Chapter Five

Clara looked over when the door opened and the sisters led the Doctor inside.

"Still here, wasn't harmed in any way," Clara said to him.

"That's good because I have a feeling I'm going to be harmed very soon," the Doctor said as he stepped away from the group of women.

"Oh no, what happened?" Clara said.

The Doctor waited till the women were gone and the door was shut and locked before he walked over and sat down beside her. He told her what happened and smiled when he saw that familiar look of concern come over Clara's face.

"Don't worry, I'll think of something," the Doctor said, smiling tenderly. "I'm not gonna regenerate inside a bonfire."

"It's not just that. I'm also afraid for Rose," Clara said. "If they've made her into some kind of puppet for them and keeping her from getting to you to warn you about this reality bomb."

"It can cause a paradox, yes," the Doctor said. "Then the Sisterhood won't have to worry because the universe will implode."

"Ten years though," Clara said, shaking her head. "How old was she when you found her. She doesn't look that old unless she's one of those people that looks younger than they really are."

"She started traveling with me when she was nineteen and she found me again when she was twenty two."

"So, thirty two then," Clara said. "You can still look like you're in your twenties at that age."

"But the Sisterhood said that the Bad Wolf keeps her young," the Doctor pointed out.

"Do you believe that?"

"Dunno but I'm going to find out. I want to know what happened from the start of it and what they did to Rose. And I'm still serious about burning them at the stake if this is irreversible. So they better hope that it's not."


"Forgive me, High Priestess, for allowing that brute to assault you like that," Ortha said as she and Rose walked back to Rose's bedchamber. "I shall have him executed at once."

"No, wait, just…spare him for the moment," Rose said, holding up her hand.

"But he has committed a grave offense. He has laid hands upon you. No man can lay hands upon…"

"Am I not the High Priestess?" Rose said, stopping and turning to her.

"You are the High Priestess," Ortha said, bowing low.

"Then I command that the man be spared for the moment. I wish to find out what he knows about me. Then when his usefulness is gone, he will be executed."

"And how will we find out what he knows, High Priestess?"

Rose thought about that for a moment. What Ortha didn't know was the Doctor's consciousness was slowly chipping away at the barrier around her memories and those memories were slowly beginning to leak out. She didn't quite remember everything about the Doctor but she knew enough to know that he could not be put to death. And now that she had some awareness of him, she was also aware that the Sisterhood would do everything in their power to carry out the execution. She had to delay them so the Doctor could escape.

"Bring him to the Interrogation Room and strap him into the chair. I will speak to him privately," Rose said.

"You wish to be alone with him?" Ortha said in disbelief.

"Yes. He will be restrained. He cannot harm me. I can call for help if I need it."

She could see Ortha was suspicious of this. Normally, she traveled with at least one other person and before she never questioned it but now she was beginning to wonder if they were keeping track of her and worrying that she would leave them someday. She was about to tell Ortha that she was High Priestess and she must be obeyed but Ortha nodded and bowed.

"It is done, High Priestess," she said.

"Excellent. Bring the Doctor to the Interrogation Room at once."

Ortha bowed and hurried away while Rose breathed a sigh of relief and hurried to her bedchamber.


"Oh come on, I'm sure Danny wouldn't be embarrassed if you saw him doing this," the Doctor said over his shoulder as he urinated into the hole while Clara stood with her back to him, mortified. "I do have to use the loo, Clara, and I'm guessing you'd probably be even more embarrassed if I wet myself. So be an adult about all of this."

"I can be an adult, doesn't mean I have to watch," Clara said. "Just tell me when you're done."

"Yes, Boss," the Doctor said as he finished peeing.

Suddenly, they heard someone unlocking the door. The Doctor gasped and bent over trying to pull his pants and trousers back up but he only managed to grab hold when the door opened and the Sisterhood entered. They stopped and Clara managed a quick glance at the Doctor who was essentially mooning the women before she looked away and giggled.

"What now?" the Doctor said, straightening up and pulling his underwear and trousers up quickly.

"The High Priestess wishes to interrogate you," Mira said. "You will come with us."

"Can it wait a wee moment while I finish this?" the Doctor said as he zipped up his fly.

He finished and turned to them.

"Okay, I'm finished. Now where are we going?" he said to them.

"The High Priestess wishes to speak to you privately. However, you will be restrained since you attacked her earlier," Mira said.

"Oh? Privately, is it?" the Doctor said, sharing a glance with Clara. "Okay, take me to her then. I'm all yours. But…she's still off limits to you lot," the Doctor said, pointing to Clara.

"The female will remain unharmed unless you harm the priestess again," Mira said.

"I'm gonna be restrained, aren't I? What d'ya think I'm gonna do, bite her bum when she has her back turned?"

"The High Priestess…"

"Is not to be harmed in any way. Yeah, yeah, I got that. Just go, alright!" the Doctor said.

He walked into the midst of the women and with one last look at Clara, walked out of the room with them.

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