Chapter Two

(Pete's World…)

Rose opened the door and came into the flat she shared with her fiancé, John. John was once known as the Doctor but that was before he became half human and took a human life, choosing to live in London for the moment with the woman he loved. Rose was carrying a sack of groceries so she kicked the door shut and called John's name as she headed towards the kitchen. There was no response and Rose didn't hear anything in any of the rooms. She shrugged and walked into the kitchen, setting the sack down on the counter by the stove. She was sorting out the groceries and putting them away when she heard the front door open.

"Yeah, I know," she heard John saying before she heard the door close. "But what can you do?"

"I'm in here, love," Rose called out to him.

"Oh, I agree completely!"

Rose glanced over her shoulder when John entered the room. He was talking to someone on his mobile as he walked over to the counter. He was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans with black trainers. Rose thought he looked sexy that way, so different from the Doctor and his brown suit.

"Yeah, I agree," John was saying into the mobile as he rummaged around in the grocery sack for something to eat. "I mean, you have to admit that Rose is just a total slag."

Rose froze just as she was putting a carton of eggs into the refrigerator and looked at John in shock.

"I mean, you have to admit," John said, ignoring Rose while he pulled a sack of apples out of the sack. "Rose gives away more pussy than an animal shelter and it's sad, but what can you do?"

"Who the hell are you talking to?" Rose said as John untied the apple sack with one hand.

"Your mum," John said, glancing at her while he pulled a ripe red apple out of the sack. "Anyway, as I was saying, Rose is just a complete whore. It's shameful, really."

"Give me that," Rose said, snatching the mobile from his hand. "Mum," she said, putting it to her ear.

John giggled when Rose realized there was no one there and John had been pranking her. John laughed harder when Rose handed him the mobile, a droll look on her face.

"Yeah, that's really funny," Rose said while he snickered.

"Just kidding, Arkytior," he said, using his pet name for her.

Rose smiled at the use of the name, especially since it was Gallifreyan for Rose. John put his mobile back in his pocket and took a bite out of the apple, relishing the taste of it after walking back to their flat.

"I was thinking," John said to Rose while Rose finished putting the food away, "that we should go out to eat tonight. A nice romantic dinner for two."

"I just got groceries, you do see that, right?" Rose said.

"Groceries, schmoceries, I want a nice romantic dinner. I'll pay for it with my meager Torchwood salary so don't whinge. Just get dressed and look drop dead gorgeous for me."

"You are going to help with the rent when it comes, yeah? Life isn't all takeout and restaurants," Rose said as John came closer to her.

"Course I will. Of course, this is all going to go bye bye once the coral is big enough for us to get in," he said, drawing her close to him. "Then we head for the stars."

"Ooo, I like that idea," Rose purred as she ran her hand down his cheek.

"Figured you might. And…will you be a total slag for me in the bedroom tonight?"

"Mmm, we'll see," Rose said, pinching his nose.

"Well now, this might be a very lovely evening then," John said while Rose giggled. "Anyway, you go and pretty yourself and I'll finish things in here."

"What about you? You're going to wear this to a nice restaurant?" Rose said, fingering his t-shirt.

"Well, I was thinking of going completely starkers but that might get us tossed out the door."

"Yeah, I think it will," Rose said.

John chuckled and kissed her lips. He watched while she walked out of the room and with a grin, took a bit of his apple.

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