Chapter Two

So I was all set to find Other Dad and see if I could make my mum happy again and make everything better. I didn't know how I would find him once I got over there but my mum always said I had my dad's optimism. While Granddad drove us over to Torchwood I had to keep still and not show much excitement because I didn't want him asking questions. But I just knew I could find Other Dad and find a way to get him back here so we could be a family again.

When we got to Torchwood and got through security, Granddad gave me a guest ID and told me to behave. I promised him I would and ran off to find Ianto while Granddad went to work

"Oh no," Ianto groaned when Hannah found him at his workstation, "here comes trouble."

"Shut up," Hannah teased as she walked to his side. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Nothing you'd find interesting," Ianto said, gesturing to some paperwork in front of him. "Just reports. Wanna fill them out?"

Hannah made a face and shook her head rapidly.

"Can you play with me today?" she asked.

"I'd love to, Hannah, but your father and Torchwood in general will have my guts for garters if I don't finish my work."

"Can I go in mum's office then and use her laptop?"

"I think that's doable," Ianto said.

He slid back his check, opened the top drawer of his metal desk and took out a small silver key. He closed the door and Hannah followed him when he got up and led her out of the large room he shared with several other coworkers. She followed him to the lift and they went two floors up. Then they walked down a corridor until he stopped in front of a closed door. There was a brass plaque on the door that said Rose Smith, Field Agent on it. Ianto unlocked the door, opened it and looked inside.

"After you. Behave and maybe I'll take you out to the chippie for lunch," he said to her.

Hannah nodded and went inside. Ianto closed the door and took the key with him when he headed back to his workstation. The office was neat and tidy compared to other offices she'd seen but she knew her mum preferred it that way. There were a couple of framed posters on the walls of artwork belonging to Monet. On Rose's wooden desk was a stack of paperwork and filed that were stacked neatly on the right side of the desk. On the other side of the desks were photographs. One of them was the one that was in her backpack but there was another one that she loved of her mum and dad sitting under a tree by the mansion. Dad had her arm around her mother and both of them were so happy looking. Then there were ones of her grandmother and grandfather and Tony. All of these were sitting in silver frames and she noticed there was a bit of dust on the glass. She reached over and wiped some of the dust off the photo of her mother and father under the tree and sighed sadly as she stared at them. She missed her dad so much and the longing for him still made her heart ache. She wondered if Other Dad would care about her. Mum said he abandoned her, would he abandoned her too if she found him.

She shook those thoughts from her head and turned her attention to the desk drawers. In the large drawer on the right side were more folders filled with notes and reports. She had looked through them before when her mother wasn't looking and she knew that several of the reports were about the dimension cannon. The reports were mainly about the tests and their results, about her mum trying to go to other dimensions in her search for Other Dad. But she also knew that one of the reports detailed how the machine worked and that's the one she needed. She opened the drawer and pulled out several of the folders, the ones she was sure contained the reports about the cannon. She spent an hour going through the folders until she finally found what she needed, detailed instructions about how to operate the dimension cannon. Knowing that she needed to move quickly she left the folders on the desk and hurried to the office door. Opening it, she peeked outside but everyone was working so the corridor was empty. She stepped out, shut the door and hurried to the lift.


My pride and joy.

There she goes off in search of the Doctor. Headstrong and independent just like her mum and dad. I was hoping she might do this. If anyone can help my Rose, it's her. Besides, the Doctor will listen to her and help, I'm sure of it.

I have watched over my Hannah and Rose since I left the physical plane and entered the spiritual one. I have watched with despair while Rose fell apart without me and started disconnecting from this world. And then there was the night she decided to take her own life. I was the one that telepathically told Jackie to check on her. I love my beloved Rose but she can't be by my side just yet. She also can't disconnect from reality. Hannah needs her.

I was the one that put the idea of finding the Doctor into my precious daughter's head. It's risky but with me working from the other side, I can get her through the void safely and I can get a message to the Doctor to meet her in London. I know its interfering in events that should no longer concern me but I've never been good at sitting on the sidelines.

So now as my Hannah makes her way to the room containing the dimension cannon, I am at her side as I always am, guiding her and making sure that she makes this trip successfully and without interference.


Hannah stopped outside a door and glanced at the report in her hand. The plaque on the door said Transmat Room but she knew from her mother's reports that this was it. Besides that, she had a hunch that it was the correct room almost as if someone had stopped her here. She looked around to make sure no one was watching before trying the door. Most of the doors in Torchwood were locked and required an ident card to open them but to her surprise the door opened without any kind of authorization. Marveling at her luck, she slipped inside and closed the door. Inside the room was a large metal platform, an identical platform was fixed to the ceiling above it and in front of it was a large console made of white metal. The console had buttons, dials and switches on it along with a huge monitor and keyboard in the center of it. Hannah walked over to it and studied the diagram in her hand that her mother had made. Under the diagram was the sequence of buttons and switches she had to press to activate the machine. She studied it for a moment and hesitantly started the sequence. As she did, lights mounted in the upper platform turned on, making the room brighter. She pushed a large black button and heard the machine humming. She then moved to the keyboard and typed in some coordinates that were for central London in her mother's original universe.


Hannah smiled when she read that on the monitor after entering the coordinates. She turned a dial and watched the screen.


"I think that'll give me enough time," Hannah said, stepping away from the machine.


Unbeknownst to her, her father, working from the spirit world, changed the coordinates slightly so she'd land in a safe area. Once he was finished with that and satisfied that she would have a safe journey, he went out of the universe and across the void to arrange a meeting with the Doctor.

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