My name is Hannah Jaclyn Smith and this is my story.

"Well, it's mainly my story but it's also the story of my mum, dad and other dad. Yes, I have two dads and you may be asking how I landed up with a spare one but that's because it's complicated. You see, one dad is in another universe.

There's my real dad, of course. Jonathon David Smith. He was the best dad in the whole universe. No matter how busy he got, he'd drop everything to spend time with me or teach me something or just give me a kiss and a hug. But my real dad is dead now. He worked for Torchwood and he and my mum, Rose Marion Tyler Smith, were out on assignment fighting aliens. They found this nasty blobby one that was terrorizing Harrods and when they tried to stop it; this blobby alien fired a ray gun at my mom. My dad jumped in front of her and took the shot and he died in my mum's arms. That was two years ago when I was eight years old and my mum hasn't been the same since. She still loves me but she's not as happy as she used to be. Grandma calls it depression and bitterness. Mum spent a lot of time alone being sad and looking at photos of dad and crying. There were times when she let me be with her but there were other times when she got angry and told me to stop bothering her and go away and Grandma and Granddad would take me somewhere fun while she stayed by herself. I love my mum but we haven't been as close as we used to be since dad died.

So you might be asking, who is this other dad I mentioned? I've never met Other Dad as I call him but mum told stories about him to me when I was growing up. She doesn't talk about him now but I know that my dad was a copy of Other Dad and Other Dad left my mum and dad behind while he went back to another universe with his friend, Donna. Mum used to tell me stories about what she and Other Dad did and how they fought aliens and had fun and I used to get so jealous because I wanted to do it as well. Other Dad sounded cool, traveling all over time and space and fighting bad guys. I wished my dad could do that but mum said that Other Dad gave them a tiny piece of the TARDIS and it needs time to grow before we can go have adventures of our own. That was before dad died though and he had the piece of TARDIS hidden somewhere so it can grow properly and now that he's gone, mum doesn't seem to care about it anymore. I don't think mum really cares about anything now. I've heard Grandma tell Granddad that she's being selfish when she thinks I'm not listening to them. I heard her say to him that mum needs to stop grieving and start taking care of me again and that she's not the only one who lost someone. Mum and Grandma fought a lot and yell and scream at each other. I wish Other Dad was here. Maybe he could make mum smile again and not be sad anymore. I started praying to God to bring Other Dad back so mum won't be depressed. But God didn't answer me so I gave up talking to him.

Then one night mum tried to kill herself. She went into the bath and took a razor blade and cut her wrists. Grandma found her and Granddad called the ambulance and they took her away to hospital. After that, Torchwood had her go to a special home where people could look after her and try to help her get better. But I don't think anything or anybody can help her except Other Dad. I need to find a way to talk to him in the other universe and I think I have an idea. Mum told me that she used a thing called a dimension cannon to go back to the other universe. I keep wondering if its still there and if I can use it to find Other Dad. Granddad takes me to work sometimes so I'm not spending all day in my room in the mansion and I think the next time he takes me I'll look for this dimension cannon and see if I can use it to find Other Dad and bring him back to see mum.

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