Chapter Fourteen

The mood back to Torchwood was lighter than the drive to theTyler Mansion. Not only were Rose and Hannah going back but Jack managed to talk Ianto into leaving his job and returning with him. Pete smiled when he handed him his verbal resignation.

"You're a good man, Ianto. I hope you know what you're doing," Pete said.

"I think I'm making a good decision. Jack's promised me field work and I'd rather do that than sit behind a desk all day," Ianto said.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" the Doctor asked Jack after taking him aside. "You might lose him again."

"Yes, but you're willing to risk your hearts having Rose back in your life and I'm going to do the same with mine," Jack said. "Besides it's time for us to get the team back together. I have responsibilities on Earth."

"Good man," the Doctor said, patting him on the shoulder.


"Okay," the Doctor said as he set the time delay on the Torchwood dimension cannon for five minutes, "everyone on the platform."

"Rose, get better, yeah?" Pete said to her as they embraced.

"I will. Take care of mum."

"And you…you behave over there," Pete said, breaking off the hug and kneeling down to Hannah.

"I will. You behave too," Hannah said, hugging him.

Pete chuckled and tousled her hair.

"Doctor, great to see you again," Pete said. "Take care of them."

"You have my promise," the Doctor said.

Pete kissed his granddaughter and stepdaughter's cheeks and stepped back as they climbed onto the platform. When the timer hit zero he shielded his eyes and watched while everyone disappeared in a burst of bright light.


(Two weeks later, Rose's original universe…)

Sarah Jane sipped some tea while she worked on her next article for Metropolitan Magazine. Her brain perked up when she heard the wheezing of the TARDIS and she set her mug down and headed towards the front door. By the time she got outside, the Doctor, Amy and Rory were walking up towards the door. The Doctor smiled and embraced Sarah Jane and Sarah Jane hugged Amy and Rory.

"Hello, we were just checking on Miss Doolally and daughter," the Doctor said with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Well, you're a bit late. Miss Doolally and daughter went with Wilf and Sylvia. They took them to a restaurant and the cinema and they'll be back later."

"Blast," the Doctor said. "What time will they be back then?"

"Why? So you can skip waiting and just jump ahead to when they're here?" Sarah Jane teased.

"Hey, what's a Time Lord for?" the Doctor said, spreading his arms wide. "Besides, if I wait too long, Amy gets fussy and I have to take her for walkies to calm her down."

"Shut up, Doctor," Amy said while Rory chuckled.

"So…they're okay then?" the Doctor said.

"They're both okay. They're happy and Rose has cheered up. Mister Smith has been tutoring Hannah so she'll keep up with her studies but she asks about you. She wants to see her Other Dad badly."

"Well, good job I came along then. So…what time will they be back?"

"No spending time with me? I'm not worth your attention any more?" Sarah Jane teased, wagging her finger.

"Sarah, you're always worth my attention. But Amy is fussy and…ow!" he said when Amy slapped him on top of the head. "And she's evil as well. I say something in all innocence and WHAM, I get abused. But…if you must insist, we'll stay and keep you company. Is Lukey-boy around?"

"He's with his friends for the day. It's only me."

"Good. Because if Miss Fussy goes berserk, I need to contain her rage with minimal damage to lives and property and ow!" he said when Amy smacked his head again. "And I need some ibuprofen now for a raging headache. Got any?"

Sarah Jane chuckled and invited them all in. Amy dodged the Doctor when he tried to smack her head in retaliation and Sarah Jane shook her head and smiled when they both stuck their tongues out at each other. She threaded her arm through Rory's and took him inside while the Doctor and Amy had a mini slap fight before they followed them.


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