Chapter Ten

When the light faded they were on a similar platform but there was less room and they felt like they were crowded together. Hannah jumped off the platform and the others followed her. She walked to the door, opened it and peeked out. She smiled at the familiar corridors of Torchwood. She checked and made sure no one was around before she led everyone out of the room towards the lift. Mickey took the lead with Hannah in case someone should find them but they got to the lift without anyone molesting them.

"Guess everyone's working," Hannah said as she pressed the up button.

They got in the lift and went up to the floor where Rose had her office. When Hannah got off, she froze when she saw Ianto coming out of her mother's office.

"Oh, there you are," Ianto said, walking towards her. "I've been looking for…"

He froze when everyone else came out of the lift behind her. He frowned. He thought he recognized Mickey but everyone else…

"Hannah, do you know these people?" he said, looking them over.

He looked at Jack and Jack gave him a hopeful look but his eyes shifted elsewhere and Jack sighed sadly.

"This is my other dad," Hannah said, taking the Doctor's hand, "and my friends. We've come to help Rose. Is Granddad busy?"

"Probably. Do you need to talk to him?"

Hannah nodded. Ianto told everyone to wait in Rose's office and he walked off to find Pete. When they got inside, the Doctor closed the door and everyone examined the office. The Doctor walked over to Jack who was exhaling a deep breath.

"Are you alright, old friend?" he asked.

"Yeah. Just…Ianto didn't recognize me. That was a bit hurtful," he said. "But he didn't know me when he worked at Torchwood in the other universe so maybe the same thing is occurring here."

"Or maybe you don't exist here," the Doctor said. "Rose didn't exist here; otherwise you'd have two Roses running aroundLondon."

"Should I try to talk to him?" Jack asked.

"That's up to you. But don't be upset if he has someone else," the Doctor said.

"Well, my Ianto was dating a woman called Lisa when he worked at Torchwood. I'll ask him about that," Jack said.

Ianto came back five minutes later with Pete at his side. Pete looked everyone over before his eyes settled on Mickey.

"Mickey, what's going on? How did you get here? Rose said you stayed behind in the other universe and who are all these people?"

"This is the Doctor. He regenerated," Mickey said, putting his hand on the Doctor's shoulder. "Hannah used the dimension cannon and found him and the Doctor brought all of us along."

"What?" Pete said in shock. "Young lady, why did you use that device? It's dangerous!" he said to Hannah as he put his hands on his hips. "And why didn't you tell anyone you were doing this?"

"Because I heard you and Grandma talking about taking me away from mum and I wanted to find Other Dad so he could help her."

Pete groaned.

"Is that true? Are you trying to get custody of Hannah?" the Doctor said.

"Jackie keeps rabbiting on about it but Rose is not that ill. I mean, she is ill but not incapacitated to the point that we'd take her child away from her. Jackie is just being a nervous mother and she has a big mouth and I've warned her about talking openly where Hannah might hear us. I love the woman but sometimes she needs to shut her trap. I'm sorry if Hannah bothered you."

"Actually, I'm glad she came. I'd like to see her and my friends would as well. We want to help her get better."

"Don't you think your being here might make things worse? Did Hannah tell you what happened to your clone?"

"Yes and I believe my clone wants me to be here so I can be in Hannah's life. Hannah brought me Rose's notes and drawings about the dimension cannon and we constructed one in my TARDIS that is stronger than the one here. We can use it to travel back and forth across the void without any harm and I'd like to keep using it."

"I'm Sarah Jane, I traveled with the Doctor in the past," Sarah Jane said. "And I'm friends with Rose and I offered to bring Rose and Hannah to my house in Ealing so she can recover in a different environment for a bit."

"I don't know how Jacks will feel about that," Pete said. "I don't mind if it'll help Rose but Jackie is very possessive…hence the whole taking custody of Hannah thing."

"But what if you and Jackie can use the cannon here to come to my TARDIS. I can take you to her whenever you want if she decides to take Sarah Jane up on her offer."

"And we can see to her education if she comes with her," Sarah Jane said, putting her hand on Hannah's shoulder.

"Could we see Rose?" Jack asked.

"Please, Granddad, I wanna see her as well," Hannah said.

"Why did you hide Rose from her?" the Doctor said, gesturing to Hannah.

"We didn't. We just thought at her age it would be best not to tell her that her mother had been institutionalized and we've never barred her from going to see her. She's just never asked."

"I didn't know I was allowed to go," Hannah said.

"Well of course you could have seen her, sweetie," Pete said, putting his hand on her shoulder. "You just didn't say and we thought we'd wait till you asked."

"She inherited that from me, the holding things inside and pressing on," the Doctor said.

Pete nodded.

"I can take you. I'm head of Torchwood so I can leave whenever I want. I have a van that can transport all of you and if Rose does want to leave, I can speak to the head nurse. I was the one that signed her in so I have to give permission for her to go. What about medical care though if she goes with you?"

"Sir, I'm Rory Williams, I travel with the Doctor now but I'm a nurse."

"And I'm Martha Jones and I'm a doctor and Rory and I can help with her care if she decides to go back with us."

"And I'm Wilfred Mott, sir, and this is my daughter, Sylvia. We live in Chiswick and we met Rose the night the Daleks invaded Earth. She saved our lives so we want to repay that by helping as well. If she and Hannah stays with Sarah Jane, we can help look after her."

"And my husband and I can do the same," Martha said, gesturing to Mickey. "We live inLondonas well."

"You got married?" Pete said to Mickey.

Mickey grinned and nodded.

"Yeah. Met her the day of the Dalek invasion and we became close and one thing led to another and now she's Mrs. Smith," he said.

"Congratulations, glad you found someone," Pete said. "Look, just stay here for a moment and I'll let my secretary know I'm leaving. Ianto, stay here with them just in case someone finds them here and asks questions."

"Yes, sir," Ianto said.

Jack caught the Doctor's eye when Pete went out and closed the door behind him. He moved up beside Ianto.

"Captain Jack Harkness," he said, extending his hand.

"Ianto Jones, nice to meet you," Ianto said, shaking it.

"And you. So, how long have you worked here?"

Jack and Ianto chatted while everyone else waited. When Pete returned, Jack asked him if Ianto could come along. Pete shrugged his shoulders and said he could, not really sure why Jack wanted one of the employees to tag along but the Doctor pulled him aside as everyone left the office and quickly explained to him in a hushed voice why Jack was so interested in Ianto. Pete raised his eyebrows when he heard that they were lovers in the other universe.

"So he's hoping to rekindle the relationship here?" Pete muttered to him as they waited for the lift.

"You did the same with Jackie after your Jackie died."

"True," Pete said, nodding.

The lift came to their floor, the doors opened and everyone squeezed inside it. The lift doors closed and they went down to the ground floor.

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