Chapter Three

Rory was stood in the bathroom cleaning his teeth while Amy sat on their bed. Amy was changing into a two piece blue bathing suit with seashells all over it. Rory was wearing red swim trunks.

"I hope the Doctor doesn't take us somewhere where there's a load of alien sharks or something like that," Amy said to her husband.

Rory had his toothbrush in his mouth so all he could say to that was "Mmm," as he brushed his teeth.

"But knowing him we'll land up on alien shark world," Amy said.

"Mmm-hmm," Rory said before taking the toothbrush out of his mouth and spitting into the sink. "Or…maybe he'll take us somewhere nice. He has managed that before," he added before putting the toothbrush back in his mouth.

"Yeah but when that happens, it seems to be a fluke like…oh? We're not going to be menaced by walking mop monsters, how wonderful!"

Rory spit out some more foamy saliva and chuckled.

"Mop monsters. I like that. Big as arctics and dead filthy from cleaning floors its entire life."

"Don't talk about it, it may come true," Amy said, getting up from the bed.

Rory finished cleaning his teeth and ran the bristles of his toothbrush through the water before putting it in the toothbrush holder. He wiped his mouth with a small towel and looked back at his wife when she came up behind him and wrapped her arms around him. She ran her hands down his stomach towards his crotch and felt the bulge that was forming there.

"You want me to go out to the console room with an enormous stiffy, don't you?" Rory said, looking over his shoulder at her.

"I want you to come to bed," Amy purred in his ear, "and put that stiffy to good use."

"I don't think the Doctor would wait for us to finish with our marathonkamasutra fuckfest," Rory said. "He might burst in on us and pull us off each other like we're dogs in heat."

"Come on, Ponds, quit fornicating and come explore with me," Amy said, imitating the Doctor's voice. "You can fornicate on your own time and since it's never your own time, you can't fornicate ever."

Rory chuckled. He turned around and kissed her lips while Amy wrapped her arms around his neck. Rory moaned into her mouth when they began to snog.


When the Doctor and Rose walked into the console room, they saw several bathing suits laid out on the console.

"What's this? The TARDIS cozzy counter?" the Doctor said, gesturing to the different suimsuits on his console.

"I asked the TARDIS to make some swimsuits for me since I didn't have any. I didn't get a response and went to my private room but I s'pose she was thinking up different designs and she brought them here instead of my bedroom."

There were one piece swimsuits and bikinis and Rose looked them over while the Doctor sat down and watched her.

"Are you going to try those on for me, one at a time?" he asked her.

"Do you want me to?" Rose said, giving him a seductive look.

"Well, if you do, be quick about it. We're not alone in here, remember."

Rose held up a white one piece swimsuit that had roses all over it.

"This is cute, I like this one," Rose said.

"And if you get lost, I can just say to people, where is the Rose woman wearing the roses?"

There was a flash of light around Rose and when the light vanished, she was dressed in the swimsuit and the sundress was on the console beside her. She turned from side to side, modeling for the Doctor while he gave her an appreciative look.

"I like this one," the Doctor said. "The others are just plain colors but this has roses on it. It suits you."

"Yeah, I like it as well. I want this one, TARDIS," Rose said to the ceiling.

The Doctor let out a sigh of relief when the other swimsuits vanished off his console, leaving only the sundress. Rose took the dress off the console and draped it over the railing. She still had her sandals on her feet and the Doctor admired her beauty.

Then suddenly a flash of light surrounded him and he gasped when it faded and he was dressed in swim trunks, his other outfit taken somewhere else. He stood up and looked down at the trunks when Rose burst out laughing. The trunks were TARDIS blue with PROPERTY OF THE TARDIS all over the trunks in white lettering.

"Ha ha," the Doctor said dryly while the TARDIS grumbled out a laugh. "Now…we need towels and a large umbrella for shade and some toys, rafts and some drinks and sandwiches."

