Chapter Nine

"Where?" River said as she, Rory and Amy looked around the room.

"Not out here, in my head," the Doctor said, tapping his temple. "I can hear her calling to me."

"How?" Amy said with a frown.

The Doctor held up his finger, signaling them to wait. He closed his eyes and relaxed while everyone watched. He could hear Rose but her voice was very, very faint, almost a whisper. But it was there, not his imagination. He called back to her and Rose fell silent for a moment before calling to him again.

I'm here, my love, where are you? He thought to her.

Um…under the ocean somewhere, Rose thought back.

Her voice was very faint and the Doctor had to strain to hear it.

Doctor, they turned me into a mermaid.

So, that explains the telepathy then, the Doctor said, trying to keep his anger at that statement from flooding his mind and distracting them.

Doctor, they said that the townspeople took some merpeople and Circady said they've been taking the townspeople to replace the ones they took.

And you, are you a replacement as well?

I don't know, they chained me to a wall and left me here.

Again, the Doctor had to take a deep breath, trying to keep calm.

Tell Circady to meet with me and see what he says, he thought to Rose. I will ask the elders about taking some of the merpeople. I thought they weren't being entirely truthful. Keep in contact and let me know if they say anything more and keep calm; don't do anything to make them angry. We'll come for you, I promise.

I know you will. Be careful, Rose thought to him.

I will. You do the same and find out all you can and contact me if you learn anything new.

The Doctor cut off the conversation between them and told his friends what he learned.

"So now we make them even angrier by accusing them of stealing merpeople," Rory said when he finished speaking.

"I don't care. If they're the cause of all this, we have to sort it out before the two groups go to war," the Doctor said. "I thought something like this must have happened. I asked Rose to try to get more information but I have a feeling they might have tried to talk to the fishermen before all this happened and got captured. Or one got tangled in their net and they kept them as a prize."

"What about Rose?" River said, "can we change her back?"

"They better have a way to change her back and they better meet with me or I'll affix a hose to the TARDIS and have her drain the entire ocean to get to them."

"There's an image," Rory said. "Just as long as you don't drain the water into our room."

"Nah, I would make my own ocean somewhere near the back," the Doctor said with a grin. "But in all seriousness, if they think they're gonna keep Rose with them forevermore, they better think twice because they don't want me as an enemy."

"I love it when you talk tough and get all macho," River said, ruffling his hair. "Especially since you look so cute doing it."

Amy and Rory chuckled when the Doctor blushed at that. He got up from the bed, walked over to the door and opened it. He expected a burly guard to be watching over the door but to his surprise, there was a tiny midget man about three feet in height. He was dressed in black trousers and a red tunic with a seashell patch on it. His long brown hair was tied back in a ponytail and he was standing with his back to the door, arms crossed over his chest. He cleared his throat and the midget spun around.

"LEAVING IS FORBIDDEN!" he bellowed at him in a high-pitched voice.

The Doctor's friends, who were standing right behind him while watching, giggled at the shocked look on the Doctor's face. The little guard folded his arms back over his chest and gave the Doctor his most menacing look.

"Um…okay," the Doctor said. "I'm the Doctor and you are…"

"MONGO!" the man bellowed.

The Doctor looked back at his friends with a bemused look on his face while Mongo scowled at him. The Doctor turned his attention back to Mongo.

"So, Mongo," he said, trying to be friendly towards the belligerent little man. "I have to use the loo. Can I…"

He took a step outside the door.

"IT IS FORBIDDEN!" Mongo screamed at him.

His companions laughed when the Doctor quickly stuck his foot back in the room.

"Right. Could you not scream at me, mate? I'm not deaf," the Doctor said. "We're trying to be friends with you."

"Mongo has no need of friends," Mongo said in a normal tone of voice but with a terse edge to it. "Mongo guards the door and it is forbidden to come outside."

"Right. But you see, I need to go to the toilet. My only other option is to stick my penis out the window and pee on people's heads and I really don't wanna do that since I think the people of Seashell will frown on it. So…can you make an exception? I won't run, promise."

He could tell Mongo was thinking that over and he tried another tentative foot out the door. Mongo scowled at the foot but the Doctor boldly stepped outside the room.

"I want to be friends with you," he said to him. "Will you let me be friends…"

He gasped in pain when Mongo punched him in the genitals. He let out a groan and collapsed to the floor, holding his crotch as his face turned red.

"Hey! He wasn't doing anything!" Amy yelled at Mongo while River and Rory went outside and grabbed the Doctor under the arms.

"IT IS FORBIDDEN!" Mongo yelled at her.

"Forget it, Pond, it is forbidden!" the Doctor gasped out while Rory and River helped him to stand.

Mongo watched smugly while River and Rory helped the Doctor walk back into the room. River gritted her teeth when Mongo grabbed the door handle and slammed the door shut the moment they were inside.

"Oh that hurt so much!" the Doctor groaned as Rory and River helped him sit down on the bed. "And he was just the right height to go for my John Thomas too. I don't think I'll be doing that again."

"Permission to go out there, wad him out and bounce him around the house like a basketball?" River asked him as the Doctor lay down on the bed.

"No, I have a feeling he has a growth spurt button somewhere and he'd grow to giant height and make you the basketball. Just…leave him be for the moment. We'll think of something else."

Rory, River and Amy sat down on the other bed while the Doctor recovered from the blow to his genitals. Twenty minutes later, the door opened and River had to fight to keep still when Mongo came into the room.

"Elder Zan wishes to see you now. You will follow me!" he said to them. "And no tricks!"

"Because if you try a trick, your bollocks get punched up into your skull," the Doctor said as he sat up.

River helped him to stand and he leaned on her for support as everyone followed Mongo out of the room.

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