Chapter Nine

Wow, I can't believe my luck. In one day I've met so many brilliant people. Other Dad came back to the TARDIS with Wilf and Sylvia and introduced them to everyone. Then he told them my story. I'm sure Other Dad is getting tired of telling people the same thing. I know I got tired but Wilf and Sylvia put their arms around me when he finished and they asked to come along since they met mum too when she was fighting the Daleks. Other Dad then went to his controls and checked to see if the dimension cannon he was building was done yet…

Hannah sat on the seat near the console watching while her father checked the progress on the dimension cannon. She looked up when Jack sauntered up to her.

"So, did your mum make me your uncle?" he asked.


"No? No! What'd ya mean, no? I'm like her brother practically!" he said while Hannah giggled.

He stomped over to the Doctor who was reading the TARDIS's findings on the dimension cannon.

"I'm her uncle! I wanna be her uncle! Why don't you make me her uncle?" Jack whined to him.

The Doctor gave him a shocked look while everyone laughed.

"Because you and I aren't blood related," he said.

"I'm immortal; I'm practically a Time Lord. I wanna be her uncle!" Jack said, pointing back to Hannah.

"Shouldn't that be Rose's decision?"

"Rose would agree with me. Besides, you're her dad, face it. So…can I be her uncle?"

"Oh alright, you can be her uncle!"

"Yippee!" Jack said, pumping the air while the Doctor gave everyone else a "Why me?" look.

"Okay, the TARDIS has finished with the building of the cannon and refined it and managed to strengthen the connection between the one here and one at Torchwood. And, I just realized we will be landing at Torchwood which means we'll have to explain to them how we managed to infiltrate the building. Hannah, Pete knows what you're doing, yeah?"

"Um…no, I didn't tell anyone I was coming."

The Doctor's mouth dropped open.

"You didn't tell them you were leaving?" he said. "Don't you think they might be looking for you right now and freaking out?"

"I didn't think Granddad would let me do this. I just wanted to come here before someone stopped me so I asked Ianto to let me have the key to mum's office so I could get to her report on the dimension cannon."

"Ianto?" Jack said, blanching.

"Yeah, he works at Torchwood. He's my friend there. He's brill."

The Doctor gave his friend a sympathetic look when he saw the stricken look on Jack's face.

"You don't have to come with us," he said to Jack.

"No. I want to come. I'm just glad she said something so I'm prepared," Jack said.

"Prepared for what?" Hannah said.

"Um…Ianto was my…coworker in this universe," Jack said to her. "We were very close."

"Oh. Why didn't he come with you? Is he working?" Hannah said.

"No, he's…dead," Jack said.

Hannah hugged him and Jack picked her up and kissed her cheek.

"So…I suppose we better set the coordinates so we arrive just after you left so police aren't crawling all over the building searching for you," the Doctor said. "But I think the cannon is ready so everyone who is going, follow me."

Everyone in the room followed him as he walked out of the console room. Jack carried Hannah with him while they followed the Doctor along several corridors back to a wooden door. When he opened it and they walked in, everyone was amazed to see a copy of the dimension cannon in a large room. The walls were white with roundels on them and the dimension cannon was twice the size of the original. Otherwise, the setup was the same as the one in Torchwood. The Doctor, remembering the sequence from the paperwork, walked over to the console and began starting it up while he told everyone to stand on the platform.

"We're not taking the TARDIS?" Wilf asked as he got up on the platform.

"We can't. The TARDIS can't function for long outside this universe. We'll have to Star Trek it over and back," the Doctor said, setting the delay for three minutes.

"Can we get back?" Mickey said.

"We better or else we'll all have to find housing in the other universe," the Doctor said, jumping up onto the platform. "Hannah, you'll have to be the one to explain our presence since you didn't tell them what you were doing. Mickey might be able to help since Pete knows him but I've changed since Pete last saw me and he might not believe who I am at first. Just giving you fair warning."

"Uncle Jack, can I go get Ianto and explain it? Will that be okay?" Hannah asked him.

"Yeah, I think I'll be okay. Just do what you need to do to keep everyone from shooting us," Jack said.

"Right, everyone. Hold onto your hats and each other. We're taking a trip to the other universe and with any luck we'll find Rose, help her and return safely," the Doctor said.

A minute passed and then there was a bright flash of light and everyone vanished from the TARDIS.

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