said in unison.

The Doctor opened the door.

"Then, let's get back in and get going. We'll stop back off at your house to get your instruments and then it's on to the fifty first century." He said gesturing inside.

The Monkees grinned from ear to ear and ran back into the TARDIS. The Doctor and Rose smiled at each other, followed them inside, and shut the door.

A moment later, the TARDIS started up and dematerialized into thin air leaving twenty first century London far behind.

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