Chapter Nine

"Doctor, what's going on?" Clara said as she came into the room. "Why is your other self here and why is he threatening Rose?"

"Oh, so you've seen me before, eh?" the Valeyard said to her.

"I've seen all your lives, Doctor. But I don't recall you being a knife wielding arsehole," Clara said.

"That's because I'm not the Doctor, dearie pie. Well, I am the Doctor in that I have the Doctor's body but I prefer to go by the name Valeyard."

He looked at Twelve when he heard the sharp intake of breath coming from him.

"Well, who'd you think I was, Geezer? Postman Pat?" he said to him. "As for you, come this way and no sudden moves or tricks or everyone dies."

"Do as he says, Clara," Twelve said.

Suddenly, without warning, the Valeyard pushed Rose into Twelve. Twelve caught her at the same time the Valeyard yelled to the Master to back away and threw a small black ball onto the floor behind Rose. There was a flash of light as the Master backed up to the stairs and Twelve and Rose grunted as a tight force field sprang up around them, pinning them together.

"There, you lot are sorted for the moment," the Valeyard said as he turned to Clara. "And now for you, little one. My, my, you are pretty. I might add you to the harem. I did think about going and collecting the Doctor's female companions for that purpose. Perhaps I might do that. Come on, come on, come little doggie, come to your new master," he said, wagging his finger at Clara.

Clara slowly walked towards him while the Valeyard spoke to her condescendingly as if calling to a dog. Then when she was ten feet from him, she suddenly whipped a small blaster out of her pocket and fired it at him. The Valeyard grunted as a stun laser hit him and he fell to the floor.

"Get her, you fools!" he yelled at the Master and Xelok while Clara bolted towards the door.

Clara fired the stun laser at Xelok who was still standing by the door. Xelok convulsed and Clara felt guilty as the boy fell to the ground, stunned. She leapt over him while Twelve urged her on. As she ran to the door, she mentally asked the TARDIS to help her and she felt something materialize into her right hand. She didn't look at it as she gripped it but she thought it might be a mobile phone as she cannoned into the front doors and forced them open. She kept on running, breathing a sigh of relief when the Valeyard yelled at the Master to forget her and close the doors. She kept on running for another five minutes until she couldn't run any more. Then she stopped and caught her breath and looked down at her hand. It was a black mobile phone, a simple no-frills model. She studied it for a moment and then turned it on. When the mobile was up and running, she was surprised to see it calling a number on its own. She put the phone to her ear and waited.


(A year in the past…)

The Eleventh Doctor was by himself inside the TARDIS. Clara had just left him to go take care of Artie and Angie and make sure they were okay after their ordeal on Hedgewick's World of Wonders. He wanted a shower and a rest in order to recover from his own ordeal of having Mister Clever inside his mind. He was about to leave the console room when he suddenly heard the TARDIS phone ringing.

He groaned as he walked towards the front door.

"Gotta remember to patch that bloody thing back through the console," he muttered to himself as he opened his front door.

He opened the little door and picked up the phone receiver.

"Hello?" he said.


Clara's breath caught in her throat when she heard the voice of the Doctor she still missed terribly.

"Hello?" Eleven said when she didn't answer.

Clara swallowed hard, forcing herself to speak.

"Doc…tor," she got out.

"Clara? Is that you? I just left you with Angie and Artie, are you alright? Are they okay?"

"Please…help me," Clara squeaked out as tears came to her eyes.

"Clara, what's wrong?" Eleven said in a gentle voice that Clara had been longing to hear from her new Doctor.

"I'm with your other self and this man called the Valeyard kidnapped him and Rose and two other people."

"What?" Eleven said softly. "Valeyard, Rose? Clara, where are you? Where are they?"

Clara gave him the date and location and the Doctor promised to come immediately. Clara ended the call and wiped the tears from her eyes as she waited for the familiar sound of the TARDIS. Two minutes later, she heard the wheezing sound and a cry of joy sprang from her throat as she watched the TARDIS materialize in front of her. The door opened and there he was, just as she remembered him. With another cry of joy, she ran to him and seized him around the middle, hugging him tightly. Her hearts leaped when the Doctor didn't push her away or tell her he wasn't a hugger but instead, enveloped her in his arms and kissed the top of her head.

"Clara, what's going on?" he asked her. "Where is Rose and the Valeyard?"

Clara pulled away. She had fresh tears in her eyes and she could see the loving and sympathetic look on his face that she had missed.

"This way, Doctor," she said.

The Doctor shut his doors and hurried to catch up, walking with her as she headed back towards the other TARDIS. On the way, she tried to explain what she knew about the situation and she saw Eleven's eyes darkened when she described what happened in the console room and what the Valeyard said to her.

"I had my fears this might happen when I left my clone with Rose," he said darkly when Clara finished. "Don't worry, Clara. We'll sort this out together."

They neared the TARDIS and Clara steeled herself for a fight. But to her horror, the TARDIS suddenly powered up and dematerialized in front of them.

"Damn it, I should have killed him when I had the chance," Clara said. "I only stunned the Valeyard."

"And that's good. I don't want you killing anyone, Clara," Eleven said, putting his hands on her shoulders. "Don't worry, they may have gone but we can use my TARDIS to track them. Come on."

Clara nodded. She turned and both she and Eleven ran back to his TARDIS.

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