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Waking Up to Laughter

The Doctor explained everything as they entered the hospital. Quite a lot of nurses and patients almost had heart attacks as Rose and Jack immediately started shouting and protesting against Donna giving up her memory. The Doctor hastily went to get Donna and Alex Rose admitted while Donna calmed the two down. Within two hours Donna was comfortably sitting up in a bed wearing what she thought was hideous white nightie. Jenny was sitting down by her side while Rose tried to break the silence and Jack sulked in the corner.

"Where are JJ and the Doctor?" Donna asked.

"JJ is with Alex Rose right now and the Doctor is talking to surgeon, trying to worm in your surgery I should think" Rose said smiling weakly.

"Why don't you take Jenny to the cafe and get a drink" Donna suggested. "It's going to be a long night"

Catching the glance Donna shot at Jack, Rose knew that Donna wanted to talk to him alone. So she stood up and nodded before beckoning Jenny to follow her. The moment the door shut behind Rose, Donna turned to Jack.

"This is my choice" she said firmly. "Alex Rose is practically my own daughter, I'm not just going to stand around an-"

"I know all that" Jack said loudly not looking at her. "I'll be a fool if I thought I could convince you otherwise. But are you really sure? When you wake up, you'll hate the fact you have no idea who you are, what happened, when, where and so on"

"I won't know any difference" Donna said quietly. "It's my whole life I'll forget not just two years"

Jack stood up straight and walked over to her, he sat on the bed and tucked a wild curl behind her hair and stared at her face, examining each feature with such intensity...

He grinned. "I'm pretty sure I remember this face from when I was a young man, one of the best shags I ever had"

Donna rolled her eyes and flicked his forehead. "Git" she muttered.

"You love me for it thought" Jack said winking, Donna smiled at him sadly and he pulled her in for a long kiss goodbye.

"Excuse me sir" a female voice said at the door, the pair pulled apart to see a young nurse standing there. "We have to sedate Ms Song now"

Jack nodded and got off the bed, holding Donna's hand as the nurse injected the sedative. The last thing Donna Noble saw before it all went black and she 'died' was Jack Harkness mouthing three precious words to her.


Rose stepped out to see Jack and the Doctor waiting impatiently. She had just talked to the new Donna, Professor River Song and given her, her paperwork and empty diary. Both men were leaning against the wall tapping their feet.

"Well?" they both asked in unison.

Rose shook her head. "Just like you thought, she has no memory of being Donna Noble. She's now River Song through and through"

"So what now? Do we leave her here, take her with us, what?" Jack asked looking rather scared in Rose's opinion.

"Well according to the copy of River's diary I read" the Doctor said causing Rose and Jack to glare at him, both considering at invasion of privacy. The Doctor ignored the glares and continued on. "Me and you go in about now, introduce ourselves as best friend and...Well whatever you are Jack and afterwards take her into the TARDIS"

"And then?" Rose pressed on.

"She runs away in fear when she's realises she's stuck with us" the Doctor said sarcastically. "Oh come on, you know I can't tell you everything. She leaves eventually; she meets up with various versions of us, blah, blah, blah. Now excuse me I got a cranky archaeologist to meet"

Rose rolled her eyes as the Doctor and Jack went into the hospital room, she waited for a few moments and heard a loud cracking sound that sounded like a slap. Rose threw her head back and laughed.

"Definitely hasn't changed then" she muttered amused.


Alex Rose let out a small groan, the sun was hitting her eyes and she could see the orange glow beneath her eyelids. She rolled over and buried her head in a very stale smelling pillow. She sat up immediately knowing this wasn't her bed, not the one in her mother's house or the one in hers and Ianto's flat. A chuckle was heard behind her and she turned to see her twin brother and little sister leaning against the wall grinning.

"What happened?" she asked running a hand through her hair and to horror to find it was long and blonde. "Did I just regenerate?"

"You don't remember?" Jenny asked curiously. "I thought you would"

Alex Rose scrunched her face up as she struggled to remember something. She saw flashes of people and places. "I remember bits, I think I was in Japan for a while" she said before flopping back on the bed. "Nada, nothing. So what happened? Where are the daleks and their ugly leader?"

"Turned to dust, literally" JJ said climbing in the bed and shoving Alex Rose over so there was room for him to lay on it. "It's a good thing you don't remember, Dad expected you wouldn't after all Mum didn't when she looked in the Heart of the TARDIS"

"You're kidding me?"

"I kid you not" JJ said wrapping an arm round her shoulders. "Don't ever do that to me again Alex, I just spent months in a very bleak and dull life because you weren't there"

Jenny also climbed on the bed; she took of her locket and passed it to Alex Rose. "You're back now and it was yours to begin with"

Alex Rose shook her head. "Keep it, I've already went through one of my greatest fears and survived..." she trailed off and looked at the blank wall. "Deano" she said softly. "I remember now, I was someone else for years and now I'm back to being me. Poor Deano must be all alone"

JJ's arm tightened round his twin. "He betrayed you, Mickey told me, that bastard picked his path, leave him be you never know he might find someone to bring him back from the destruction and pain"

"I hope so, I love him as much as I love you and Jenny" Alex Rose whispered.

"So, Dad said Carly would affect your personality so do you feel any different?" Jenny asked curiously.

"Well I have an urge to fix a car, I prefer black coffee more than tea and I like bacon sandwiches more than chips as well" Alex Rose said thoughtfully. "Also I don't like fruit much so bananas are out"

JJ gasped. "Scandalous, Dad's going to die of a heart attack when he hears that"

The three siblings burst out in hysterical laughter, they were still laughing when the Doctor, Rose and Jack entered the room.

"What's so funny?" the Doctor asked. The siblings paused to look at him only to start laughing even more. "They always laugh at me!" the Doctor said pouting causing Jack and Rose to laugh as well.

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