Chapter Five

(Pete's World…)

How could she do this to me?" Pete asked the Doctor as they headed towards the Dimension Cannon room. "She didn't say where she was going, didn't tell me goodbye."

"I suspect it's because she didn't want anyone knowing she was leaving," the Doctor said. "Just like leaving me a note, she doesn't want anyone convincing her to stay."

"And you're going to risk your life trying to find her?" Pete said.

The Doctor sighed.

"I love Rose. I don't know what I did to drive her away but I believe we can make it work and I'm not willing to give up on her just yet."

"What if you end up trapped over there?"

The Doctor shrugged.

"Then the universe has two Doctors. Despite what my other self thinks, it's big enough for both of us."

"Well, just know that I never blamed you for what happened and I thought you got a raw deal out of all this. Good luck with your search and if you find her, keep my daughter safe."

"I will," the Doctor said smiling.

Pete nodded and used his ID card to open the door to the Dimension Cannon.



Clara walked along the corridors with a few picture frames in her hands, trying to find Rose. Finally, she asked the TARDIS for help and the ship rearranged the corridors so it pointed right to Rose's room. She walked to the doorway and looked inside. Her room was a soft pink color with large roundels on the walls. Her bed was an oak four poster bed with white pillowcases and a white duvet on it. The bedside table and dresser were both made of oak as well as a small table near the en suite bathroom that had a small TV on it. In front of the TV was a tan recliner. Rose was sitting on the bed, staring at a photo in a gold frame. She looked up at Clara and smiled.

"Feel good to be back?" Clara said.

"Very good. I just wish the Doctor wasn't so distant," Rose said wistfully as Clara came into the room.

"I know what you mean. I brought a few photos of my Doctor so you can see what he looked like. I think he's the one between your Doctor and the one out there."

Rose took the frames from her. Both were medium sized pewter frames. In one photo, Clara was at the bottom left corner of the photo while the Eleventh Doctor leaned in beside her. He was smiling warmly and Rose could see his right hand on Clara's shoulder.

"He's young…was young," Rose said.

"Yeah. It feels strange seeing him so old now," Clara said.

"Where's his eyebrows?" Rose said.

Clara chuckled.

"They were very delicate. That's how he put it," she said wistfully, trying not to get emotional at the thought of her old Doctor saying that to her.

Rose looked at the other photo. This was showed their entire bodies. They were standing side by side with the Doctor's arm around Clara. Clara had on a red dress with a black belt and black boots. The Doctor was dressed in his Victorian outfit with the gold watch.

"He looks good," Rose said. "Even though this outfit is out of date, he wears it well."

"Yeah, it's amazing how handsome he looked in it," Clara said. "That's another thing I had to get used to, seeing him in a different outfit."

"Yeah, he went from leather and jumpers to suits and ties," Rose said, handing the frames back to Clara.

"Well, even if the Doctor doesn't appreciate you, I do," Clara said. "I've always wanted someone that I could share adventures with."

"Yeah, it's more fun with others," Rose said. "Because no one else will believe you."

"Well, I take care of two kids who know but the oldest is very cynical and she rolls her eyes most of the time when I tell her what I've been doing…and when I make soufflés."

While they were talking, the Doctor was standing in the shadows across from the door, watching and listening to them. He smiled as he listened. He didn't want to admit it but he was glad Rose had returned. Something seemed right about her being here again, like things had returned to normal in a way. And despite his vow not to get involved with his companions, he felt that old affection for both his girls returning. Finally, he decided to step up to the door, making it look like he just arrived.

"You know what?" he said to them. "I think repairs can wait. How about we find a nice restaurant and have a chat and get acquainted with each other."

"You don't have any money," Clara said.

"Well, this time I'm prepared and I can get some money," the Doctor said. "So come on, get up and get going. Let's go have an adventure."

Clara and Rose grinned at each other, hopped up and got ready to leave.


The Master grunted as he hit the ground. He and Xelok had made it through the crack in time and ended up somewhere in London. After he had taken over the General's body and slaughtered everyone except Xelok. Xelok landed several seconds after him and from the looks of things, he landed hard on his left side because he was groaning and holding his rib cage. The Master helped him up, slowly getting used to possessing this new body. He thought about possessing the attractive young guard but decided at the last minute to take the general. He figured the Doctor might recognize him and besides the General been an arse to him and deserved it. He looked down at the battle armor the General was wearing and snorted.

"Definitely will have to find some new clothing once this is sorted," the Master said to himself. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, Master," Xelok said.

He was still holding his aching side but the Master observed him and nothing seemed to be broken. He figured he could heal the boy if his rib cage was cracked or broken once they found the TARDIS. But first things first. He glanced up at the sky and made sure the crack was no longer visible before setting off with Xelok in search of some better clothes.


The clone Doctor felt himself coming together again and he felt something solid under his feet. He got his bearings, looked around and froze when he saw the TARDIS about fifty feet from him. His eyes widened when the TARDIS door opened and Rose came outside with a young woman and an old man.

"Right, time to find somewhere to eat," the older man said as he closed the door behind him.

"Okay, guessing that's the Doctor then," the clone said to himself as he watched them. "Don't know who the young woman is, probably his companion but I do know you, Rose, and you're going to listen to me and let me have my say before it's well and truly over between us."

He waited thirty seconds before he shadowed the three of them while they went off in search of somewhere to eat.

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