"Oh, come on," Rose said as she and the Doctor stood by the console. "You're having me on."

"Never! I'm being perfectly serious!"

"Hide and seek? Seriously?"

"On Metalune Nine, every year they have an annual hide and seek where people from many planets come and play for prizes. Interested?"

"So…one person hides and the rest of the planet finds them?" Rose said.

"No, people hide and seek in pairs, one person hides and the other tries to find them. They have to find their person in the quickest amount of time to win."

"And they have the whole planet to hide in?"

"Well, not the entire planet, no. They have a specially designed game area with mountains and forests and valleys and landmarks. The people hide in there. Each person is given a teleporter so they can hide anywhere in the game area. The other person can use their teleporter to find them but they must find them as quickly as possible to win. Also top prize is given to the team who finds each other first."

"Doesn't sound too bad," Rose said.

"Interested then?" the Doctor said.

Rose thought it over. She didn't play much hide and seek as a child since the neighborhood they lived in was rough but the thought of hunting for the Doctor made her smile.

"So, one person searches for the other and the game ends when they find them," Rose said.

"Yup. Then we can enter again if we don't win and switch who hides and who seeks."

"I want to seek then," Rose said.

"No, let me seek first," the Doctor said.

"Any reason why?"

"I'm good at seeking. I'm a champion seeker. Let me go first and you hide."

Rose grinned.

"Alright then. I'll hide first."

"Brilliant! I'll set the coordinates and in no time at all, I'll be searching for ya!" the Doctor said happily as he entered the coordinates into his computer.

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