A/N: Several people wanted me to continue this with some classic Who characters and villains. So here goes…

Chapter Four

"Doctor?" Mel said as she came into the console room with a glass of carrot juice in her hand. "Doctor, it's time for your daily carrot juice."

She looked around for the Sixth Doctor but couldn't find him anywhere. She let out a long suffering sigh and shook her head.

"You may think you know better, Doctor. But you need to be healthy and you need to get in shape and you're not getting away from me this time. I'll find you wherever you're hiding and…"

She shut up when a piece of paper suddenly floated down from the ceiling in front of her. She watched it waft down to the floor and then bent down to pick it up. She turned it over and found a note on one side. At the top were the words, READ ALOUD.

"Doctor?" Mel said, looking around and up at the ceiling.

She looked at the note again, shrugged and read it aloud…

"I, Melanie Bush, have agreed to take the Ice Bucket Challenge," she read.

She frowned.

"What's the Ice Bucket Challenge?" she muttered before reading further.

"The Doctor received this idea from his future self and thought it a jolly good one. I think it's a jolly good one as well so I am accepting the challenge and nominating Sarah Jane, my fourth self and the Master."

She finished reading and looked around for the Doctor.

"Doctor, what does this even mean?" she said aloud. "I know you can hear me, Doctor. You're hiding somewhere nearby so you might as well come out and show yourself."

She was looking towards the console when she heard a noise; she spun around and noticed the front doors were opening by themselves.

"Doctor?" she said, walking over to them.

While she stood at the door and peered out, the Sixth Doctor entered the room from the back door, a large red plastic pail in his hands and an evil grin on his face. By the time Mel was aware of his presence, he had poured ice and frigid carrot juice on her head. Mel screamed like a wet hen and dropped the glass of carrot juice while she stared at the Doctor with shock. The Doctor smirked and chuckled.

"See, Mel, now it's your turn to have carrot juice for once," he said smugly.

The Doctor let out a nervous cough and backed up slightly when he saw the murderous look in his companion's eyes. Her fluffed up curly hair was now hanging down around her head like a damp mane and she looked ridiculous but the Doctor knew that retreat was called for and he turned and ran towards the back door as Mel let out a piercing shriek of rage and gave chase. He managed to get out of the room first, despite his chubby body, and the TARDIS sealed up the door, turning into part of the wall. That didn't stop him from hearing Mel's pounding and shrieks of rage and curses.

"Um…perhaps, upon reflection, this wasn't the best idea after all," the Doctor said to himself. "I…think I'll go to my room and monitor Mel and her blood pressure until she calms down and acts sensible again."

He stepped back from the wall after another round of furious pounding and cursing and hurried away before his companion found a way to pound the wall in.

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