Chapter Three

Hannah was delighted when the Doctor told her where and when they were going.

"The TARDIS found out that Duran Duran played Wembley Stadium in 1983. It's the 23rd of December so we'll have to dress warmly. I thought perhaps we could also walk around London and see the Christmas decorations as well."

The Doctor and the Ponds sat with Sarah Jane in the living room while Rose and Hannah went upstairs to get dressed for cold weather.

"Interested in going as well, Sarah?" the Doctor asked her while they waited.

"No, I was never a fan of them. I'll give Wembley a miss this time. Besides, I have some work to do. But I'm glad you're taking them. Hannah loves every moment when you're with her."

The Doctor told her his idea about letting Rose and Hannah live in the TARDIS and Amy and Rory's faces lit up while they asked the Doctor to do that.

"I think that's a wonderful idea," Sarah Jane said. "I think they both belong with you in the TARDIS."

Hannah came into the living room. She was wearing jeans and a black hooded parka and black snowboots.

"Well, here's our little snowbunny now," the Doctor said.

"Can I talk to you privately?" Hannah said.

"No, you can't have a biscuit."

Hannah gave him a confused look.


"That's what you wanted to talk to me privately about? Your mum won't let you have a biscuit so you're trying to get my permission."

He gigged when Hannah slapped his face lightly and got up from his seat.

"Be back in a mo," he said, taking her hand.

They walked into the kitchen and the Doctor feigned exasperation.

"So it was a biscuit. I told you no, no, no!" he said, putting his hands on his hips.

"No!" Hannah said with a giggle. "Mum told me what you said in the TARDIS when we left and I want to live with you."

"Well, good," the Doctor said, laying his hand on her head. "Because I want you there."

"I want you to be my full time dad as well. I want to adopt you."

"Yeah?" the Doctor said. "You would adopt this crazy old codger?"

"I want to call you Daddy instead of Other Dad. I called my real dad, Dad, so I want to call you Daddy so you'll know it's you."

"Good. I don't like Other Dad very much," the Doctor said.

"I wanted to call Rory, Other Dad, and Amy, Other Mum, because I like them so much."

"Oh, so they inherit that title then?" the Doctor said.

Hannah nodded.

"What about Sarah then?"

"She's Gran."

"I see and Wilf is Grandad?"

Hannah nodded.

"And Sylvia is Other Gran?"

"No, Sylvia is Sylvia because I don't like her as much."

"Well, I have to agree with ya on that one," the Doctor said.

"I met Donna but I didn't tell her about you," Hannah said. "Wilf said I was the child of one of his friends. Donna's nice, I like her."

"I do too. I'm glad you got to meet her."

Hannah nodded.

"That's all I wanted to say, Daddy," she said. "Just wanted to ask if it was okay to call you Daddy."

"No, you can call me Froghopper Snotbottom instead."

Hannah giggled and kissed her father before taking his hand.


"Have a good time," Sarah Jane said as she stood at her front door and watched everyone leave. "Enjoy the Christmas concert."

"Bye, Gran!" Hannah yelled as she waved goodbye along with everyone else.

The Doctor unlocked the door and let everyone inside. He waved once more to Sarah before going in and shutting the door. In between that time, Hannah had told Amy and Rory what she wanted to do and they were thrilled that she thought of them as second parents. Rory tousled her hair before she and Amy headed towards their room so they could get changed for the winter season. Rose was dressed in jeans with her purple leather jacket and a purple knitted cap. She was wearing black snowboots and held purple gloves in her hands, watching while the Doctor powered up the TARDIS.

"Mummy, it's going to be Christmastime when we land," Hannah said to her mother while the Doctor inputted the destination into the TARDIS computer.

"I know! You can have Christmastime anytime in here," Rose said, patting her on the shoulder.

The TARDIS went into the vortex and Hannah waited for him to go back and get changed. She frowned when he walked over to his chair and sat down.

"Don't you need a coat?" Hannah said, walking over to him.

The Doctor pointed to his jacket and gave her a questioning look.

"I mean, a winter coat, like this," Hannah said, pointing to hers.

