Chapter Five

They finally found the registration booth. Sitting behind it was a stern Atlantean man who had long flowing white hair and beard to match his snow white pristine toga. To the Monkees the man resembled Father Time.

"Looking at him, you wouldn't think this man was much of a music lover beside classical music," Mike muttered to his band mates.

He noticed Micky staring at someone behind him and he turned to see an alien woman. She had blue skin the color of blueberries with yellow swirls all over it. She had long yellow hair that reached down almost to her buttocks and piercing yellow eyes. She was wearing a yellow two piece bikini.

"Hello there," she said to Micky when she noticed him staring at her.

"Hi, I'm Micky Dolenz."

She bowed her head and smiled.

"My name is Lalura. Are you signing up for the music festival?"

"Um, yeah, me and my band mates are," he said gesturing to them.

By now, everyone in the band was looking at her. They introduced themselves while the Doctor began registering them. He got so far and then turned and looked at them.

"Um, who's the leader of your band?" he asked them.

Everyone pointed to Mike who stepped forward.

"You have to fill the rest of this out," he said to Mike.

Mike nodded and took the quill pen from him. While he answered the rest of the questions the Doctor and Rose turned their attention to Lalura. The rest of the band had finished introducing themselves and they did the same. Lalura regarded him silently.

"Doctor, what an odd name. Our race, the Varox, has a legend about a man called the Doctor."

"Really?" the Doctor said intrigued, "what is the legend?"

"That there is a man who rides through time and space fighting monsters and righting wrongs. This man is the last of his kind, the survivor of the Time War, a valiant warrior who stands against the forces of evil and defends those who cannot defend themselves."

The Monkees glanced back at the Doctor who had a nonchalant air about him.

"Really? How fascinating. Unfortunately, I'm not that man. Doctor is a very common name on my planet," he said.

Lalura nodded.

"I'm not sure if this man exists or not. He and his race, the Time Lords, are only spoken about in legend as is the Time War. Does your planet have legends about the man?"

"Yeah but I'm the same way, I'm not really sure if the man exists or not," the Doctor said. "It seems too fantastical to be true. Especially the whole being able to regenerate and change his body."

"Oh yes, I agree. That part does sound unbelievable."

Mike came up beside the Doctor.

"Finished, guys. We are official registered and we go on at 7:30 on the second night."

"Brilliant," the Doctor said. "Good luck to all of you then."

The man called for the next applicant and they stepped aside to let Lalura through. They started to walk away when she called to them.

"Wait, can I come with you when I'm done? Perhaps we can get something to eat," she said.

They glanced at each other and nodded.

"I won't take long," she said.

They walked several feet away and waited.

"Doctor, what she was saying," Davy said, "is that stuff really true about you?"

He gave them a huge grin.

"Yes, but I let her think otherwise because I get tired of people thinking I'm some mythical god or a legend and wanting to worship me when all I want to do is just save planets and populations for evildoers and be on my way. The whole legend about me being the last of the Time Lords who saves everyone single-handed has been blown waaaay out of proportion by a number of races. I'm not a god. I'm just someone trying to make a difference in the universe but because I've saved so many planets and people I have this whole legend that rose up around me and follows me wherever I go now. Everything she said is true but I'm here to enjoy a music festival not fight monsters."

"You hope," Rose said.

"Shhh, don't jinx us, Tyler," he said to her.

The Monkees gave him odd looks.

"You're saying there's a chance a monster may show up?" Davy asked.

"Weeeell, one never knows but I'm hoping not," the Doctor replied.

"Which means it's highly likely," Rose said dryly.

The Doctor gave them a reassuring smile when he saw the worried looks on their faces.

"I seriously doubt if one turns up here. Don't worry about it," he said to them. "Like I said what evildoer is gonna turn up at a music festival.? We'll just enjoy the sights, listen to you play your set and then we'll go right back to 1967."

Lalura walked up beside them.

"Thanks," she said. "I came here by myself and I really didn't want to walk around all alone. You seem like nice people so I thought I'd join you."

"We're glad to have you," the Doctor said.

She looked at them.

"So…where are you guys from?"

"We're from Earth," Peter said.

