A/N: This story is the sequel to Predator and Prey and takes place three months after the events of the story.


She knew someone was watching her. She could sense it.

Tania wasn't supposed to be here. The seaside was too dangerous or…that's what the elders said to everyone in her town. The little town of Seashell had been by the seaside for generations and the people there made their living fishing the waters just off shore. But it was only recently that the fish, which used to be in abundance seemed to be dwindling and the wooden fishing boats were forced to go further and further from the town in order to find enough to sustain everyone. The people of Seashell were down to Earth with simple ways. They weren't as technologically advanced as some of their neighbors on nearby planets. The neighbors occasionally flew in to trade with them but since Seashell's main export was fish and seafood, the visits were few and far between. Still, some of the richer townsfolk did manage to get a laser blaster or two to add to their collection of stuff.

That was the way life was for their town and it had remained that way for hundreds of years. But now there was something in the ocean. Something that wasn't pleased with them. Something that was pulling some of the townspeople underwater as they swam just offshore. Those who were pulled under were never seen again so the elders, the leaders of Seashell told everyone to stay away from the seaside. But Tania looked walking on the sand and sitting for hours on the beach just looking at the waves as they came rolling in. She had grown up around the ocean and knew no other life. She never had any reason to fear it but she had to admit sometimes she saw the sun flash off something under the water. It would flash for only a few seconds and you would miss it if you didn't know what you were looking for but she could see it and it frightened her. So nowadays when she sat on the sand, she sat up on a rocky overhang just in case the thing came out of the water. And that was why she could see the flash so well. She tried to tell others about the flash but not many people would listen to a ten year old orphan girl so she quickly learned to keep her mouth shut when it happened.

Tania sat down on the overhang and pulled off her leather slippers. She pulled her legs up to her chest, feeling the wind going underneath her purple dress while it whipped her long, brown hair around. Her striking, deep blue eyes scanned the water for the flash. She saw it again after about ten minutes of searching and she shook her head.

"What are you?" she murmured to herself.

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