Chapter Five

This ship is so cool! This was what mum and dad were trying to build? I've never seen anything so brilliant. The TARDIS made me a room like Other Dad asked it to and it's very pretty. There are pink walls with little round lights in them and I have a white bed with a pink quilt on it. My furniture is white like the bed and there's this little lamp on my bedside table that has a pink lampshade. My cupboard is filled with clothes, all in my size. This whole place is magical! Amy and Rory are so nice to me. I'm glad I met them. Amy and Rory made sure I was alright before they left me. When they'd gone, I explored my room. I found some toys on the floor of the cupboard under the clothes and I grabbed a black teddy bear to keep my company. I looked in my chest of drawers and found a white nightgown that I liked so I took my clothes off, put it on and climbed into bed. I snuggled the bear close to me and looked up at the ceiling while I relaxed. I was all alone in the room but I swore I could feel my real dad in the room watching over me. I looked around and couldn't see him but I knew he was there and that made me feel less afraid and before I knew it, I was asleep.


"Hannah's in her room," Amy said as she and Rory came into the console room.

"Good. I hope she settles in and sleeps. She's had a long day and I need time to feed this information to the TARDIS and let her come up with a solution to the problem of getting back."

"Doctor," Amy said, coming to his side. "You…do accept her as your daughter, yeah? I mean, I know she's your clone's daughter but still…"

"I didn't tell her but I did have a daughter recently called Jenny," the Doctor said. "She was more my daughter than Hannah is because she was cloned from my hand but at first I rejected her because I didn't want to be a father, not to mention she was a soldier and I didn't like that. But she grew on me and I found myself beginning to think of her being my daughter."

"So what happened?" Rory said.

"She was shot and killed and died in my arms. I left her behind on planet Messaline and the inhabitants disposed of her body. But after that, I wouldn't do the same to Hannah. I won't turn her away especially after all that's happened. Wherever my clone is at the moment, he is still thinking of her and he thought it was in my best interest to be in his daughter's life and I intend to do that. Not to mention Hannah is brill. I see so much of myself in her and I see so much of Rose. Maybe there was a time when I could have dropped her back in the other universe and left for good but not now. Now I do want to be a part of her life."

"Good. Because so do we," Amy said.

"Well, in that case, you lot better have a lie down so you'll be refreshed when we go and meet my friends. I need time to upload all this information so off you pop."

Amy and Rory wished him goodnight and headed out of the console room. When they were gone, the Doctor looked at the monitor. It was showing the default screen and he touched it.

"Jonathon, I'm glad you brought Hannah to me. Wherever you are now, in whatever dimension you're resting, rest assured that I'll look after her and Rose as long as I can."

There was no response but the Doctor figured Jonathon could probably hear him. Muttering a good night to him, he picked up the paperwork from the console and headed to his lab.


Hannah woke up several hours later after having a pleasant dream about playing with her mother, father and Doctor as a family. She slid off the bed and put her clothes back on. While she was doing that, she noticed the wall beside her opening up and to her amazement, there was now a bathroom attached to her bedroom.

"Wow, you're amazing," she said to the TARDIS as she went inside it.

She used the toilet, brushed her hair and cleaned her teeth. When she was finished getting ready, she walked over to the door, opened it and was shocked when she saw the kitchen was where the hallway had been. Sitting at the kitchen table were Amy and Rory.

"Well, good morning," Amy said when she stepped into the room.

"Hey, my room moved," Hannah said, pointing back to it.

"It does that," Rory said. "The TARDIS is alive and it moves rooms around."

"It's nice when you're trying to get somewhere and don't have much time," Amy added. "Are you hungry?"

Hannah nodded and Amy got up and pulled out a chair for her. Hannah sat down and an English breakfast with a glass of milk appeared in front of her.

"And the TARDIS gives you food too?" Hannah said to Amy as she sat back down beside her.

"Yup. The TARDIS does many things," Amy said. "So…ready for the meet and greet?"

"Yes. Mum talked about people like Jack and Sarah Jane but I never thought I'd get to meet them."

"We've never heard of them before," Rory said.

"The Doctor doesn't talk much about his past," Amy added. "So we're excited as well because we always like learning more about the Doctor's past. Like when we were telling stories last night, most of those stories were new to us."

"Other Dad never told you about dad and mum?" Hannah asked.

They shook their heads.

"No. Although I know the Doctor traveled with lots of women because I got a look at his visual files one time and looking back, I do remember your mum's photo mixed in with the other women," Amy said.

"When was this?" Rory said, taken aback.

"It was before you started traveling with us full time and I went out to talk to the Doctor and we had this discussion about how many women have been on board the ship. I tricked him into opening his visual files and…wow, the Doctor has quite a female following. Heaps of women have traveled in here."

"I want to be one too," Hannah said.

"Well, you might have to wait a few years. I don't think he'll let you do dangerous stuff when you're ten years old."

"We can barely handle the dangerous stuff as adults," Rory said. "But I'm sure the Doctor will allow you to travel with him when you're old enough."

"I want to. When dad told me about the TARDIS piece and said when it grew up we could go travel in time and space, I was so excited. I don't know where it is though. He had a lab at Torchwood but I don't think he kept it there in case someone wanted to steal it."

"Well, your mum probably knows," Amy said. "I wish I'd gotten to know your dad. Well, I mean…I do know him, technically, but we've only known the Doctor in this body. We never met any previous lives."

"Dad was brill. He loved to play with me and he acted like a big kid when he wanted to."

"Sound familiar?" Rory said to Amy while she giggled.

"Yup, our Doctor does that as well," Amy said. "The man is a boy in an adult body."

Hannah nodded.

"Mum and dad loved me so much," she said.

"I'm sure your mum still does. She's just ill," Amy said. "I know I'd be the same way if I lost Rory the way your mum lost your dad. In fact, I have gone through that experience in the past, come to think of it."

"And I've gone through the same experience with losing Amy and having her come back to life," Rory said.

"Really? But you and Amy are alive. How'd you die and come back to life?"

Amy and Rory shared a look.

"Well, it's very complicated and a long story," Amy said. "We'll save it for another time."

Hannah nodded and ate some eggs while Amy and Rory sipped some coffee. The three of them chatted for awhile until Hannah finished eating. Once she was done, the TARDIS took her plate, cutlery and glass away and the three of them headed towards the console room.

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