Chapter Two

(Centuries laterů)

Amy, Rory and River were lying on the sand in the Beach Room of the TARDIS. The simulated seashore was sunny with the perfect temperature for sunbathing and swimming and the simulated sea looked so realistic Amy wondered if the TARDIS hadn't materialized around the ocean at some point and took it inside. The horizon stretched on into the distance, another trick of the TARDIS that added to the illusion that they were outside. There was a large, red beach umbrella stuck into the sand that provided shade of Rory while he sat under it on a multicolored beach towel and read a book. River was lying on a purple beach towel nearby. She was wearing a white bikini and was sunning herself. Amy was beside her on a white beach towel. She had on a teal bikini and was enjoying the day while she watched the waves crash against the shore.

So far the Doctor hadn't joined them, telling them instead that he had a few things to take care of first. It'd been an hour and still no sign of him and Amy was debating on whether to go looking for her when suddenly she was aware of a note floating down through the air towards her. She reached up and grabbed it and noticed at the top it said, READ ALOUD. Amy shrugged, got her husband and daughter's attention before she read the note.

"We, Amy Pond, Rory Williams and River Song accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge."

"The what?" Rory said.

"That's what it says," Amy said with a shrug. "It also says. We realize that motor neurone disease is a killer that must be eradicated from the face of the Earth and we are donating generously to their foundation. We are?" Amy said, looking at her family.

"It's one of the Doctor's harebrained schemes, Mother," River said, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah but what does it mean, ice bucketů"

Amy trailed off when suddenly the sky quickly clouded up till the sun was blotted out. They heard a splooshing noise and to their amazement, a rainstorm was raining ice cubes into the sea and the sea only, leaving them all dry.

"What's all this?" Rory said, pointing to the ice cubes raining down into the sea.

Before anyone could answer him, the waves started growing larger and larger as the ice cubes continued to rain down. Then suddenly, the water went backwards and made a huge wave. Everyone gasped and tried to get up to outrun it but the wave sloshed over them, ice and all before they could get away. The ice storm subsided and the waves returned to normal while Amy, Rory and River stood there in shock and dripping like wet hens.

"You didn't finish the letter."

River, enraged by being hit with a wave of freezing cold water, looked up at the sky when the Doctor's voice suddenly boomed out of it.

"You were supposed to say you nominated Nefertiti, the Weeping Angels and myself in my next incarnation to take the challenge next. So I'm saying it now so I have an excuse to do this in my next life."

"You won't live to see your next life, Doctor. Because I'm gonna kill you right now!" River growled.

"Me first!" Amy said as she, Rory and River sprinted for the Beach Room door.

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