Chapter Five

After they had their chat, Amy and Rose did the washing up while Jonathon went outside with Rory. Jonathon had volunteered to call Pete on his mobile and explain the situation in the hopes that Pete would be the one to deal with Jackie. They were just outside the TARDIS now while the Doctor was running some diagnostics and making sure the TARDIS still had enough residual power to get them back home. While he was looking at his monitor, he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked at Rose when she came up beside him.

"You live in this room, don't you?" she said. "You have a whole TARDIS with a zillion rooms in it and you live here."

"I pilot the ship from here which is why I'm usually in this room. I don't live here; I just need to be here out of necessity."

"I like your bedroom though, I have many wonderful memories of it," Rose said, lightly brushing his cheek with her fingers.

"Isn't touching me a bit dangerous since your significant other is right outside the door," he asked.

"No, because my significant other gave me permission to touch you," Rose said. "He told me that he'll allow me a bit of time with you since he knows that you and I are still in love. Which is why he stepped outside to ring Pete."

"Rose, I don't think we have time to have sex," the Doctor said. "Time is running out for the TARDIS, I can't stay here forever."

"I didn't say anything about sex," Rose said, touching his cheek. "Just a bit of intimacy, for old time's sake?"

The Doctor stepped back and took her in his arms. He stared at her swollen belly and put his hand on it while Rose watched. Rose lifted up her shirt and the Doctor ran his fingers over her stomach.

"I was in an alternate reality once with Amy and Rory and Amy was pregnant and I told her she looked like she swallowed a planet," he said, meeting her eyes.

"Gee, that was kind of you," Rose teased while the Doctor chuckled.

"You know me, rude and not ginger," the Doctor teased back.

"Oh blimey, are you still obsessing over that?" Rose said as she played with his floppy hair.

"I've never been ginger before so yes, I still am obsessing over it," the Doctor said.

"You're handsome this time around, a bit younger as well," Rose murmured as she ran the back of her fingers down his cheek. "I miss the suit though. Whatever possessed you to wear tweed?"

"I think it makes me look distinguished," the Doctor said.

"No, it makes you look like a boffin."

"I am a boffin. I outboffin Einstein with my boffinness," the Doctor said, beaming when Rose giggled at that.

Rose gazed at his face for a moment before leaning in and kissing him. The Doctor held her close to him while he returned it. He ran his hands down the sides of her baby bump while Rose ran his fingers through his hair. They finished the kiss and nuzzled each other's noses.

"I'm sterile," the Doctor said softly to Rose. "So I was hoping my clone could give you a child. I'm glad he did," he added, looking down at her bump while he ran his hands over it. "How far along are you?"

"Six months," Rose said, playing with his hair.

"Wow, you look like you've just swallowed a planet," the Doctor said.

He laughed when Rose gave him a playful swat on the side of the head and kissed her again.

"So will this be happening often if you return to Leadworth? Or is this intimacy a one time thing?" the Doctor said.

"Don't know. Technically, I'm not cheating on anyone," Rose said, running her hand down the back of his neck. "We could share one another."

"By share one another, do you mean me and him go at it as well?"


The Doctor poked her arm when she pretended to think that over.

"It would be an interesting thing to see," Rose purred as she caressed his cheek. "You and him…maybe go get the rest of ya and have one big Doctor orgy?"

She laughed when the Doctor made a face and mimed vomiting.

"Sorry. I think that fantasy is best left to Jack," the Doctor said.

"Oh yeah, forgot about him. He'd be in the middle of it all," Rose said. "In the altogether with a big erection, in complete paradise."

"Which is why that will never happen…ever!" the Doctor said while Rose laughed. "I face enough trauma in my life without me and my other selves being gang raped by Horny Harkness. That is one scenario I will give a miss to."

"Damn, I thought it'd be fun to watch that," Rose said.

The Doctor grinned wolfishly and gave her another kiss. Rose sighed through her nose and closed her eyes while the Doctor caressed her stomach. He then moved from her stomach up to her breasts and Rose moaned as she ran her fingers through his hair.

"Sure you don't want to go get Jack and let him join in?" Rose said when they finished kissing.

"You and cloney boy can do that, I'll be the one to sit back and watch," the Doctor said. "Actually, come to think of it, Amy and Rory might join in as well. They're randy little buggers. It's no wonder Amy got pregnant so quickly. They've probably done it in every room by now."

"And you allowed them to mate in here?" Rose said.

"Well…for the most part, there were times I had to turn the hose on them and say bad dogs, no!"

He grinned when Rose laughed hysterically at that. She sobered up and gazed into his eyes.

"You're not sad anymore," she said.

"I'm not?"

"Well, maybe you still are but…there's none of it in your eyes like there was previously," she said, rubbing the back of his neck. "I always saw this pain buried deep in your eyes, it's not there now."

"I've moved on from a lot of things," the Doctor said. "Let go of a lot of pain in my life. I was very bitter in my last two lives; I'm not that way now. I see more happiness in the universe than I did before. Maybe that's why the old girl brought me back here, because she knew I was ready to make amends for being a complete bastard and treating you badly. I'm more lighthearted now than I was but I never knew my eyes reflected that."

"I've always seen so much reflected in your eyes, Doctor. You may think you're a master at hiding your emotions but I could read you well enough. Looking at you now, I'm glad you've moved on. Does that mean you aren't feeling cursed anymore?" she said hopefully.

"I still want you to be with Jonathon, Rose."

"I know that but you can still love someone. You don't have to live your life alone," Rose said. "I meant you're still not denying yourself because you think you deserve it. You're not, are you?"

"Not in that way," the Doctor said, cupping her cheeks. "I deny myself a slice of pie sometimes, not good for my waist."

Rose giggled and nodded.

"Yes. Lay off those carbs," she said with mock sternness.

"No, I love carbs. I changed my mind, I will grow big and fat until you lot will have to roll me around like a ball everywhere I go. Give you something to do in between snogging my clone."

"And does that mean you'll be returning to Leadworth often?" Rose said.

"Well, only if you sedate me because Leadworth is tear your eyes out boring. I pity you for going there. Did you know they have a duck pond with no ducks in it?"

"Really? Sounds boring," Rose said with mock horror.

"Yes. And they have a post office…and…that's it. Well, a hospital but those are the hang out spots, Tyler. Have fun!"

"Ugh, can I come with you then?" she said while he snickered. "Suddenly, Daleks sounds better than Leadworth."

"I couldn't agree more," the Doctor said before giving her another kiss.

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