Chapter Eight

Martha finished pouring herself some coffee as her husband came into the kitchen. They had purchased a modest semi detached house a few streets away from her mother. That way she could work and still keep an eye on her. She kissed Mickey and handed him a mug of coffee she poured a moment earlier. Mickey put the mug down on the wooden kitchen table and walked over to the refrigerator. He opened the door and rooted around in it, looking for something to eat. While he was doing that, Martha's mobile rang and she pulled it out of her pocket.

"Hello?" she said.

"Martha, my dear, I want to buy you beer," Jack sang. "Haven't seen you in many a year!"

"Jack! Oh my God, where are you?" Martha said.

"With the Doctor."

"Really? How is he?"

"He's changed. He regenerated."

Martha lowered the mobile.

"You were right, Mickey, the Doctor did regenerate," she said.

"How'd ya know?" Mickey said, looking up.

"Because I'm speaking to Jack and he's with him now," Martha said.

She put the phone back to her ear and chuckled when she heard Jack saying, "Yoo-hoo, Martha, are you there?"

"I'm here. I told my husband about the Doctor regenerating because we saw him when we followed a sontaran to an abandoned warehouse. He didn't speak to us but he looked so sad and we thought something must be wrong. We wondered if he was in trouble and Mickey thought he might have regenerated. Guess he was right. So are you traveling with him again?"

"Not exactly."

Jack briefly explained what was going on. Martha listened in silent shock when he told her about Hannah and what happened to Rose.

"Oh my God," Martha said when he finished.

"What is it?" Mickey said, looking at her while he fried some eggs.

Martha held up her finger.

"The Doctor was wondering if you'd let Hannah come and visit you? She wants to meet you and Mickey," Jack said.

"Yes. Um…give him this address," Martha said while Mickey shot her a quizzical look.

She gave Jack the address and when she ended the call, she told her husband briefly what Jack said to her. Mickey was stunned and his mouth dropped open when she told him about Rose. He shook his head when she finished.

"I always thought Rose would land up in trouble when she fell in love with the Doctor," he said, flipping the eggs. "But at least a child came out of this mess."

"Yeah. And she wants to meet us and say hello. Rose and that clone told her about us," Martha said. "You keep on with breakfast; I'll go out and watch for them."

Mickey nodded and kissed his wife before she headed for the front door. He shook his head sadly when she left the room.

"Told ya to stay away from him in the first place, Rose," he muttered to himself as he fried his eggs.

By the time Martha came outside, she heard the familiar wheezing and saw the TARDIS materialize across the street. She watched while the door opened and a little girl came outside. She smiled and waved when Hannah waved at her. She was followed by a man wearing a tweed jacket.

"Howdy, Martha!" he said with a wave.

"Doctor? Is that you?" Martha said, coming across the road towards him.

"The one and only," he said.

Jack and Sarah Jane came outside and Martha embraced them. Then Amy and Rory came out and the Doctor made introductions. Martha shook their hands and put her arm around Hannah before she invited them all into her house.


"So you want to bring Rose back to Sarah Jane's house?" Martha said as everyone sat around the kitchen table.

"That's the plan. If I can get past Jackie. I have to talk to her to find out where they took her since Hannah doesn't know."

"Do you need us to come with you?" Martha said.

"I'd like to go. I want to see Rose," Mickey said.

"And I'd like to get your medical opinion. Maybe Jackie will listen to a doctor. Plus, Rory's a nurse."

"Really?" Martha said.

"Yup. Tried to be a doctor but I didn't have the stamina for more university," he said sheepishly.

"Nothing wrong with that. University was hell, I don't blame you for stopping at RN," Martha said. "But yes, I'll go with you and throw in my medical opinion. Personally, I think it's a good idea to get her away from that environment and the memories of her husband for a bit."

"My thinking as well," the Doctor said, nodding. "Now I want to go and speak to Wilf and let Hannah meet him before going."

"Wilf? Who's Wilf?" Mickey said.

"Donna's grandfather. I became friends with him and he actually helped me out before I regenerated. He hasn't seen this body either."

"So Donna is coming as well?" Martha said excitedly.

"No, she can't come," the Doctor said before explaining the situation with Donna.

"Oh my God," Martha said when he finished speaking. "Can I help? I mean, isn't there a way to sort out this Time Lord mind so she can regain her memories?"

"I'm not sure but I don't want to sort that out until Rose is well…if there is a way to sort it out. I don't think she'll react to me since she hasn't seen that body but we'll have to park the TARDIS away from the house so she doesn't see it. And you lot will have to stay inside it so your appearance doesn't trigger any memories."

Martha nodded. After Mickey finished eating, they hurriedly did the dishes before all of them left to go to the TARDIS.


Wilfred Mott leaned back in his chair at the kitchen table and opened the newspaper. He was perusing the major news stories while Sylvia sat across from him clipping coupons. Wilf finally found something to read when he heard a knock at the door.

"I'll get it, love," he said, putting the paper down on the table and got up.

He walked to the door, opened it and frowned when he saw a strange man standing there with a young girl.

"Yes, may I help you?" he said.

"You already helped me when we defeated the Master together."

Wilf's stepped back in shock.

"It's me, Wilf, it's the Doctor."

"You…oh my God, you did change," Wilf said, pointing to him.

"I did. But it was inevitable after absorbing all that radiation."

"Dad? Who is it?" Sylvia called out.

"The Doctor. He's here with…"

"My daughter, Hannah."

"Daughter? You have a daughter as well?"

"Yup. Sylvia," the Doctor said when Sylvia came to the door.

"Doctor, what's wrong? Donna isn't here. She lives in Notting Hill with Shaun so it's safe for you to be here."

"Good. This is Hannah, Sylvia. She's my daughter."

"Hi," Hannah said, waving.

"You have a daughter, you never told us that," Sylvia said, putting a hand on Hannah's shoulder.

"Well, it's sorta a surprise for me. I only just met her yesterday."

"What? You didn't know you had a daughter?" Wilf said.

"Can you come with me to the TARDIS and I'll explain everything there. I have some friends I want you to meet."

Wilf nodded. He waited while Sylvia turned off the lights and when she was outside, she locked the door and she and Wilf followed the Doctor and Hannah to the TARDIS.

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