There was a huge flash beside the Doctor and there were five white towels, a rainbow colored beach towel, a matching rainbow colored beach umbrella, a yellow inflatable raft, a beach ball, a yellow toy pail and spade and a red cooler filled with sodas and sandwiches. The Doctor gave his ship a thumb's up and thanked her. The Doctor picked up the pail and spade and Rose laughed when he tried to bop her on the head with the spade and put the bucket over her head. He stopped when River came into the room, dressed in a white one piece swimsuit. She paused on the steps and admired Rose's swimsuit.

"I love that, it suits you," she said to Rose as she stepped onto the main platform.

"Thanks, the TARDIS chose it for me," Rose said.

"Did the Doctor speak to you?" River said.

"I did," the Doctor said. "And we agreed to it."

River let out a squeal of delight and hugged Rose. Rose told her about her idea about Amy and Rory renewing their vows with them.

"That would be nice. I didn't get to see mum and dad get married. I only came to the reception afterwards when I was trying to jog Amy's memory and make her remember the Doctor," River said. "I know mum would want to do it."

"Want to do what?" Amy said as she and Rory came into the room.

Rose told them about her idea and Amy glanced at her husband.

"How 'bout it?" Amy said to Rory.

"I will if you lot want us to. But where would we have the wedding?"

"I'll figure out a place," the Doctor said. "I'll have to go get Jackie and find a way back to the other universe. I can ask the TARDIS to find a gap for us. In the meantime, let's relax and have a day of fun."

"Without mop monsters," Rory said.

"I'm sorry?" the Doctor said while Amy giggled and gave her husband a playful swat on the arm.

"Private joke," Amy said.

"Right. Well, I don't know about mop monsters but I'll do my best to find somewhere where there aren't any. I was thinking the planet of Bellaluna. They're famous for their seaside resorts and they make a killer candy floss that's light and delicate and melts in your mouth. Sound good?"

Everyone nodded and stood back as he went to work, inputting the coordinates and changing the TARDIS's course.


The Doctor opened the front door and his eyes widened when he saw the waves crashing onto the beach only ten feet from the TARDIS door. He opened the doors up wide and came outside, holding the rubber raft under his left arm, his towel draped over his right. Everyone else came out behind him, holding the towels and equipment in their hands. Rory sat the umbrella up against the side of the TARDIS before closing the doors.

"See, the TARDIS can land us right at the ocean's edge, better than a hotel any day," the Doctor crowed. "What other view could compare to this one?"

"Yeah, yeah, sweetie, you're completely brilliant," River said dryly. "Now, let's get this stuff set up and go for a swim."

Rory grabbed the umbrella and went behind the TARDIS.

"Um…Doctor, come here," Rory said.

The Doctor turned and went around the TARDIS and froze when he saw a young girl sitting on a rocky overhang. Her eyes were wide while she stared at them. Beyond her was a small village that wasn't modern and didn't look like a seaside resort.

"This is Bellaluna?" Rory said to him while everyone else came around the TARDIS.

"If it is, they've decided to go for the cheap and cheerful look with the buildings," the Doctor said, setting his towel and raft down on the ground.

Everyone laid down their towels and gear with his stuff while the Doctor headed towards the girl.

"Hello there," he said with a wide grin. "Is this Bellaluna?"

"Um…no, this is Seashell," the girl said, pointing back to the town.

"No, I mean is the planet called Bellaluna?" the Doctor said.

"No, the planet is called Tinnitue. This is Seashell," she said, once again pointing back to the town.

"Tinnitue. Not familiar with that one," the Doctor said, frowning.

"So…not Bellaluna," River said as everyone came up behind him.

"No. But look…ocean, surf, sand, sun…well, two suns," he said, pointing to the two distant suns in the sky. "I still brought us somewhere where we can swim and relax."

"I wouldn't go in there," the girl said, pointing to the ocean.

"Oh? Why not?" the Doctor said.

"Because there's something in the ocean and it's kidnapping people," she said to them.

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