Chapter Six

By the time Rory and Jonathon walked back inside the TARDIS, Pete was with them and Amy had joined Rose and the Doctor in the console room. Pete paused a moment and looked around at the interior before focusing his attention on the Doctor.

"So what life is this now?" he asked the Doctor.

"This is my eleventh life," the Doctor said.

"So you're a completely different man now?" Pete said as the Doctor walked down the front steps.

"Basically, there are some parts of my personality that never change but yes, I'm different to the other me," he said.

"And so you're back to claim Rose?" Pete said.

"No, I'm back to visit her and offer her and Jonathon a choice. It was unfair of me to leave them here without their input so I'm making a correction now and allowing them to come with me if they so choose."

"And you want to live in Leadworth rather than London?" Pete said to Rose.

"For a bit until we can find a house of our own and jobs," Rose said. "Amy and Rory are letting us stay there while they travel with the Doctor."

"And you aren't traveling with him?" Pete said.

Rose pointed to her stomach and gave him a pointed look.

"I don't think I could run very fast with this inside me," Rose said to him.

"So…you're wanting me to talk to your mother and tell her all this so she yells at me and not at you lot," Pete said, looking around.

"No, I'll talk to her but the Doctor can't be here for much longer," Rose said. "His TARDIS can't function properly in this universe and he's on backup power right now."

"Wait a tick then," Pete said.

He pulled out his mobile and rang Jackie. The Doctor showed him where his seat was and Pete climbed the steps, walked over and sat down while he spoke to her. He told her what was going on and the Doctor winced when he could hear Jackie's angry voice across the room. Rose told Pete to give her the mobile and she walked around the console while she spoke to her mother and tried to calm her down.

"Makes me glad my parents weren't around when I started traveling with you," Amy said to the Doctor. "I'm sure mum and dad would have reacted the same way."

"What about me? I'm not included in that scenario?" Rory said.

"I was coming back on the day of the wedding," Amy said. "You wouldn't have known I was gone if the Doctor hadn't come back to get ya."

"Yeah and I was upset when I learned what had been going on behind my back," Rory said.

"Um, I feel a tiff coming," Jonathon said to the Doctor.

The Doctor grinned, walked over to Rory and put his arm around him. Rory gave him an odd look.

"Milkshake," the Doctor said.

"What's the mean?" Rory said.

"Means I'll give you a milkshake if you don't fight with Amy," the Doctor said.

"Now wait a minute, I have a valid argument here," Rory said to him while Amy giggled. "I was concerned for Amy when I heard that she swanned off with you and…"

"Milkshake going once…"

Rory shut up and stared at the Doctor while Amy bent over laughing.

"She started it," Rory said, pointing to Amy.

"Milkshake going twice…"

The Doctor held up his hand and cupped it. There was a flash while he was looking at Rory and a huge glass filled to the brim with chocolate milkshake appeared there. Rory stared at the milkshake while Amy laughed. Rory took the milkshake from his hand.

"Good man," the Doctor said, taking his arm off Rory's shoulder. "Enjoy."

"Wait, where's mine?" Amy said. "I stopped arguing, where's my milkshake?"

The Doctor closed his eyes, thought to his TARDIS and held out his hands. There was a flash and a white t-shirt appeared in his hands. He held it out to Amy. Amy gave him a dubious look while Rory sipped his milkshake. She took the shirt from him, unfolded it and held it up. There was lettering on the front of it that said…


"You git!" Amy said, throwing it back at the Doctor while the Doctor snickered.

"What? I can't give milkshakes to everyone, I'll run out," the Doctor said while Rory took the t-shirt from him and looked at it.

Amy noticed Rory draped the t-shirt over his arm and continued sipping his milkshake.

"I don't want that, Rory," Amy said.

"I know. I want it. A t-shirt's a t-shirt after all," Rory said with a shrug.

"You're gonna wear a t-shirt that said you fought with yourself," Amy said.

Rory shrugged and he and the Doctor shared a grin before he took another sip of milkshake. The Doctor turned his attention back to Rose when she finished speaking to Jackie and handed the mobile back to Pete. Pete talked to Jackie while Rose came down the steps towards them.

"She's angry and she said if we do this, we are not to come back…ever," Rose said as Jonathon came up behind her. "She said she's tired of watching me hop from one universe to the other because I just can't get the Doctor out of my head. So this is it. I go with ya, I'm not allowed to see her or Tony or Pete ever again."

"And you're okay with this?" the Doctor said.

"I told you my decision the first time you tried to send me to the other universe and my reasons for it and I stand by that," Rose said. "I love my family but I have to do what my heart tells me to and I want to go back home where I can be with my friends and the people I miss. I can't speak for Jonathon but I wanna go back."

"As do I," Jonathon said. "There's nothing for me here, especially if Rose is going back. I want to be with her. Besides, we're growing our own TARDIS so we can use that and not have to bother you to come back and get us. Besides, perhaps we can come up with a solution to Donna's problem and allow her to remember us again."

The Doctor nodded.

"Do you need to go home and pack then?" the Doctor said to them.

"I think we should. I need to get the coral anyway," Jonathon said to Rose.

"Yeah, I'll say one last goodbye to mum and Tony before we go," Rose said.

"Pete, can you give me the address of the Tyler mansion and I'll take the TARDIS there," the Doctor said to him.

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