Chapter Twenty Five

"Back up, back up," the Doctor said to Clara as a golden glow began to emanate from Susan's entire body.

Clara watched as the light engulfed Susan's body and she threw her head back as the light shot out from arms, legs and her head. This wasn't like the last time when the Doctor regenerated. His regeneration had been more subdued than this followed by a suddenly change of body. The golden light was so dense, she couldn't see what was going on any more. Then suddenly the light stopped and Susan jerked her head back and gasped. The Doctor and Clara did a double take and stared at her quietly while Susan shook her head and tried to shake of the effects of the regeneration. After twenty seconds, Susan finally noticed them and she frowned when she saw how stunned they were.

"What's wrong?" she said with a different voice.

"You changed," Clara finally said hesitantly.

"I know. I regenerated," Susan said in a voice that was slightly lower than the one she had. "You must know about regeneration if you've seen more than one version of Grandfather."

"That's not what we're staring at, Susan," the Doctor said.

"What's wrong then?" Susan asked.

The Doctor walked over to her, took a hold of her hand and went off in search of a mirror. Clara watched them go and shook her head in disbelief before she headed towards the front door to look for Sheila.


"Grandfather, what's wrong?" Susan asked as the Doctor searched for a mirror.

"You'll see, child, just come with me," he said.

He found a bathroom upstairs and led her inside. Above an old porcelain sink was a bathroom mirror. The Doctor led her to the mirror and asked her to look into it. Susan looked into the mirror and stepped back in shock when she saw Clara's reflection in place of her own. She put a hand up to her face and Clara's reflection did the same.

"What happened?" she said, looking at the Doctor.

"Apparently, you decided on Clara's body when you regenerated. Or else…"

"Or else…what…"

The Doctor shook the thought from his mind.

"Nothing, nothing, I think you were thinking of Clara when you regenerated and you took on her form, nothing more," the Doctor said, patting her shoulder.


The Doctor froze when he heard Clara calling him from downstairs.

"Doctor, are you up there?" she called.

"Just stay here, let me explain it before she sees you," the Doctor said to Susan before hurrying out of the room.

Susan went and sat on the bedroom just beyond the bathroom and waited for her grandfather to come back. Meanwhile, the Doctor was sprinting down the stairs, anxious to get to Clara before she found Susan. Clara was in the front room, looking around. She looked at the Doctor when he entered the room.

"Can't find Sheila or the Daleks, I hope they're alright," Clara said to him. "I was thinking we should bury David before animals got to him. How is Susan, is she alright?"

"She's fine, Clara. There is a bit of a…problem though," the Doctor said.

"What sort of problem?"

"She…changed her looks and well…she looks like you now."

"What? How can that be? Is that normal?"

"Well…I'm not sure because I had a friend called Romana that based her body on a woman Called Princess Astra, I look like a bloke from Pompeii and now Susa has gone and done this. So apparently, it's not as unusual as I thought."

"Well…how are we supposed to tell each other apart now? Unless she's taller than me?"

"No, she's quite short…same height as you."

"Then what do we do?"

"I was thinking trim her hair a bit, make it shorter so we can tell who's who. That's the only thing I can think of, apart from putting her on stilts. I'll see if we can find a pair of scissors before we leave here. Now..about Sheila? You can't find her?"

"Or the Daleks, it's all gone quiet out there."

The Doctor cursed under his breath.

"Then we better hurry and sort this out before they start a killing spree somewhere else."

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