"So am I," Rose added.

Lalura looked at the Doctor.

"I'm from Micromoton," he said.

"Oh, I've never been to Earth or Micromoton before."

"You oughta visit Earth, it's nice," Peter said.

She looked at Peter and gave him a shy smile.

"I'm sure it is although I've heard people speak of it as a primitive place. Still, primitive cultures do have their charm."

She smiled at Peter who blushed slightly.

"Well," the Doctor said. "Why don't we go look around and get something to eat?" he said to them.

They explored the city looking at all the Romanesque structures, admiring their beauty. The four Monkees still couldn't get over the fact that they were now in the year 5057 and that they were walking around with a time traveling alien and a blue skinned alien girl. Micky, Davy and Mike noticed that Lalura kept close to Peter and they gave each other knowing looks.

They stopped and ate at a little restaurant and sampled some of the food which was delicious if a little bit spicy. They had some kind of strange meat that tasted like turkey and a salad that consisted of green and purple vegetables combined with leaves that resembled maple leafs. They drank a pale yellow drink that resembled urine but tasted like strawberries. While they ate the Monkees chatted with all their new friends.

Lalura was surprised to learn they didn't have any place to spend the night.

"Come with me. I'm staying at a hotel near here and I'm sure there are still plenty of vacancies," she said.

They agreed and after lunch Lalura led them to a large building that had a large porch on the front of it with large roman columns supporting an intricately carved roof. They stood there a moment admiring its beauty before stepping inside. To their relief there were still plenty of rooms available and the Doctor used his credit stick to pay for them. He had planned to use his TARDIS until Lalura suggested this and he decided that perhaps it was better if they slept in the heart of the city so they could take in its culture rather than remain isolated in his ship. The rooms were also next to Lalura's which delighted her. They headed up the stairs to the second floor and entered their rooms. Although the building was classical Roman in structure, the interior of the rooms were extremely modern with all the latest conveniences. The Monkees minds boggled when they looked at all the electronics and the bed that had buttons to adjust the width, height, temperature, firmness and one button that gave massages. There was a holographic projector that showed movies and chairs and table that were made out of some shiny alien material. The bathroom had a large tub that would put different kinds of foam into it for health and relaxation with a toilet and sink that also offered the foams for hand washing.

They stood in the bathroom and gazed at everything.

"It's a good thing the Doctor swore us to secrecy because no one in a million years would ever believe us," Micky said.

"I wouldn't breathe a word even if he didn't swear us to secrecy because someone would throw us directly in the funny farm," Mike added.

"And he does this all the time," Peter said. "He goes around time and space to all these wonderful places. I wish we could travel with him."

"Certainly beats listening to Mister Babbitt," Davy said. "But the whole thing about the monsters, I don't think I'd like that part."

"Yeah, fighting monsters doesn't sound like my bag," Micky added.

"I wouldn't mind," Peter said. "I'd gladly trade fighting monsters for the chance to see the universe."

"Not me, I like my feet planted firmly on planet Earth. This is nice but I'll be glad to get back home," Mike said.

Peter gave them a sad look. He didn't understand them. Here the Doctor could give them an opportunity to travel through time and space if he wanted to and his friends would rather stay on Earth and starve while they tried to scrape together enough money to pay the rent. The monsters were worth traveling in the TARDIS especially since Rose was traveling with him and she seemed to be in one piece after all of it. It astounded him sometimes just how pig headed they could be especially since he was supposed to be the stupid one.

He decided to go and find the Doctor and Rose and Lalura and see what they were up to. Excusing himself he walked past them and out into the hall. He found them inside their room and walked through the open door.

"Hello, Peter," the Doctor said cheerfully. "Rose and I were just discussing things we could do. After all, we don't wanna stay in this teeny tiny hotel room, not with a big city to explore."

"I agree," he said.

"Good, so if you could get everyone together we'll do a bit of exploring. I think they have capsule trains that'll take us past the city limits to the country and to the nearby cities so we don't have to be restricted to just this area."

Peter smiled, eager to go exploring.

"I'll go get the others then," he said.

"Great, we'll talk to Lalura while you do that and then we'll all go out together for a bit of sightseeing."

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