Chapter Twenty

Baor stood with the Doctor and his companions on the outskirts of the village. They were being given Sintoks to ride back to their TARDIS and two warriors on Sintoks were accompanying them for protection. The warriors held the reins of the riderless Sintoks while they waited at the edge of the woods.

"Thank you, my friends," Baor said to the Doctor, Rose, Martha and Donna. "You have a made a great difference here. I only hope there will be peace between our two tribes."

"There will if everyone wants it," the Doctor said. "But I think the Wacona won't bother you anymore. Not after what happened here."

"Yes, the ancestors and their wisdom are respected among both our tribes. If they are displeased the Wacona will not defy them and neither will my people. And as for you," he added, walking over to Rose. "You may not be Shizara but you are certainly blessed and protected by the gods. This Bad Wolf will be honored here along with our own gods. Thank you for allowing her to speak through you."

"Thank you for letting me help," Rose said. "I'm glad there wasn't a war in the end."

"As we grieve for the loss of Gelik," Baor said as the Doctor got a pained look on his face. "He will also be honored for trying to bring peace to his people and ours."

"I'm glad, he was a wonderful friend," the Doctor said. "And in the end, he helped make the dream of peace come true."

Baor said his goodbyes and wished them luck and many blessings before the Doctor and his companions walked over to their Sintok and got on them. The warriors handed them the reins and got back on their own beasts. The Doctor, Donna, Rose and Martha waved goodbye as they followed the warriors into the forest.


"I've never been so glad to see this thing," Donna said after the warriors departed with the Sintok and left them alone with the TARDIS.

"It's not a thing, it's a TARDIS," the Doctor said indignantly.

"Whatever, I'm just glad to see it," Donna said, stepping aside so the Doctor could open the door.

They went inside and the Doctor closed the door behind them.

"So, you remember anything when you wolfed out?" Martha said to Rose while they walked towards the console.

"No. I blacked out and I remember coming to and seeing the dead people around me. I thought it was the Gelth all over again. Then I heard the Bad Wolf in my mind calling to me and I felt myself walking towards her and I saw a light and blacked out again. That's all I know."

"You looked quite impressive as a wolf," Donna said. "Too bad you didn't change the Doctor as well. Then we could have seen him wolf out."

"I don't wanna wolf out," the Doctor said as he checked his monitor.

"Aw, come on, we could have put a lead on ya and taken ya for walkies and given ya a bath," Martha said.

The Doctor rolled his eyes while the women giggled and patted and scratched his head.

"Anyway, where do we go next?" the Doctor said to them.

"The Westminster Dog Show so we can enter you and win a ribbon," Rose said.

The Doctor gave them a withering look when they laughed and flipped them the vees.

"Well, I'm not a dog so where to next?" he said to them.

"How about the planet of the dogs?" Martha suggested.

"Or Sirius, isn't that the dog star?" Donna said.

"Or we can put you in a kennel and have adventures of our own," Rose said.

"Right, I'm going to pick a destination for us while you get all the wolf/dog jokes out of your system," the Doctor said while the women bent over laughing.


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