Chapter Twelve

(England, 1562, Tower of London…)

The Tenth Doctor paced around the prison cell while the Eleventh Doctor scratched out a series of numbers into a nearby pillar. The War Doctor was examining the wooden door with his screwdriver and trying to find a way out.

The Eleventh Doctor heard the War Doctor telling them that if he had the exact harmonic frequency to the door, he could disintegrate it. His younger self was telling him it would take years which he was in full agreement with. However, he had a better, more sensible idea than Gramps and he was going to send a message that hopefully Kate would be able to find in the twenty first century.

He heard the War Doctor make a sarcastic comment about helping to pass the timey wimey and he paused for a moment, knowing that was directed at him. Why the old man had to be here today when he was supposed to be time locked was a mystery to him but he wished the geezer would just jump back into the swirling sky vortex and leave him alone.

He resumed his scratching, intending to carry on with his brilliant plan when suddenly he heard a very familiar wheezing sound. He froze in mid scratch and straightened up, turning his head in surprise to find the TARDIS materializing off to the side of the room. Even more astounding was he recognized from the badge that it was his TARDIS. The Tenth Doctor noticed the badge and turned towards him.

"Did you do this?" he said, pointing to the TARDIS as it stopped and powered down.

"No, I had no hand in this," Eleven said, walking over to him.

"That's not my TARDIS. I haven't had the St. John's badge on it for ages. And I know I didn't have it during the Time War."

"It's mine," Eleven said as War Doctor walked up beside them. "But I didn't summon it."

"Your friend then? Clara, was it?" Ten said to him.

"Yes, but how did she get a hold of it? We already proved that you can't go back through the vortex. Still…"

He snapped his fingers. The door opened and he flinched when he saw Clara. She was still lying on the floor, half out of breath and he rushed over to her.

"Clara, are you alright?" he asked her as he knelt down beside her and put his hand on the side of her head.

Clara raised her head up and was shocked to see the Tenth and War Doctors as they came and stood just inside the open door.

"Where am I?" Clara said as Eleven helped her to her feet.

"Tower of London in 1562," Eleven said as he helped steady her. "Are you alright? What happened. Why do you look so winded and how the hell did you get my TARDIS through the whirly thing? Did Kate and Glasses Girl pick it up and throw it through?"

"No, I'm from the future. Your future and I need your help. The Twelfth Doctor and Rose are in trouble."

The War Doctor frowned when Ten and Eleven jerked their bodies at hearing her name. the Tenth Doctor walked up to her.

"Where are they?"

"Karn. Sisterhood of Karn has them," Clara said.

The three Doctors looked at one another in dread.

"Take us there," Eleven said to her. "Give me the coordinates and…"

He suddenly realized as he turned that the interior had changed somewhat. He made a face in disapproval but realized there were more important things to consider at this time. He let Clara lean on him as he walked over to the console. Ten followed him and the War Doctor shut the door behind them as they prepared to leave England.


A/N: I decided to make this the first of a series of stories so I'll start the next story of this series and post it soon. Hope you enjoyed this one.

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