Chapter Four

"Ah, now this is more like it. Hiking through the woods on a nice, sunny day with three cute girls, what more can a 904 year old man ask for?"

He paused when he noticed a little brown lizard crawling up a tree.

"That is a Zenox," He said to his companions. "It has a very interesting defense mechanism. Watch."

He touched its back and the Zenox vanished.

"It can turn invisible. Neat, huh?" he said.

"And then it scurries up the tree?" Martha asked.

"Nope, it stays in the same place until the predator passes." He said. "Here, watch."

He held his hand up against the tree and slid his finger down the bark. He cupped his hands and walked over to his companions.

"Put your finger through the gap in my hands. You can still feel it." He said to them.

"Does it bite?" Donna asked.

"No, don't you think it would have done that by now?"

Donna shrugged. She put her finger in the gap and felt the slimy, invisible body. The other two did the same thing and then the Doctor put the lizard back on the ground beside the tree.

"Fascinating creatures," he said smiling at them. "Anyway, just wanted to show you that."

They moved on down the path. As they walked, the Doctor pointed out other animals and plants that he thought might be of interest. After awhile, the path began to slope upwards and they found themselves having to walk through the underbrush and around massive tree roots.

"Hang on, I gotta rest a moment, this path is getting harder to walk on." Donna said.

The three women stopped and stood by each other. They grabbed their rucksacks and pulled out some bottled water.

"Actually, if you look in there, I did pack a staff along with everything else." The Doctor said.

The three women looked at him and then looked inside their rucksacks.

"Where? All I see is a little black wooden stick." Martha said.

"That's it."

Martha pulled it out of the rucksack.

"This?" she said.

The Doctor nodded.

Martha stared at it.

"This is a staff? What is this, another bigger on the inside thing?" she said to him.

"Kinda. Press the little button near the top."

She pressed the small button and gasped when the stick elongated at both ends forming a six-foot staff.

"Very nice," Martha said setting the end on the ground.

Rose and Donna followed suit and the three of them tamped the ground with their staffs.

"Thanks, this will do quite nicely." Donna said.

"You're welcome," the Doctor said. "And actually, if I might borrow Rose's staff for a moment, I will demonstrate its other use. You see, you were so worried about the warring tribes that I also put this in your rucksacks as a means of defense. So, not only can you use this on hilly terrain you can also hit someone on the head with it, like so…"

He tapped Rose lightly on the top of the head while he said, "Bink!" He grinned at them.

"See, anyone can do it." He said.

He paused.

"Course I would advise you to do more than go bink on their heads. Probably more like PLONK or KA-POW or KA-ZAM, something like that. I'm pretty sure if you just go bink, the only thing you'll do is piss em off and then the last thing you'll see before you die is your heart beating in front of your face. So, remember, go PLONK, not bink."

Martha and Donna gave him an odd look. As they resumed walking, they looked at Rose.

"Can I ask you something, Rose?" Donna said to her.


"Was he always like this?" she said gesturing to the Doctor. "I mean, when you met him in his last life, did he act this odd?"

"No, actually he was more moody. He didn't really lighten up until he regenerated."

"So, you went from a man who was really depressed to one who was really hyper," Martha said. "That must have been a shock."

"Um, to be honest, the regeneration thing was more of a shock to me because he never told me he did that," Rose said. "By the time it happened, he was more lighthearted than he had been when I met him so it didn't take long to get used to his new self."

"You were responsible for me lightening up like that, you do know that, don't you?" the Doctor said glancing back at her. "You brought a lot of light into the darkness that came after the Time War and the destruction of my planet, so when I regenerated, I went from being the moody old codger to the lighthearted clown you see before you."

"Um, you aren't always that lighthearted," Martha said. "I can think of a few times you were anything but."

"Yeah, me too, and that's what scared me away the first time he asked me to go with him."

The Doctor stopped and turned to look at her.

"To this day, I have no idea why I scared you that badly. I am not a scary person. I am a kind, cuddly, jovial mirth maker who goes around the universe bringing sunshine and light to everyone he meets."

He snickered while Donna and Martha gave him a long, hard stare.

"What about the whole Oncoming Storm name then?" Rose asked him.

"First off, I did not name myself that, the Daleks did. Secondly, the Daleks are wussy pussy wankers; it takes no effort to intimidate them. All you have to do is scream at the top of your lungs and wave your arms around while you chase them. Cowards glide for the hills every time."

"Then how come you needed the Bad Wolf's help to defeat the emperor?" Rose asked sweetly. "How come you didn't just scream at him and wave your arms around and have done with it?"

"I did, you just didn't see it because the Bad Wolf was possessing you. I just about had the purple bugger begging for mercy when you showed up and ruined it all with your disintegration nonsense."

He tickled her under the chin when Rose rolled her eyes. He resumed walking and the others followed him. As the hill got steeper, the three women began to rely on their staffs more. But, the Doctor walked on with no trouble at all.

"You don't need a staff?" Martha finally asked.

The Doctor looked back at her.

"Nah, been climbing on hills and mountains all my life. Growing up, our house was in the mountains of South Gallifrey so that's why I don't need a staff to get around." He said.

Just then, his foot caught on a large root and he stumbled. He quickly righted himself as the three girls giggled.

