Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence

Jeff Zinnert


Ianto woke up with a familiar and old face leaning over him. A man in his forties with a ginger beard and balding head, sparkling blue eyes that no longer held the cheerful twinkle but instead held a dark fearful look.

"Geoff?" Ianto mumbled. "What...i thought you were dead"

"No I managed to hide from the cybermen, got out alive and went back to my wife Maggie, remember her?" Ianto barely remembered the petite brunette with wild curly hair at a Sunday dinner Lisa had dragged him too. "We moved to Manchester but...well these bastards found me and dragged me back"

Ianto struggled to sit up; when he did he looked round to see people move groggily around the room. Tall, lanky Dave a science assistant, finally managed to get out of his acne stage, glamorous blonde Kelley from the secretary pool, middle aged, mousy Jane from resources were the ones Ianto recognised. Geoff was a medical doctor, looked into alien anatomy, he was one of the few who hated Torchwood's biased attitude towards aliens, so was Dave actually, Kelley couldn't care less as long she got paid and Jane was to shy to ever voice her opinions. There were a few others he couldn't remember which didn't surprise him since Torchwood One used to be so large and the few he knew were only due to constant contact.

Ianto's eyes narrowed as he noticed each and everything single person in the room was wearing a black collar round their neck. He reached up and felt round his and closed his eyes as he could feel the cool, cold metal round his neck.

"Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen" a cold voice said from the doorway; Ianto opened his eyes to see a handsome middle aged man who had an aura of a slimy git around him. "As you can see you have been conscripted back into the service of Torchwood One"

A lot of swearing and shouting ensured but the man held his hand up where a small remote was held and pressed down on a button.

Ianto felt a hot painful sensation shot up all over his body as he fell to his knees and bit his tongue to stop a scream from coming out. The others around him didn't hold back their screams.

"As you can see you have all been fitted with electrocuting collars, if you behave you won't get punished. If you show your loyalty to us we'll take it off. That is all you may begin your duties now"

The man left the room without a word and immediately a group of people who all had the air of higher power swarmed in and began to give them their orders.

Ianto prayed to every higher deity up there that his Torchwood, his friends and family will find him soon and save him from this hell.


Carly woke up in a cell.

It was clean, white and plastic with no bed, no sink, and no toilet. Just floor and three plastic walls. It reminded her of a museum case for artefacts to sit in and be gawked at.

Right now she was being stared at by her own brother and a smirking man.

"Good morning to you Miss Tyler, we were wondering if young Dean over here had overdone it with the sedatives" the man said smirking. "I'm here to personally welcome you to Torchwood"

"What?" Carly blinked. "Never heard of it"

The man clucked his tongue. "Tsk, tsk Miss Tyler, liars are never nice people. You have been here plenty of times, once worked as a spy for Harkness"


"Can you see how she's still trying to act innocent Dean?" the man said turning to her brother. "Aliens are nothing but cruel, lying, backstabbing traitors. If they're not invading us to make us slaves then they're trying to destroy us mentally"

"I'm not an alien!" Carly burst out furiously. "I'm human as anyone else! I'm Carly Wicks born to Shirley Carter, raised by Kevin Wicks, tell him Dean!"

"See she's still lying" the man said putting a hand on Deano's shoulder who was still staring at Carly as if she was a stranger. "Lets leave her be, I'm sure our doctors will want to check out how her physiology and compare to her file"

The pair began to walk off, Carly banged on the plastic window. "DEAN! PLEASE! IT'S ME, CARLY! I'M YOUR SISTER! HELP ME! PLEASE DEAN! DEAN!"

She sank to the floor crying as Deano left the room as if he never heard her beg.


Ianto's hands tightened on the tray he was holding. His orders were to take the food down to the cells where the prisoner was. They already had an alien prisoner, it was disgusting. Yes sure Torchwood Three had a weevil locked in their cells for the occasional experimentation but Janet was well cared for and had actually come back to them when they let her free. He walked down the corridors passed the guards and into the cell room to his surprise what was occupying the cell was not the usual obvious alien but the most humanoid one.

She had blonde hair that fell to her shoulders, tanned skin that suggested she had been somewhere nice and hot recently and was curled up with her head buried in her arms. He lightly tapped the window to get her attention, when she looked up he was caught up in her dark soulful yet haunting eyes.

His heart began to beat quickly. He opened his mouth to say something only to breathe fast and deeply from his mouth unable to say something to this girl. He felt as if he knew her from somewhere, a dream perhaps, he looked at her and instantly knew he loved her more than anything.

He tightened his grip even more on the tray, no! He reminded himself, you instantly fell for Alex Rose after losing Lisa and look how well that turned out. You can't fall another girl just like that especially when Alex Rose is still out there somewhere.

Carly blushed. She had many flings in her lifetime but never had she felt so...excited at seeing someone. He was a beautiful man, puppy dog like eyes, brown hair that seemed to naturally stand on end and a smart suit. Her heart was beating so rapidly that she was sure any minute she'll die of a heart attack.

For some reason she knew instantly that she was in love with this man.

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