Chapter Six

They found the Doctor sitting in his seat while he waited for them to appear.

"Good morning, good morning," the Doctor said, rising from his seat. "I hope everyone had a pleasant night sleep."

"We did," Amy said.

"I did, Other Dad," Hannah said, coming to his side. "Did you figure out how to make a dimension cannon?"

The TARDIS is still working on it but I'm sure she can build a better mousetrap and find a way for us to travel back and forth safely. I had a bit of a think as well and I think this little meet and greet might have a second purpose. I'm thinking that perhaps we can ask some of Rose's friends to come back with us. Maybe that'll help her if she sees friends who love and care about her. I did ask the TARDIS to find Jack by pinpointing his artron energy but first we can go see my friend, Sarah. So are you ready?"

Hannah nodded and the Doctor patted her back while he told the TARDIS to go to Ealing.


Sarah Jane paused at her computer and took a sip of coffee from her mug. She was working on a profile piece for Metropolitan Magazine and was nearly finished. She just had to think of a good way to pull her article together and have a good ending to it. While she was thinking, her ears picked up a familiar wheezing sound outside her window. Gasping with joy, she slammed the mug on the desk and leapt up.

"Kids! The Doctor's here!" she called upstairs as she ran past the stairs to the door.

She opened the door and grinned when she saw the Doctor.

"Sarah!" he said, opening his arms wide.

"Doctor!" she said, flying into them.

He closed his arms and hugged her tightly. He smiled when Luke, Rani andClydeappeared at the door.

"You're still in the same body,"Clyde said.

"You say that like I wouldn't be. I do know how to keep bodies for awhile, Clyde," the Doctor said as he pulled apart from Sarah Jane. "Everyone, these are my friends Amy and her husband Rory and this…" he said, putting his hand on Hannah's shoulder, "is my daughter, Hannah."

Hannah was shocked when he said that.

"Really? You want me to be your daughter?" she said.

"Well, you are in a technical sense so why not? You remember my clone?" he said to Sarah Jane. "I left him with Rose and this is their daughter."

"Oh my," Sarah Jane said, putting her hand on Hannah's head. "So…how does this work then if she's your clone's daughter. Are you co-parenting then?"

"My dad is dead," Hannah said.

"Oh God, how?"

"Can we come inside and talk about it?" the Doctor said.

"Yes, of course, come in," Sarah Jane said.

They went inside the house and Sarah Jane saved her work, picked up her mug and went to the kitchen while everyone gathered in the living room. She put a kettle on for them and when it was finished, she made tea for everyone. When she was settled down and everyone had their tea, Hannah told her story. Sarah Jane was horrified when she heard what happened to Jonathon and to Rose. When Hannah was finished, she went over and embraced her.

"I'm so glad you found the Doctor, he can help your mum," Sarah Jane said, sitting back down. "You are helping Rose, aren't you?"

"Course I am. I don't want her spending the rest of her life in an institution. And thanks to Hannah, I have diagrams and reports on the dimension cannon Rose used. I gave it to the TARDIS to sort out to see if she could make it better and more stable so we can use it to go across and keep using it so we can visit her."

"But what about Hannah? She said Jackie might get custody of her but can't you get custody of her even if Rose is ill? You are technically her father, yeah?"

"Yes but…I'm the indirect father so would that count?" the Doctor said. "I mean I'm not sure if I really have custody or not. Blimey, having a clone is a difficult thing."

"Well, if you're building this dimension cannon, I have a suggestion," Sarah Jane said.

"Yes?" the Doctor said.

"Well, I have a spare room here that Rani andClydeuse when they spend the night. If you take Rose away from the institution, you could bring her here to recover. She has friends here and perhaps that would help her get better. Not to mention Hannah could get to know us and her other friends better if she stayed with her."

"Ooo, can I do that?" Hannah said.

"Well, that's another thing I'll have to discuss with your gran. Blimey, I already see a battle royal shaping up here," the Doctor said.

"Take me with you. I'll back you up," Sarah Jane said. "We chatted briefly before I left the TARDIS that day so I won't be a stranger. Besides, I want to see Rose myself."

"What about us?" Rani said. "The Judoon grounded us from the TARDIS."

"The Judoon? What are the Judoon?" Amy said.

"They're alien rhinos. Dad told me about them," Hannah said.

"Alien…rhinos?" Amy said to the Doctor. "Alien rhinos?"

"Yes, Pond, alien rhinos. I don't know why you're so shocked. You saw space whales and alien fish vampire things, remember?"

"Yeah, but…never mind," Amy said, shaking her head. "Why were you grounded from the TARDIS."

"It's a long, embarrassing story," Rani said, rolling her eyes.

"Well, if you'd like, I'll let Luke stay with yours or Clyde's parents while I go," Sarah Jane said to her.

"My parents are having a barbecue tonight," Rani said. "I'm sure they'll let you boys spend the night."

"Luke, is that alright?" Sarah Jane said.

Luke glanced at Hannah.

"Can Hannah come back so I can be friends with her?" Luke said.

Sarah Jane smiled.

"We'll see, alright?"

Luke nodded and smiled. Sarah Jane told Luke and Clyde to make arrangements with Rani's parents before they left and Rani and her friends went up to Luke's bedroom so she could phone her parents.

"So…have you visited anyone else yet or did you come straight here?" Sarah Jane asked the Doctor.

"We came straight away. I figured you would be a good start," the Doctor said. "She wants to meet Jack as well but we need to find him since I think he's offworld at the moment."

"What about…Martha…was that her name?" Sarah Jane said.

"Last time I saw them she was married to Mickey and chasing a sontaran."

"Really? They got married?" Sarah Jane said, smiling. "So are they living here in London then?"

"Not sure. If they aren't, her mum probably knows where she is," the Doctor said.

"Is Martha the one that went to the moon with you?" Hannah asked.

"Yes. Would you like to meet her?"

Hannah nodded and smiled.

"And Donna? What about her? She's in Chiswick, isn't she?" Sarah Jane said.

The Doctor winced. He explained about Donna and there was a silence after he finished.

"Oh God, that's horrible," Sarah Jane said. "She seemed so nice, although a little overeager to get to Jack when we were in the TARDIS. She nearly threw me across the room to get in his arms."

"I thought about taking her to see her granddad though," the Doctor said. "Donna doesn't know I regenerated so even if she's there, I don't think seeing me would trigger any memories."

"So where do you want to go first?" Sarah Jane said.

"Well, I could check the TARDIS and see where Jack is. Jack probably has Martha's number on his mobile, I knew they exchanged their phone numbers. I can have him call and find out exactly where she's at before we go find her."

"Well, I'll see what the kids are gonna do and then I'll go with you to find him," Sarah Jane said as she got up from the chair.

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