"I wasn't paying attention because I was looking back over my shoulder talking to Donna," He said quickly. "That's why I did that."

The three girls gave each other a pointed look as the Doctor turned his head back around and pretended nothing had happened.

About a half hour later, they finally reached the base of the waterfall. The Doctor took Rose's hand and all of them walked over until they were in front of it. They stopped and stared silently, admiring its beauty. The Doctor let go of Rose's hand and put his arm around her shoulder.

"It's so pretty." Rose murmured.

He smiled at her.

"It is, but some things are prettier." He said.

Rose looked up at him and kissed him. Donna and Martha looked over at them and looked at each other when the two of them began to snog.

"I think we should move downstream a bit." Donna said.

"Yeah, I bet there are some really interesting things further downstream, like rocks or leaves." Martha replied.

They went around the couple and quickly walked downstream. They stopped several feet away and watched as the Doctor started to feel underneath Rose's shirt while he snogged her.

"Okay, further down." Martha said pointing frantically ahead of them.

The two of them walked until the trees completely obscured the snogging couple. Then, they stopped and looked around. They were now in the middle of the woods and the only sound they could hear was the distant roaring of the waterfall and the chattering of animals in the branches. Both women breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank God, I hate when they start doing that in front of us." Martha said.

"Me too, It's disturbing enough thinking of her snogging an alien without watching it happen right in front of me." Donna replied.

Martha shrugged.

"At least the guy doesn't look like E.T.," she said.

Donna made a face.

"Oi, will you not say that? I don't want an image of Rose making out with E.T. in my head for the rest of my life." She said.

She looked around.

"Should we go any further?" she asked Martha.

Martha looked behind her.

"I don't think it'll hurt if we go a bit further. I'm sure the two of them will be going at it for about a half hour or so."

"Yeah, but I don't wanna end up getting lost out here."

Martha thought. She pointed ahead of her with the tip of her staff.

"Let's just go straight for a little bit and see if we can find anything. After that, we'll just turn around and come back; they're standing right beside the falls so all we have to do is follow the sound of the water if we get confused." She said.

Donna considered that. She looked back for a moment and then nodded.

"Yeah, you're right, we won't go far," she said. "We've got our rucksacks and staffs so we'll be prepared if anything happens."

The two of them slowly moved off through the trees.

The Doctor had never been to Heaven, but he was pretty sure this was what it must be like. The feel of Rose's body against his and the warmth of her lips coupled with the feel of the mist on his face and the roar of the falls in his ears put him in ecstasy. His hands roamed underneath her shirt touching every inch of her smooth, delicate skin. He felt Rose's hands in his hair and he moaned into her mouth. If Donna and Martha weren't around, he would take her right then and---

His eyes widened when he suddenly remembered Donna and Martha were nearby. He quickly pulled away from Rose who let out a disappointed moan. He blushed and looked around sheepishly as she smoothed down her t-shirt and pushed her hair away from her face.

"Um…sorry, guys, Rose and I just got carried away and…"

He looked around when he noticed Martha and Donna were nowhere in sight.

"Donna, Martha?" he said frantically spinning around.

Rose jerked her head around and scanned the surroundings with him.


"Save your breath, Rose, I'm sure the waterfall is drowning us out." The Doctor said.

He sighed.

"Which means we have to go find them now."

He looked around for a moment and then pointed downstream.

"I'm willing to bet they followed the stream. Come on, Rose, let's go find them before something happens."

He took Rose's hand and they walked off into the woods.

"Watch it, Donna, there's a huge root here." Martha said pointing to it with her staff.

"Thanks." She replied stepping over it.

Martha nodded. They made their way through the woods looking around at the scenery. Occasionally they would stop and look at an animal or admire an odd or beautiful plant, but then they would move on.

"Don't you think we should turn back now?" Donna asked, looking behind her.

"Um, another five minutes, then we'll go back." Martha said. "I just wanna make sure the two of them are completely done."

They used their staffs to move some of the underbrush and animals out of their way and continued on. They chatted quietly enjoying the peaceful surroundings. They were so busy talking to one another that they didn't realize they were walking by some people until they heard the startled yells. They spun around and saw a group of women squatting by a berry bush staring up at them with fear and confusion.

"Um, sorry, didn't mean to scare ya!" Martha said sheepishly. "My friend and I were just talking and---"

She was cut short when the women began trilling loudly. Martha and Donna looked at each other.

"Okay, I have a feeling that isn't a good sign." Martha said.

"Me neither."

The two women darted back through the trees, running back towards the waterfall as fast as they could. Both of them tripped and stumbled through the underbrush, trying to stay upright. Suddenly, Donna let out a startled yell. Martha jerked her head around and noticed a long thorn sticking out of the side of her neck.

"What the bloody hell was…"

Donna trailed off. Her eyes closed and Martha yelled as she passed out.

"Donna!" she screamed.

She gasped when something hit her neck. She had just enough time to pull the thorn out before she lost consciousness.

The Doctor stopped short.

"Did you hear that?" he asked Rose.

"Yeah, I heard Martha yell for Donna."

They looked at one another and then sprinted through the woods frantically trying to locate their friends.

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