Chapter Three

The three of them hung around the grandstand, sipping cider and chatting after being registered for the walk. Bart was explaining to Rose that he had met the Doctor in his fifth life when he, Tegan and Turlough had saved him from a crazed alien murderer that had been terrorizing the city. Since then, the Doctor had made several visits to check on him and he had seen him again in his seventh and eighth bodies before seeing him now. He also explained that his parents were free spirits and had left Chicago before he was born in search of adventure. They decided to leave Earth and came to London. They loved London and settled down for the most part in New Cardiff to make a life and have a family.

"They still travel from time to time," Bart said to Rose. "But not as often as they used to since I'm around. But when I go off to college, they'll probably start their nomadic ways up again."

They finished their cider and thew away their cups in a trash bin when they heard an announcement over a loudspeaker that it was time to begin the walk. The Doctor and Rose followed Bart to the street on the other side of the park. There were masses of people gathering for it and the Doctor and Rose found themselves in the middle of the throng after more people fell in behind them.

"Hello everyone and welcome to New Cardiff's Tenth Annual Zombie Walk," a male voice said through several loudspeakers mounted in the trees. "Just a few words before we begin…we want this walk to continue every year so no vandalism, crime, harassment of the other participants or observers and let's all try to be polite and respectful, eh? The walk starts here and will run for about a mile in a large square and we end up back on the far side of the park. So…without further ado, let the zombie apocalypse begin!"

The crowd began to move slowly out of the park and onto the street so the Doctor, Rose and Bart waited until the crowd had broken up enough to move forward. The Doctor held Rose's hand while he looked around at the different zombie faces. While Rose waited, she suddenly felt someone pinch her butt and her eyes bulged. She whipped her head around and noticed a young man behind her was grinning and winking at her.

"Watch it, mate," Rose growled at him.

The Doctor, hearing her, turned his head around and the man quickly looked away when the Doctor gave him a look of warning. Rose and the Doctor turned their heads back around just in time for the crowd to thin out enough that they could move forward. The people around them were doing their best to amble like zombies, moaning and groaning and waving around fake axes and knives. As they left the park, Rose could see people standing on the pavement on either side of the street, watching and cheering them on. Some of the participants were pretending to menace the crowd while the crowd screamed and pretended to be scared. Rose grinned, let go of the Doctor's hand and joined in with the others, scaring the bystanders as best she could while the Doctor laughed.
Bart helped her out and the two of them menaced a little girl standing by the side of the road while the girl giggled at them.

"Brains, braaaaains!" Rose moaned at the girl while her parents chuckled.

They waved at the little girl before moving away. The Doctor had slowed his pace and he was glancing over his shoulder as they walked towards him. The Doctor looked over when someone tapped him on the shoulder and he saw two young women walking beside him.

"Oh my God," one of them said. "Your makeup is brilliant!"

"Thank you, so is yours," the Doctor replied, nodding his head at them.

"My name is Serena," the woman said to him. "This is Candice."

"The Doctor," he replied. "My friends, Rose and Bart," he said, pointing behind him when Rose and Bart caught up to him.

Serena reintroduced herself and Candice and they walked with the Doctor, Rose and Bart. Both of them were teenagers and both of them had light grey makeup on with blackened eyes, ripped dresses and mussed up hair. The five of them growled and moaned at the crowd and yelled, "BRAAAAINS!" before giggling and waving at the bystanders.

"Wanna come with us after this is over?" Bart asked Serena and Candice. "Go get something to eat?"

The teens nodded. When they weren't meanacing the crowd, they were chatting with their new friends. The girls lived in the city and they were both seventeen and on their last year at high school. They had participated in every zombie walk since it started and they joked that they would still be doing it when they were old and grey. Both of them had Cockney accents which was a sharp contrast to Bart's American one.

They were about a mile into the walk when suddenly someone ran out of an alleyway and made a beeline for the Doctor and Rose. The woman was in her twenties with her hair shaved military style and an emaciated body. Her skin was pale with dark circles around her eyes and her clothes were tattered and torn.

"Please help me!" the woman said, grabbing a hold of the Doctor's lapels.

"Wow, that's a brilliant costume, lady, but seriously, you need to eat a sandwich," Serena said.

The Doctor stopped when the woman blocked his path and everyone made a circle around the lady, watching as the woman held on to his lapels as if her life depended on it.

"Please, I beg of you, help me before he finds me again!" she said to the Doctor.

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