Chapter Twenty Four

The Doctor sighed angrily when the jeep finally caught up to the Daleks. The two Daleks had already killed a man, a woman and two toddlers and were wrecking havoc on the East End as people tried to get away from them.

"What do we do?" David said as they watched the panic, "we don't have any weapons."

"Yes, you do, I'm a weapon," the Doctor said. "Everyone stay here."

"Grandfather, no, they'll kill you," Susan said, gripping his shoulder.

"Not to worry, my child, I'll be alright. Trust me," the Doctor said, patting her hand.

Susan withdrew it but watched fearfully while the Doctor got out of the jeep and headed towards the Daleks. As he walked, he looked around and noticed an open door a two story house near one of the marauding Daleks. He stopped near it and cleared his throat.

"OI, PEPPERPOT! OVER HERE!" he yelled at one of them.

The Dalek's body stayed in place while the dome swiveled 180 degrees to look at him. The other Dalek, hearing him yell, stopped and turned his entire body to face him.

"YOU WILL SURRENDER!" the Dalek nearest him said.

"Really? You have that option?" the Doctor said with contempt as he pointed to the dead children. "Did you give them that option as well before you shot them dead?"

"YOU WILL BE SILENT, HUMAN!" the second Dalek said as it glided up to the first one.

"YOU WILL SURRENDER OR DIE," the other one added.

"And what happens after that?" the Doctor said with a sneer. "I become robotized? You don't have a ship, you don't have your robotizing equipment, you don't have an army to subjugate this city. You're just two lonely little Daleks out on a killing spree because you're bored and can't think of anything else to do. And you know what? I'm not afraid of you because I amů.the Oncoming Storm!"

He chuckled when the Daleks backed up in fear.

"Ah, so you do remember me? I see the Valeyard hasn't plucked you from the parliament then," he said to them.

"YOU WILL DIE, DOCTOR!" one of the Daleks said.

"Kill me then! Kill me dead," the Doctor said, holding his arms out.

He waited. The two Daleks swiveled their domes to look at each other before looking back at him.

"Well?" the Doctor said as he held his arms out. "Kill me, I dare ya!"

The Daleks stared at him while the Doctor smirked.

"I declare open season on myself and yet you're still stood there like a pair of numpties. What? Are you afraid if you kill me, I'll just jump right up and kill you back. Or do you think I'll haunt you for eternity? Are you really that scared of me, Daleks?"

"YOU WILL COME WITH US, DOCTOR!" one of the Daleks said.

"Where?" the Doctor said with amusement. "To the funfair, to the loo, where d'ya want me to come? Just bleedin' shoot me, you cowards. You can shoot down two children so shoot me as well!"

The Daleks looked around and finally one noticed the people in the jeep.

"YOU WILL SURRENDER!" one of the Daleks said while they headed towards it.

"Hey! What about me, you stupid gits! I'm right here!" the Doctor said.

He ran around the Daleks and they stopped when the Doctor threw his hands up at them.

"Oh no you don't, you deal with me!" he said.

"EXTERMINATE!" one Dalek said before firing around the Doctor and hitting the front of the jeep.

Everyone fled from the vehicle and the Doctor ran towards the empty house while the others followed him. He ran inside and stood aside while Sheila ran in followed by Clara. He was waiting for David and Susan but when they didn't follow, he looked out and noticed that the Daleks had cornered them near the jeep. David was in front of Susan, protecting her while the Daleks aimed their guns at them. The Doctor gritted his teeth with rage, found a large piece of plaster lying on the floor nearby and grabbed it. He ran out the door and lobbed the plaster at one Dalek's head. It struck it and the Dalek instantly swiveled his head around to see who had attacked him.

"EXTERMINATE!" it yelled and the Doctor ran as both Daleks began firing at him.

"OH SO NOW YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO SHOOT AT ME!" the Doctor yelled as he though a passageway between the empty house and the one beside it.

He hoped that the diversion would allow David and Susan to get to the house but his blood ran cold when he heard a Dalek firing his laser followed by David yelling "NO!" and Susan's anguished scream. He spun around and ran hell for leather back towards the Daleks, his whole being consumed with rage at the thought of his granddaughter being dead because of them. By the time he reached the front of the house, David was hurrying towards it with Susan in his arms. The Doctor was hoping to distract the Daleks further to give them time to get to safety but before he could a Dalek screamed exterminate and shot at David's back. To the Doctor's horror, David cried out in anguish and fell forward, dead, with Susan still in his arms. The Doctor's rage increased and he was about to go and rip the Daleks apart with his bare hands but he knew he had to get Susan to safety. He was about to move David aside and risk getting shot himself for Susan when Sheila suddenly darted out of the house, leapt off the top step to the ground and shot at the Daleks with a revolver while she ran across the road to another empty building. The Doctor watched with his heart in his throat as she kept on firing at them while she ran, distracting the Daleks enough that the Doctor could move David's body aside and get to Susan. He then noticed that Susan was still alive but fading fast and he surmised she hadn't taken a direct hit from the blasters. He glanced at Sheila who was now inside a house on the other side of the street, firing at the Daleks and keeping them busy before he turned his attention back to Susan.

"Grandfather, I'm sorry," Susan said weakly.

"No, I'm sorry, I should have made sure all of you were alright before I confronted the Daleks," he said.

Susan shook her head at that and looked at David and the Doctor's hearts nearly broke when he saw the heartbroken look on Susan's face as she weakly caressed David's cheek. He cursed the Valeyard for bringing him back here and putting everyone in danger. It was his fault that David was dead and he was going to have his revenge, one way or another.

For the moment though, he had to attend to Susan. He gathered her up in his arms and looked up at the house. Clara stood inside the doorway, a stricken look on her face.

"Will she be alright?" Clara asked softly as the Doctor carried her up the stairs.

"She will once she regenerates," the Doctor said grimly as they walked over to a nearby sofa. "This body is too far gone now; she's going to have to change."

Clara nodded, hating that the Daleks not only killed David but harmed Susan to the point she'd have to regenerate. She wondered if Susan's personality would change drastically like it did with the Doctor. But for the moment, she focused on helping her friend make his granddaughter comfortable, putting a battered sofa cushion at the end of the battered cream colored sofa. She helped the Doctor lay her on the sofa, wincing as Susan groaned in pain the moment her body touched it. Then the Doctor knelt by the sofa and held her hand, bringing it to his lips and kissing it while Clara ran to see where Sheila was. She reached the door but couldn't see any sign of Sheila or the Daleks. Her eyes darted down to David and her heart lurched when she saw his sightless eyes staring up at the overcast sky. She hoped they would be able to give him a proper burial before leaving and let Susan have some time to mourn him.


Clara turned and noticed the Doctor was helping Clara to stand up. An all too familiar golden glow was emanating from her body as Susan stood on shaky legs. The Doctor looked at Clara.

"It's time," he said to her.

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