The consequences of our actions are so complicated, so diverse, that predicting the future is a very difficult business indeed

Albus Dumbledore Prisoner of Azkaban

Donna's Decision

Mickey chuckled as the Doctor gave his daughter a disapproving look. "What about Rose and Jack? Would they be compatible?" Mickey asked before the Doctor could reprimand his daughter.

"No, they're human. Sure they have time radiation but it's not enough" the Doctor said running a hand through his hair. "I don't know what to do"

"Well you two idiots just forgot one thing" Donna said flipping her long brown curly hair. "I'm a Time Lady now; I can donate the memory storage"

The Doctor and Mickey stared at Donna blankly while Jenny gazed at the older woman with admiration.

"What?" the Doctor said disbelievingly.

Donna rolled her eyes. "Oh don't start that what nonsense again" she said poking the Doctor's chest with her finger. "I said I'll donate my memory storage, this girl that's probably lying in her death bed-"

"Well I wouldn't go that far" the Doctor mumbled. "Spend her second life in an asylum maybe but not death"

Donna glared at him and the Doctor automatically took a step back while gulping loudly. "As I said probably lying in her death bed and I'm not going to let her die. I raised that girl up, I change her nappies, taught her the alphabet, held her, rocked her to sleep, disciplined her, taught her to type! She's practically my own daughter in everything but name and blood!"

"I know you love her Donna and I can't thank you enough for looking after her" the Doctor said hurriedly. "But I don't want you to just throw your memories away. We're talking about your childhood, your family, your love life!"

"Well my love life won't be that much of a loss" Donna mumbled. "Look Doctor, I know you have your dumb moments but please think about it...River Song told me that you told her everything about me...why would you do that if she is me? It's...well obvious I was going to lose my memory and I want to do it willingly for someone I love"

The Doctor sighed. "Oh Donna" he whispered brokenly. "Why do you do this? First you die for me, now this and soon you'll die for me again...why? I'm not worth it"

Donna smacked the Doctor's head from behind. "Wake up and smell the coffee you stupid prat!" she shouted. "You're my best friend! The whiny brother I never had, I love you. People will do anything for someone they love, look at Rose, look at Jack, look at his team and Mickey and our wonderful twins! Bloody hell look at Jackie Tyler! Now go in there gather everyone up and lets go!"


The Doctor walked into the med-bay to find Jack leaning against the wall watching Rose who was sitting up against the wall, her legs spread round a sleeping, very small and very blonde Alex Rose while JJ rested his head on her thigh, his hand entwined with his twin's. Rose looked beautiful as a mother a sight he had never seen before, something he missed out due to stubbornness. It was a loving scene to watch as Rose stroked her twins' hair with perfect practise. A mother and child bond is strong, even human's have that low telepathy between mother and child, mother's instinct. The only thing stronger than that was the bond between twins.

He couldn't keep this bond broken which it will be if Alex Rose doesn't have her memory storage fixed.

He took a deep breath and silently accepted Donna's offer. "Jack pick Alex Rose up and take her to the TARDIS. We're going to the fifty-first century. A good hospital that specialises in the brain, no matter what species" he ordered.

Jack nodded and walked over the bed, scooping Alex Rose up into his arms. JJ rubbed his eyes and yawned before he stood up and helped his mother out of the bed. The four of them headed up to main Hub where Martha, Gwen and Ianto were watching the CCTV with amusement and Mickey, Jenny and Donna waited by the door.

"Mickey I want you to stay here with Torchwood, Rose has your number and could phone if there's any complications" the Doctor said, Mickey nodded and moved over to join the team. "You lot go ahead and get Alex Rose into a bed, I need a word with Mr Jones"

"Don't kill him, I need my Tea-Boy" Jack said warningly before leading the others out of the Hub.

"Ianto Jones, over here please" the Doctor shouted waving a hand for the young man in a suit to walk over. Ianto nervously did. "Now Ianto, I think you'll be happy to know that Alex Rose will be undergoing a complicated surgery that'll fix her memory in no time" Ianto sighed in relief and smiled. "However when I bring her back to you, I want to make it clear that I'm not like any other fathers. Break my daughter's heart and I won't break your neck, I'll go back in time and make sure you were never born"

Ianto's lips twitched in amusement. "Ah but sir" he said politely. "Wouldn't that cause the reapers to come?"

The Doctor frowned. "Alex Rose taught you to say that didn't she?"

"Yes sir"

"Smart man, I see why she chose you" the Doctor murmured. "Well goodbye, see you sometime in the future, no guarantees when though since sometimes the TARDIS gets the dates a little wrong"

"Goodbye sir" Ianto said watching the Doctor leave. He then turned round to face the others. "What have I missed?"

"Owen's chased Tosh into the cells" Martha said grinning evilly. "Shame we have no idea what he's saying, it would be nice to hear Owen Harper begging to Tosh"


"Tosh! Come on Tosh, please stop running away, we need to talk!" Owen shouted as he ran down the dank, cold and rather slimy if he must say corridor lined with cells. "Toshiko!"

"NO!" Tosh screamed. "I don't know what illusion you are! What shape-shifter or hologram or something! But please stop tormenting me! Owen is dead!"

"I'm not dead! I never died, same moment the radiation spilt in the room and the rift pulled me though! I've been living on this strange planet for months before Alex Rose came and then we landed on this parallel world where we're married with two kids and bloody Pete Tyler wouldn't let us go so we had to steal the dimension cannon and that's when we got here"

"Alex Rose said you died!" Tosh spat.

"Yeah well Alex has never been one hundred percent right" Owen muttered. "I like that kid and all but she can't half be a smarmy brat sometimes one who never makes mistakes in her mind"

Tosh stared up at him in horror, realisation, happiness and something Owen was rather sure was love. Though he couldn't be certain, no one has ever really stared at him like that before. "It's really you" she whispered reaching out to touch him. "You're alive" she suddenly flung herself into his arms and buried her head into his shoulder as she began to cry.

Owen awkwardly patted her back. "There, there, no need to cry I know it's disappointing that I didn't die but-"

Tosh pulled back and whacked his shoulder. "Don't be horrible!" she snapped tears still running down her face. Owen smiled before wiping her tears away with his hands.

"Don't cry, I hate it when you cry"

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