Chapter One

Hannah woke early, determined that this would be the day she would try to find her other dad so he could make everything right again. She took off her pink nightdress and laid it on the bed. She put on a pair of blue jeans and a light blue shirt that had Ariel on it swimming with Flounder and Sebastian. She slipped on white socks and white trainers. She picked a hairbrush off her chest of drawers and walked over to the full length mirror inside her closet door. She stared at her reflection while she brushed her shoulder length brown hair. Her hair was the color of her dad's hair and she had his eyes and nose but everything else resembled her mother's face. She was also extremely intelligent and she had been going to a school for gifted children and doing quite well there. She knew this school was expensive, that was something else she overheard her grandmother telling her grandfather but her grandfather figured she would flourish in a gifted school and she had done.

After she brushed her hair out, she laid the brush back on the chest of drawers and picked up a small pink backpack that was lying against it. She walked over to her bedside table and picked up a photo of her, her real father and mother. They were grouped together in a family photo they did the Christmas after she turned seven. It was one of her favorite photos and it reminded her of happier times. She put it in the backpack along with a book she'd been reading. She was going to take the photo with her to show Other Dad so he would know who she was. She usually carried the backpack with her when she went out so her grandfather wouldn't question it. She looked around the room but she couldn't think of anything else she needed to take. She wasn't sure how much she could take with her to the other side and she wanted her plan to be successful. She decided to take just the book and photo so she zipped up the backpack, put it on her back and headed downstairs for breakfast.

She got halfway down the stairs when she heard her Grandmother talking. She was in the living room two rooms away so Hannah paused and sat down on the step for a moment while she listened.

"Pete, I know you don't like it but it has to be done," she heard her grandmother saying. "Rose is in no condition to take care of Hannah. Who knows how long she's gonna be institutionalized so we should get custody of her child. We've taken care of her ninety five percent of the time since Jonathon died. And to be honest, I don't think she'll ever get over his death."

"I think we should wait, Jacks. Rose might recover and if she comes home, she'll wanna be Hannah's mother," Grandfather said.

"Pete, be realistic. She barely got over the Doctor breaking her heart after he dumped her back here and then she had to watch her husband die in her arms nine years later. I think that finished her. I doubt she'll ever recover. We're Hannah's parents now in all but name, I think we should make it official and give that poor girl some stability at last."

Hannah's stomach lurched. She didn't know what custody was but she could guess. Her grandparents were trying to take her away from her mother so they could take care of her. She knew now that it was vital that she go find her other dad and bring him back here to help her mum. She stood up and went down the rest of the way, trying to appear like she hadn't heard anything. When she entered the living room, her grandparents shut up and Grandma smiled broadly as she walked over to Hannah.

"Mornin', love. Would you like some breakfast now?" she said, cupping Hannah's face.

"Yes and I want to go with Granddad today to Torchwood," Hannah said.

Grandma looked at her husband. Granddad shrugged.

"It's fine with me. You might get bored though, there's nothing exciting scheduled for today," he said.

"I'll be alright. I'll go and hang out with Ianto while you work," Hannah said.

"I don't know about that. I think you hang out with him too much. He might end up sacked if he spends his time with you rather than do his work."

Ianto was one of the people who worked for Torchwood. He was a bit aloof to most people but Hannah got through to him and most days when she went to Torchwood she followed him around and helped him while they chatted and teased each other.

"I'll help him get his work done today, Granddad," Hannah said as innocently as she could.

She smiled when Granddad chuckled and patted her cheek.

"Go on then and have some breakfast so we can go," he said to her.

Hannah nodded and followed her Grandmother into the kitchen while her grandfather watched them go and shook his head sadly.


(Carousel Minor in the other universe…)

"Oh, I'm so gonna win," Amy said as she and her husband stood at a counter and aimed large, black water pistols at a clown's open mouth.

They were with the Doctor at an alien funfair. The Doctor had gone to ride the big wheel while they spent their time playing games and winning prizes. Amy won a yellow water pistol throwing darts at a board and gloated about it to Rory. Now Rory was looking for payback. The water pistols shot water into the clown's mouth and little red noses went up a track to the top of the booth. The first nose to hit the bell at the top won. The carnival barker was a shaggy alien that Amy thought looked like a midget Chewbacca. He was wearing black trousers, a white shirt with red waistcoat and a straw boater hat which Amy thought made Chewbacca look even more ridiculous. Chewbacca asked if they were ready and when Rory and Amy told them they were, he pushed a button under the wooden counter, a bell rang and Amy and Rory shot water into the clown's mouth. Amy watched with glee while her nose overtook Rory's nose and shot to the top. She pumped the air when her nose hit the bell first and she dropped her water pistol on the counter while Rory groaned and straightened up.

"The lady wins!" Chewbacca said with a slight growl to his voice. "What would you like, Miss?"

Amy looked off to her left at the side of the booth. There were several multicolored plush aliens of different species and she chose one that resembled Chewbacca. Chewbacca got a small stepladder, climbed up and pulled down the toy.

"Care to lose again?" Amy said to her husband after taking her prize from Chewbacca.

"You just think I'm incapable of winning, Amelia Pond," Rory said as they walked away from the booth.

"I don't think, I know you're not capable of winning, Rory. I am supreme!"

"Yeah, right," Rory said, rolling his eyes. "I think I wanna ride something now."

He grinned when Amy teased him by making clucking noises. They headed towards the midway and the rides. Some of the rides looked familiar but some were completely new. Amy wanted to try one of the unfamiliar rides but Rory saw a small roller coaster near the back. Amy could see he had his heart set on it so she let him have the first pick and they held hands while they walked through the multispecies crowd of fairgoers.

Halfway to the roller coaster, they ran into the Doctor who was sitting on a bench. Amy stopped and frowned when she noticed he looked a bit pale and looked like he was in a daze.

"Doctor? Are you okay?" she said as he and Rory approached him.

The Doctor gave her a delirious grin.

"Fabulous!" he said. "I just vomited all over the ground, right over there by the lemon ice stand," he added, pointing over Amy's shoulder.

"And that's fabulous?" Rory said.

"I have been on the most magnificent ride, Rory! It's called the Hurricane and you're strapped into this gyroscope and twisted and turned every which way until you lose your lunch."

"And I repeat, that's fabulous?" Rory said.

"Worth every last drop of vomit," the Doctor said. "So, where are you going?"

"We're going over there," Amy said, pointing to the roller coaster.

"Ooo! I wanna come!"

The Doctor leapt up and Amy gasped when he staggered a bit and sat back down.

"Um…can you wait a moment while the world stops spinning?" the Doctor said to them. "I gotta wait for my brain to get over being gyroscoped before I can join you."

"You know what, Doctor. Sometimes I don't think you know your own limitations," Amy said.

"Do too," the Doctor said. "I know all my limitations and I frequently go beyond them just for fun!"

Amy chuckled and pulled out a credit stick the Doctor gave to her.

"I'll get something to drink while you get your equilibrium back, okay?" she said.

"Sounds good to me. Except…um…"

He leaned up to Rory.

"Other Pond, I gotta see a man about a dog. So do you think you could be a mate and help me find the nearest toilet before we ride the roller coaster?"

Rory nodded and helped his best friend stand up. The Doctor put his hand to his head, trying to stop the dizziness while Rory helped him find the nearest restroom. While they were doing that, Amy walked off in search of drinks for her and her husband.

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