Something's getting in the way
Something's just about to break
I will try to find my place in the diary of Jane
As I burn another page
As I look the other way
I still try to find my place
In the diary of Jane

The Diary of Jane Breaking Benjamin

Diary of River Song

"Ianto!" Jack shouted loudly banging on the door. "Ianto wake up and get this bloody door open before I knock it down!"

There was no reply. Before Alex Rose's disappearance Ianto had never been late to work, in fact apart from Jack he was always the first to arrive. Ianto always liked to do a bit of cleaning before there's a crowd; also it gives him time to prefect Tosh's coffee before she comes in on time on the dot. But after the Earth was stolen and Jack returned with only one twin (and the wrong one in Ianto's opinion) it usually took the whole Torchwood team to drag Ianto out of his flat as he moped (they also practically shoved him in the shower, helped him shave and force-fed him).

After a month Ianto switched back into his regular routine, arriving before everyone else and leaving Tosh the perfect made coffee on her desk just as she arrived. But Tosh had spent many nights finding Ianto in the archives crying and for the first time ever the Torchwood team saw Ianto drunk.

It's only been almost three months but Jack's patience couldn't take anymore moping and he was determined to not let Ianto take a relapse.

"Ianto, that's it say goodbye to your door!"

No reply.

Jack then stepped back, did a small quick run and bashed himself against the door with all his strength. The door fell down with a loud crash.

The flat was spotless as expected from Ianto Jones however Ianto was not in the living room or kitchen, worried that Ianto might be drowning in the bathtub Jack ran to the bathroom only to find it empty as well. The only remaining room was the bedroom and to Jack's surprise the room was a mess.

His goddaughter's clothes were all over the floor. He knew Alex Rose was messy but he never thought she was this messy. It was one of god's mysteries on how she and Ianto got along so well.

But there was no sign of Ianto.

Jack tapped his comm. "Toshiko, trace Ianto's bugging device I want to know where is and now!"

He could hear Tosh's rapid typing and waited impatiently for her answer. "Jack...I...I can't find him"


"He's not here, not in Cardiff, not in Britain, not on Earth, he's no where" Tosh said sounding upset.

"He must be! He couldn't have been sucked into the rift in his own flat" Jack shouted running a hand through his hair.

"Well someone might have disabled the tracker" Tosh suggested timidly.

"Who would want to though?"


The Doctor looked round the console room, no one but him was there and the silence was almost bliss. They had a rather frightening adventure where Rose had died protecting Jenny, Jenny who never knew Rose was immortal had uncharacteristically burst into tears and the Doctor never witnessing it felt a pain in his gut, as if someone punched him. When they got back to the TARDIS Rose went to wash out 'the stink of death' of her hair while Donna insisted on a chocolate pig-out for her and Jenny.

Leaving the Doctor alone in the console room.

Taking the opportunity the Doctor pulled out something from beneath the console. Something he had stolen not so long ago and didn't want people to know. For some reason he had ordered River Song to never let him see what was inside her journal, determined to find out why he had went back to the library and stolen it. However with everything that went on and the disturbing revelation that Donna was River Song and then losing his eldest daughter and trying to distract not only Rose but Jenny and Donna...

He opened the TARDIS like journal and flipped through the pages his dearest friend Romana had written as a human. It surprised him to find out that she survived and saddened him to find out she died a few short years ago. Both Rose and Donna had tried to cheer him up by telling him what a wonderful person she was, it had helped but only a little. When he found what he was looking for he dropped the journal.

He was mentioned on the third page as a stranger.

Rose was mentioned on the first page as a forgotten associate.

Jack was mentioned on the second page as a handsome flirt that made her heart flutter and she hoped to get to know him better soon.

JJ, Jenny...and Alex Rose were mentioned.

Ianto Jones, Gwen Cooper, Mickey Smith, Toshiko Sato and Owen Harper were also mentioned.

But all as strangers. Donna's family wasn't even put in a footnote. Somehow, somewhere Donna forgot being Donna and everyone in her life became strangers as she became River Song. Unable to read anymore the Doctor shut the journal with a snap and hid it quickly as he heard footsteps.

At the same time he could hear Rose's phone ring and Rose's voice as she answered it.

"Hello? Oh hi Jack, what's up? Oh? Yeah, sure he's in the console room I'll put you on speaker"

Rose then shuffled in, her hair still damp from her shower and wearing PJs and slippers as she held the phone up.

"Hello Jack" the Doctor said in a fake cheerful tone. "What can I do for you?"

"Doc, it's one of my teammates, he's gone missing and our trackers can't trace him. I need your help to find him" Jack said desperately.

The Doctor frowned. "Sorry, no can do" he said rather coldly.

"Doctor!" Rose cried out.

"Please Doc, I'm begging you. This is Ianto we're talking about, Ianto Jones your daughter's boyfriend"

The Doctor sighed. "Jack, Ianto could be anywhere. He must have been pulled through the rift. I can't search for one tiny person in the whole time and space. I'm brilliant but I'm not god"

"I can't just....give up"

"Keep searching" the Doctor suggested brightly. "You never know he might turn up in a few weeks completely fine but a bit lost"

"Yeah..." Jack said disbelieving. " to go then, JJ sends his love"

"Send mine back to him and look after him" Rose said instantly.

"Will do, bye Rosie Pose"

He then hung up without saying goodbye to the Doctor. The Doctor cringed knowing that Jack was going to sulk and curse him for not helping. Rose was now also glaring.

"How could you?" she fumed as she shoved her phone into her PJ bottom pocket. "Ianto is a complete sweetheart, he was part of the family a-"

"Correction he was part of your family" the Doctor interrupted as he ran his hand through his hair. "Rassilion Rose, I would love to help find Ianto, I really would but I can't...sometimes I can't help"

"I know...I guess I was being a bit to hard" Rose said looking down at her slippers ashamed. "It's just...i lost my daughter, she became this empty shell who stared at me as if I was part of the wall. Ianto was someone dear to her and now he's long will it be before my son goes missing as well?"

The Doctor reached out and pulled Rose in a rib-crushing hug. "Never, you will never lose him" he whispered fiercely. "I won't let it happen, Jack won't either and I believe Mickey swore to you he'll keep JJ safe as well"

Rose wrapped her arms round the Doctor and turned her head slightly so her lips touched his neck. "Thank you" she whispered.


Mickey turned to face Alex Rose and Deano. Both were asleep, Deano out of exhaustion and jet lag and Alex Rose due to the drugs. Alex Rose was resting her head against his shoulder, subconsciously leaning away as far as possible from Deano.

Mickey bent down and kissed her forehead.

"I'm going to save you from these bastards" he whispered. "I'll take you and Ianto back to Cardiff and then fulfil my promise by protecting both you and JJ"

Mickey looked up at the airplane ceiling.

"I promise you Rose, your children will be safe with me"

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