"Nah, I don't get cold like humans do. I'll be hunky-dory, my daughter," he said. "Do you have gloves?"

"In my pocket," Hannah said, reaching into her coat pocket and pulling out a pair of white gloves.

"Good. Don't want your hands to get cold," the Doctor said, taking Rose's hand when she came to him. "Now if your other mum and dad will get the lead out and…Now see…" the Doctor said when the TARDIS landed and powered down. "We're here and they're not ready."

"I'll go get them, Daddy," Hannah said before running up the steps to the back door.

"Blimey, look at her go," the Doctor said when Hannah left the room. "She takes after my other body. She's gonna be long, lean and lanky, just like my other self."

"She'll have lots of energy for running then," Rose said.

The Doctor didn't reply and Rose could see he was deep in thought while he continued to stare at the back door. Suddenly, he stood up.

"Rose, come with me for a moment. I have an idea," he said.

Rose took his hand and he asked the TARDIS to move the lab door to the back door. They went inside his lab and the Doctor walked to the formica counter at the back of the room and opened up a metal drawer underneath it. He pulled out a small glass slide and a scalpel. Rose raised her eyes at that and the Doctor grinned impishly. He took Rose's index finger and lightly pierced it with the scalpel. He then turned her finger over and put a few drops on the slide. He reached into a jar of cotton balls on the counter and gave her a piece of cotton to hold over the pinprick wound. She watched while the Doctor opened a jar beside it containing rubbing alcohol and sterilized the scalpel before using it on his own index finger. Rose wondered what he was doing when he added two drops of blood to her own on the slide before putting the scalpel down. As he took a cotton ball, he closed his eyes and Rose could tell he was thinking to his ship. Then the slide vanished in a tiny ball of light. A few seconds later there was another flash and in the slide's place was a heart shaped pendant on a silver chain. The silver heart had three tiny diamonds inside it. The Doctor picked it up and showed it to Rose.

"It's beautiful," Rose said, touching the pendant.

"It's a gift for Hannah. The blood drops are sealed inside the heart so Hannah will have a bit of us wherever she goes. And the three diamonds represent us. I figured if I'm going to officially adopt her, I might as well give her a gift to mark the occasion."

"I love it, Doctor, and so will she," Rose said.

They walked back into the console room and let the TARDIS take the room back to its proper place. A moment later, Hannah came into the room with Rory and Amy.

"I found them," Hannah said to her father while she walked up to him.

"Good work! And while you were gone, we made you something," the Doctor said. "Since it'll be nearly Christmas when we step outside, we want to give you a gift."

Hannah's face lit up and Rose stepped behind her, putting her hands on her daughter's shoulders while the Doctor opened his hand and showed her the necklace. He explained what they did and Hannah beamed when the Doctor undid the clasp and Rose fastened it again when he put it around her neck and she took it from him.

"There, you're now officially my daughter," the Doctor said while Hannah's eyes misted over. "And now, you have ever right to call me Daddy."

Hannah started crying tears of joy and hugged him tightly while the Doctor rubbed her back and soothed her. Amy got tears in her eyes and she and Rory laid their hands on her shoulders while Rose stroked her hair.

"Can you do that again, Doctor?" Rory asked him while Hannah stopped crying. "I think that would be a good idea for us to do for River."

"Yeah, I'd love to give our oldest daughter a necklace like that," Amy said.

"I can do it for you when we get back here. But right now, we are missing the concert," the Doctor said in Hannah's ear. "Are you alright now?"

"Mm-hm," Hannah said while the Doctor nuzzled her cheek.

"Okay then, enough with the waterworks, let's go out and have some fun, eh?" he said before kissing her wet cheek.

Hannah let go of him and put on her gloves before taking her mother's hand. Rose gave her daughter a loving smile and squeezed her hand while everyone followed the Doctor to the door. The Doctor reached the door, turned and grinned at everyone before he threw open the doors behind him.

"Um…" Rory said, pointing over his shoulder.

The Doctor turned and stepped back when he saw the desert outside the TARDIS.

"Oh, bugger," the Doctor said.

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