Chapter Six

"So, where should we go then?" the Doctor asked as he led Rose and Clara through London.

"Burger King with the amount of cash we have on hand," Clara said to him.

"I told you, I have ways of getting money, Clara," the Doctor said, looking over his shoulder.

"D'ya mean giving the people at the restaurant something precious, because I have a feeling I won't get my ring back this time," Clara quipped.

"Hardy har har, just keep watch, yeah?" the Doctor said as he neared a cashpoint.

The Doctor told them to stand nearby while he stood in front of the cashpoint embedded in the wall of a bank. Clara was about to ask him how he was going to get money out of it when he suddenly whipped out his sonic screwdriver and scanned the monitor. To her and Rose's horror, money started coming out of the dispenser.

"He is not doing that, he is not stealing from a cashpoint," Clara said to Rose.

"I think he is," Rose said, looking around while the Doctor grabbed the notes as fast as they came out and jammed them in his pocket. Finally, the notes stopped coming and the Doctor casually turned around and put his sonic back in his pocket.

"There, now we can eat something other than Burger King," he said to them.

"You just stole money," Clara said to him.

The Doctor gave her an exasperated look.

"Wanna say that louder, Oswald. The police didn't hear you clearly. And yes, I did steal but this bank probably steals more money than I do so do you want to go or do you want to have a morality discussion."

"He's done it before," Rose said to Clara. "It was a credit stick though."

"Yes and I did it when I was with Donna," the Doctor said to them. "Believe me, I've done much worse so are we going or not?"

"Lead on," Clara said.

"Thank you," the Doctor said before turning and walking away.

"This one's a handful," Clara said to Rose as they followed him.

"Isn't he always?" Rose said.

The Doctor rolled his eyes when he heard their giggling behind him.


Meanwhile, the clone Doctor was still keeping tabs on them, following at a distance and observing them. He was hiding in an alleyway when the Doctor was taking money from the cashpoint and when they walked on, he waited thirty seconds and then followed, using the London crowd as cover in case any of them looked back.

While he walked, he had no idea that he himself was being followed. The Master had been nearby and noticed the clone Doctor while he was coming out of a clothing store with Xelok. Both of them had changed into casual wear after having to explain to the shocked staff why he was wearing battle armor. He told them he was going to a fancy dress party but forgot his clothes. The lady attending him gave him a dubious look but helped him anyway and he was now dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt with black trainers. Xelok was dressed in jeans, a black t-shirt and white trainers. Now the Master was shadowing the clone Doctor while Xelok obediently followed him.


"Ah, here we are," the Doctor said, stopping in front of an Italian restaurant. "Chez…Italian Food."

"Looks more like Bella to me," Clara said, reading the letting on the front window.

"Bella, Chez Italian, whatever. It's Italian food. Is that alright?" the Doctor said to them.

"Suits me," Rose said with a shrug.

"I could eat Italian," Clara said.

"Okay, everyone in then," the Doctor said.

He opened the front door and held it for the women then followed them inside. Italian music was playing softly through the sound system and there was Italian posters, flags and memorabilia on the walls. It was a bit garish for the Doctor's tastes but he was tired and didn't want to stray too far from the TARDIS. He waited with his companions at the front until a young man dressed in black trousers, white shirt and black vest came up to them with three menus.

"Bonjourno. Welcome to Bellas," he said. "Three?"

"Yes," the Doctor said.

The waited led them to a table near the back and gave them the menus. After everyone ordered a glass of white wine, the waiter went to get their drinks and allowed them time to look over the menu.

"So what are you ordering then?" Clara said to Rose as the Doctor studied his menu.

"Everything since Mister Moneybags has the funds for it," Rose said to her.

The Doctor eyed her while the women giggled.

"Good idea, I'll get everything as well," Clara said while the Doctor rolled his eyes.

"How about you order something and act your age?" the Doctor said to them.

"Act your age as in looking like you're in your late twenties and putting ice down someone's trousers," Clara said to him.

"I don't look late twenties any longer and I only did that to you once."

"He did that to me and ran away giggling like a maniac," Clara said to Rose, ignoring the Doctor.

"When I traveled with him, he looked like he was in his thirties and he used to tug at my hair when I wasn't paying attention to him," Rose said as she studied her menu. "Like a toddler looking for attention."

"Exactly. His other self was a hyper, clumsy little toddler yelling at everyone to look at him and see how brilliant he is."

They giggled when the Doctor lowered his menu and gave them an annoyed look.

"So…did you grow a heap of eyebrows to make up for no eyebrows before?" Rose said.

"Rose, shut it," the Doctor said while Clara sniggered.

"They're attack eyebrows, he told me so," Clara said in a loud whisper to Rose.

Rose grinned and touched his right eyebrow.

"I can't take you lot anywhere," the Doctor muttered, resuming his perusal of the menu while Rose and Clara giggled.


Meanwhile, the clone Doctor was standing near Bellas, discretely peering into the big picture window and watching his quarry. He stood there debating whether or not to go inside and confront Rose when suddenly a man and a little boy came up beside him.

"Excuse me, can you help us?" the man said. "My wife has been attacked. Do you know anything about first aid?"

"Yes," the clone Doctor said.

"Oh thank heavens, can you help us. We're ringing the ambulance but we want to make sure she's alright. She's in this alley," the man said, pointing to the alley next to the restaurant.

The clone Doctor turned his attention back to Rose. He debated whether to leave then decided that he could spare a few moments. He agreed and asked the man to show him the way.

The Master nodded and turned with Xelok, a huge smile on his face as he led the clone Doctor into the alley.

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