Chapter Five

Sarah Jane was standing inside the console room, getting ready for the day ahead. The Fourth Doctor hadn't put in an appearance yet but she was expecting him at any time. She was wearing a long cream colored dress with black shoes with a slight heel to them. While she walked around the console room, the back door suddenly opened and the Doctor appeared wearing his red coat, long scarf and battered floppy hat. In his hand was a piece of paper with writing on it but Sarah Jane was too far away to read it. The Doctor stopped just beyond the door and stared at her without saying anything. He appeared to be deep in thought and Sarah Jane was just about to ask him what was going on when the Doctor suddenly shook his head.

"Nah, let my third self have her, I'll wait," he said before turning and walking back out of the room.

"What? Third self have me? What does that mean?" Sarah Jane yelled as the Doctor hurried away down the corridor.


(Several years later…)

"Where is he, I wonder?" Leela said to K9 as they waited inside the console room. "I thought he wanted to go outside today."

"Do not know the answer to your query, Mistress," K9 said.

"I didn't think you'd know, K9. I was just thinking out loud," Leela said before bending down to pat him fondly on top of his metal head.

The back door opened and Leela stood up. The Doctor was standing there just beyond the back door, dressed in brown coat, scarf and floppy hat. In his hands was a piece of paper with writing on it that Leela couldn't make out from where she was standing. Leela frowned when the Doctor stared at her without speaking.

"What is it?" Leela said to him.

The Doctor didn't speak for a few more seconds and then he shook his head and turned around.

"Nah, she'll stab me and K9 will shoot me, I'll wait," he muttered as he left the room.

"Doctor, what's going on?" Leela called to him as the Doctor hurried down the corridor.


(Several years later…)

"So…" Romana said as she examined the fragments of the Keys to Time. "We have three now. Hopefully, the next three will be easy to find. Right, Doc…"

Romana turned around and trailed off when she noticed she was alone. The Doctor had been with her but he must have left quietly when she was examining the keys. Romana sighed and put her hands on her hips.

"Have to put a bell on that one," she muttered to herself.

She turned back around and gasped when the Doctor was across from her, standing in front of the small plinth they used to keep the keys in one place. The Doctor smiled at her sheepishly.

"Sorry about that," he said. "You were saying?"

"I was saying you need a bell around your neck. You're awfully good at being stealthy."

"Have to be. Have you seen my line of work?" the Doctor said with a shrug.

"Where were you then?"

The Doctor shifted uneasily.

"I was going to do something," he said evasively. "But then I thought I might get punched in the face so I decided to wait until a more opportune time."

"Punched in the face? What were you going to do?" Romana asked.

"Eh, something. Anyway, let's go find the fourth segment, shall we?" the Doctor said as he breezed past her.

Romana watched him walk away and shook her head.

"Doctor, you have got to be the strangest person I've ever met," she muttered before following him.


(A year later…)

The second version of Roman stepped outside the TARDIS doors and looked around at the dense forest they had landed in. she closed her long pink coat and hugged herself when she felt the chilly air hit her skin.

"Bit chilly out today, Doctor," Romana said, turning around. "Better wear your coat and…"

She trailed off when the Doctor's arm shot through the open doors and waggled a piece of paper at her face. She could see the Doctor standing just inside the door, grinning and pointing to the paper with his free hand. Romana, confused, took the piece of paper from him and read it while the Doctor went back inside.

"Read aloud," she said to herself before reading loudly, "I, Romanadvoratrelundar, have agreed to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for Motor Neurone Disease research. I take this challenge because I have agreed to it and I will not punch the Doctor in the face. I nominate the Third Doctor, the First Doctor and Davros because the wanker has it coming to him. Signed, Romana. What?" Romana said, turning around. "What is…"

Her eyes bulged and her mouth dropped open when the Doctor rushed at her with an orange bucket filled with ice water and before she could anything, he dumped it on her head. Romana screamed in surprise as the icy water hit her already chilled skin.

"I'll be back around to pick you up in a few hours time when you've calmed down and you're less likely to kill me. Here's a duvet to help with the chill," the Doctor said, kicking a pink comforter out the door at her.

"DOCTOR!" Romana bellowed as the Doctor slammed the doors shut and locked them.

Romana screamed curses at the Doctor and snatched up the duvet from the ground as the TARDIS dematerialized in front of her.

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