For the strength of a pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf if the pack


Speaking to Time

Carly next went to India, where she had chosen to travel throughout the whole country by foot. Leaving the unnecessary belongings in a storage close by the airport as she carried a backpack. Throughout the months she travelled her skin had darkened to a deep brown, her blonde hair had gotten lighter and the souls of her feet had blackened due to the dirt. She had constantly walked barefooted which she had found an enlightening experience. She had ridden on the backs of elephants and she had stayed in small villages, thanking her lucky stars that she didn't get ill.

She entered one village where everyone welcomed her as if she was hero. She had never been there before and they were all clapping and cheering. They sat her down on a throne like chair and chanted prayers to her as an old woman with long thick grey hair stood before her, performing a ceremony.

She hoped to god that she wasn't about to be sacrificed.

"It is an honour" the woman said in her deep, husky voice. "To finally meet you honoured guest, we have been expecting you for a very long time"

"I think you got the wrong person" Carly said anxiously.

"Are you not the daughter of the storm and daughter of the wolf?" the woman asked frowning slightly. "I am certain you are I can feel the storm's current crackling through your veins and the wolf's aura is hidden deeply in your own"


Carly was lost for words, she had no idea what to say nor did she understand what the woman was telling her but she felt, deep inside of her, something telling her that this woman is right.

The woman nodded wisely. "I am Aditi, the wise woman of this village. My name means mother of gods, it was my destiny to foresee the future, make cures and speak with spirits. You my child are many things it is hard to put a name to you" she reached out and tucked several golden strands behind Carly's ear. "You are beautiful, you have gold hair, you have blue eyes, you are honest, knowledgeable, a goddess and yet is difficult to name you"

"Just call me Carly, everyone does"

"Not everyone" Aditi said mildly. "We shall call you Anchita, since you are our most honoured guest"

"Thank you" Carly said embarrassed.

"Now, we shall celebrate" Aditi said to the villagers. Everyone cheered and began to play music, shout, holler, bring out food, crown Carly with flowers and dance. Carly watched fascinated and laughed delightfully as they entertained her. "My child, I must ask something" Carly turned to face Aditi. "Do you not wonder why everyone speaks fantastic English?"

"I do...all the time, no matter where I go I can understand every word they are saying and they me" Carly said. "I asked where they learnt such good English and I've been told...that I am speaking their own language"

"And they are right Anchita; right now we are conversing in my native tongue"

"But I don't understand how"

"Because you are special"


Carly had spent three weeks in the village as Anchita, she had assisted Aditi with her work, helping to cure the sick, attempting to contact spirits and helping the elderly woman look into the future. She had spent her nights sleeping in the Aditi's spare bed that was made out of rough materials and was very close to the ground.

It was a peaceful evening when suddenly the ground shook; people screamed and shouted prayers to the gods as children cried. Carly fell to the floor, the clay pot filled with water that she had been carrying smashed to pieces. Suddenly the shaking stopped, when it did, more scream and prayers were shouted.

Carly slowly got up and the sight she had met shocked her. Her mouth dropped open as she stared up at the sky. The stars were gone. The moon was gone. There stood in twisted, dark swirling gas-like atmospheres 26 planets in the sky.

"Fucking hell" she muttered.

"Anchita! Anchita!" She turned to see Aditi looking horrified and saddened at the same time. "A child is lost; please find her before they come"


"The most evil creatures in the cosmos, save the child before they find her" Carly nodded without thinking, she had gotten used to Aditi's strange requests and warnings. "God bless you child, stay safe and return home"

"I will" Carly promised before running out of the village and starting her search for the child.

It did not take long; the child was found sobbing under some bushes that were practically bare. Carly crawled underneath and held her arms out to the child who crawled into them and cried into her shoulder. The children, Carly learned quickly, loved her already and trusted her with everything.

"It's all right sweetie, it's all right" Carly murmured stroking the girl's thick black hair.

That's when she saw them, the metal pepper pots that glided across the sandy ground. She let out a horrified gasp causing the child in her arms to stiffen. The creature glided past without so much of a glance towards them.

Her mind was beginning to burn.

"No...Please no...Not here" she whispered pleadingly.

The woman held onto her tightly, so tightly she could feel the woman's nails dig into her. "Daleks" she hissed. "It had to be daleks!"

"We need to get back home, Wilf's paint gun isn't going to protect us" she said to the woman, gently pulling away from her knowing it was her mother's need to protect her causing the clinging action.

The blonde woman nodded and waited till the dalek turned round the corner before she led everyone across the street.

"Halt! You will come with me!" a dalek barked out.

"Ah shit" another blonde muttered. "I knew I should have stayed and made a cup of tea"

"Will I heck!" the elderly man spat out. He aims his paint gun at the dalek and fires causing a yellow splodge of paint land on the dalek's eye stalk. But suddenly the paint boils away.

"My vision is not impaired" the dalek said.

"Told you it wasn't going to protect us" she said.

"But Rose said the eye was its weakest point" the elderly man protested.

"I warned you Dad!" a platinum blonde shouted.

"Hostility will not be tolerated. Ex-terminate! Ex-terminate! Ex-ter-"

Suddenly the whole top half of the dalek blows up, the five of them looked up in shock to see a black man in black clothing standing there with a large gun.

"Looks like I'm no longer the Tin Dog, hey Rose?" he said with a smirk.

The world had darkened again as Carly knew no more.


Her hand slammed down harshly onto the burning captain's seat as she tried to pull herself up onto her feet instead of succeeding however she tripped and whirled round so her back would break her fall.

She coughed as the smoke from the flames surrounding her and she brushed away the tears that were streaming down her cheek, she refused to die crying Damnit!

It's all right little wolf.

She blinked "TARDIS?" she whispered frowning at the console, it was slowly falling apart and she could barely make out the sparkling gold light beneath the metal.

Yes little wolf it is appears we're dying...this should not happen

"There is nothing else" she whispered. "I can't see anything else"

Because the journey after the Time War is ending, Romana's heir has gotten her biological inheritance and will be preparing to make her own journey soon. Captain Harkness has found his own path after those missing two years, Martha, Mickey, Jackie have their own paths to follow and your mother is tied to me forever.

"But the daleks....this...what's...." she couldn't get the words out; she wanted to ask is this how everything ends? The universes blown to bits by daleks and everyone barely surviving.

No little wolf, to end the journey you are going to follow some very old steps but there shall be consequences...

"What...ever..." she croaked whatever they are she will accept as long as it meant stopping the daleks and saving her family.

You shall lose your gift of the foresight.

Hallelujah, peace at last.

You will lose everything and start anew.

This was supposed to put her off?

You may never see your family again; you might die with the power overload.

Her eyes widened at the realisation, the TARDIS had called her little wolf and by the sounds of it has full intentions to make her truly her mother's daughter.

"I...accept" she whispered.

Like mother like daughter, she didn't care about the consequences either

She woke up in the makeshift bed with Aditi leaning over. "The world is back home again Anchita" she said pressing a cold cloth to Carly's head. "You have spoken to time as you slept"

"I have..." Carly croaked. "I don't remember, never do, I black out and whatever I dreamt-"

"Is forgotten while your mind burns and you pass out" Aditi finished. "Anchita, you see the brunette girl from time to time, she was your imaginary friend, ne?"


"You died today" Aditi said abruptly. "Not here, not with the little girl but somewhere else you died. And soon you are reawakening when that happens I would love to meet your real self"

"What does that mean? You are the second one to say that to me"

Aditi smiled a mysterious smile. "You shall find out soon Anchita"

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