This world may have failed you,
It doesn't give you reason why.
You could have chosen a different path in life.

The smile when you tore me apart.
You took my heart,
deceived me right from the start.
You showed me dreams;
I wished they'd turn into real.
You broke a promise and made me realize.
It was all just a lie.
Could have been forever.
Now we have reached the end.

Angels Within Temptation

The Fallen Angel

Deano was always an envious boy.

It was something he couldn't help, one of his greatest sins. He would be jealous of any student that had nicer toys and clothes and loving mothers. He was jealous of his older brother and sister who both seemed to get my attention and affection from their father than he. Of course Jimbo would due to his disease but he burned with jealousy seeing Carly held more than him.

Deano also always fell in lust.

He was attracted to beautiful women. He lusted over Stacey Slater for a short while but he shot down after than one night. He lusted about his stepsister a lot. It was the one thing he couldn't get over, he fancied himself to be in love with her.

Deano got angry quickly.

He was like a two year old with his tantrums, with enough taunting he'll punch the bastard in front of him right there and then. Sean Slater frustrated him the most because he got the women and flaunted it. Taunted him constantly.

It was early September 2007. He knew he was not his father's real son, he found his mother who seemed more eager to be with Carly than him and Chelsea had kept knocking him back in favour of Sean Slater.

That was when he was approached.

He was packing away his stall, twilight was approaching and he was all alone when a man dressed in a sharp black suit and matching sunglasses stood by the storage's door. Silent and unmemorable features.

"Your sister is not your sister" he said in a flat monotone voice. "She is an imposter"

"And I'm Mother Theresa" Deano snapped sarcastically. "Get out of here before I punch your lights out"

The man smirked. "Try that and I'll have you dead before your fist could hit me. I'm not here to insult or harm you Mr Wicks only to warn you. Your sister is an alien, a monster in disguise and she will betray you"

Deano went to punch the man who merely stepped aside.

"I did warn you Mr Wicks"

He then walked away.

Later Deano found out Carly had been sleeping with Sean Slater and when he helped Chelsea frame him in revenge Carly sided with Sean Slater.

The man was right.


He was found out and put on trial.

His father disappointed in him and angry at him both made him feel sick to the stomach. Pat looked at him in a mixture of disgust and disappointment which made him disgusted with himself. His best friend Stacey refused to even look at him and his sister was still on Sean Slater's side even though they were practically broken up.

He was sentenced for six months in prison.

After saying goodbye to his family in the courthouse he was led away in handcuffs into a prison van locked next to many other prisoners who committed worse crimes than he. The van stopped after about an hour, the doors opened and men in smart suits came and took Deano away.

They took the handcuffs off and led him to a posh silver car.

They drove in silence.

They stopped at a cemetery, Deano disliked those since he was eight and Jimbo made him wet his pants. It was during one of Jimbo's good days, a Halloween that Deano both treasured and despised.

They led him to a beautiful carved angel gravestone.

He read the engraving.

He collapsed.

Carly Ann Wicks
Beloved Daughter and Sister

He let out choked sobs of horror, shock and grieve. They were right, they were right all along. His sister was not his sister. She did betray him and she probably was an alien and she did not belong on this planet.

She did not deserve his father's affection.

She did not deserve any love he had shown her over the past few years.

"We would like you to work with us Mr Wicks" one of the men said calmly. "We'll train you for the next few months in replacement of prison time. You go out and bring in the alien imposter and we'll pay you a lot of money"

"Won't bring her back though will it?" Deano snarled bitterly as he furiously wiped his tears away. "Wouldn't bring my real sister, Carly Ann Wicks back. Only Carly Wicks imposter finally revealed"

"Sooner or later she will leave your father" the man said calmly. "She will steal someone else's family and leave your dear old Dad heartbroken. Wouldn't want that would we?"

Deano signed a contract.


Training was hard but worth it.

He learnt to fight bare handed. He learnt how to use a gun. He learnt how to run and dodge aliens and he learnt how to catch Weevils. He was taught all about aliens and the different types, taught how to use their technology and which drugs is more affective on which species.

When it was planned for his family to visit he was sent to a prison and he acted a good image of a lonely desperate boy.

When his father died he was furious.

When he stood there in the funeral watching the imposter do her speech, hearing that she was stealing his father's ashes and tickets to go round the world he wanted to shoot her right then and there. He argued with her, made her cry and felt a disgusting satisfaction in it all.

On the 7th February, his training and prison sentence was over, smirking he entered Albert Square for the final time.

Made his mother buy him a prostitute.

Head-butted Sean Slater gave him a wonderful satisfied feeling.

Pinning his mother up against the wall, ripping her necklace and earrings off of her and hissing threats to her were deliciously evil.

He leaned in and whispered into her ear. "I know Carly is not human. I know my real sister is dead. I'm going to make sure the imposter is as well"

Shirley gasped horrified. " don't hurt her" she pleaded. "She's just a child, she doesn't deserve whatever you're planning, and she doesn't even know she's not human, not one of us, please..."

"Too late" Deano said coldly pushing his mother to the ground. "You were too late"

He walked out of Albert Square for the last time, sat down in the front seat of the shiny expensive car and laughed, cackled insanely.

"Let's find my darling sister and have proper family reunion" he said to the driver. "I'm dying to see her"


Jack frowned at the phone. Not just frowning but giving it the evilest, deadliest glare Alex Rose has ever seen on her godfather's face. If looks could kill the phone would be not only dead but turned into dust.

"What's biting you?" she asked calmly as she sat herself on his desk. "Is it another budget cut?"

"No, nothing as silly as that" Jack said still glaring at the phone. "UNIT called, someone had phoned them. Completely hysterical she was, claimed that you were in trouble, that someone was going to kill you and it's too late to safe you"

Alex Rose held Jack's hand as her eyes clouded over with a far away expression. She searched the future, rummaging through every link and path and twist she could find. She saw nothing, no danger to her, and no threat apart from herself.

"Must have been a prank, I see no danger" she said with a shrug. "Now excuse me, I only came in her to say goodnight, Ianto's taking me out for a dinner and show"

"Practise safe sex" Jack said in his best parent voice as Alex Rose dropped a kiss on his forehead. "I'm not ready to be a grand-godfather"

"Jack, you're already a grandfather what the difference with this is?" Alex Rose asked rolling her eyes.

"It's just is!"

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