Chapter 28

Rogerious boggled at the newly arrived TARDIS. "What sort of trick is this?"

"It's no trick, I assure you. The cavalry has arrived, Rogerious." A secretly relieved fifth Doctor informed him.

The door creaked open, the coppery light from inside spilling its warmth over the cold, stony ground.

Smiling broadly, the Doctor gestured grandly towards the TARDIS, saying with a little air of smugness, "Now you'll see how a Time Lord deals with kidnappers and blackmailers."

And just as he'd said those words, out sprang the eleventh Doctor.

"Ta-da! Hereee I am to save the daaay!" He sang out, arms spread wide, a huge grin plastered on his face.

The fifth Doctor's smile quickly turned to a look of embarrassed consternation. After a moment of silence, he winced. "Oh no."

Recovering from his surprise, Rogerious barked out a laugh. "Oh, Doctor, I'm so scared!" He mocked in a cheeky falsetto voice, holding his hands to his face. "Whatever shall I do?"

The fifth Doctor gave an audible martyred sigh, eying the new arrival skeptically.

Standing in front of the TARDIS doors was the eleventh Doctor...dressed in a bunny suit. What's more, the costume's white faux fur had been badly singed. One ear was half burnt off. The other drooped pathetically. The Doctor's face was covered with soot and grime. Emerging from behind him was a tired, sweaty Rory, wearing his Roman centurion kit, complete with sword and helmet.

"Er-Hello?" Rory waved, looking decidedly uncomfortable. "Sorry to interrupt. But, have either of you seen my wife?"

"I didn't know Tegan was married." Rogerious smiled cruelly. "How fitting that you shall both die on the same day."

"What? Why would you want to kill us? What did we ever do to you?" Rory asked, a little taken aback by the bounty hunter's hostility.

"Should I ask why you are dressed like that?" The fifth Doctor said, unsure whether he actually wanted to hear the answer.

"I wear a bunny suit, now." The eleventh Doctor explained. "Bunny suits are...OK, maybe not terribly cool, but certainly very cozy and warm. In fact, I'm thinking of trading my in flannel pyjamas for one of these." He smiled, flapping a soot-blackened, fluffy white arm at the fifth Doctor.

"Tegan? Who the hell's Tegan?" A baffled Rory asked them. "I'm looking for Amy. Where is she?"

"Amy is stablized for the moment and resting comfortably." The fifth Doctor quickly reassured him, still giving his older self a strange look. "She's inside the other TARDIS."

That his explanation had been met with a raised eyebrow, only now seemed to occur to the eleventh Doctor. "Oh. Right. Why am I wearing this? It's very simple. Or, maybe not so simple. Depends on your point of view, I suppose. You see, the transdimensional stabilizer was thown out of sync with the multiphase delta drive, causing a negative microorganic chain reaction which eventually lead to catastrophic melt down of the time rotor, and so Rory and I had to..."

"Yes. Yes." The fifth Doctor said, his patience already beginning to wear thin, "Fine. Never mind all that. The other Doctors are stuck inside that TARDIS over there. We need you to..."

Before the fifth Doctor could answer, Rogerious flattened his ears and let out a deep-throated, menacing growl. Turning abrputly on his heels he walked away from the two Doctor's and Rory, striding over to the base of the nearby cliff. Casting an angry glance over his shoulder at the Doctor, Rogerious spoke into his com unit.

"No more games, Doctor. Kill-bot. Attention! Here are your orders." He spoke sharply, his voice sounding slightly deranged.

For a brief moment, the bounty hunter was ridgidly immobile, craning his head up at the robot who had come to the cliff-edge. The deadly robot stood there looking down upon Rogerious, its head tilted slightly, as if listening to its master's voice.

"No, wait!" A horror-struck fifth Doctor called out.

However, Rogerious was no longer in a frame of mind to listen. Overwhelmed with boiling rage, white foam flecked from his lips as he savagely screamed, "I order you to kill the girl! Now! Do it now!"

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