Chapter Eleven

Donna stood at the door to her house, watching these nutty people prepare to fight a group of crazed Jacksprites. She had never seen anyone stand up to them before and as far as she could tell, the Doctor didn't have any weapons on him. Amazingly, it looked like he was going to fight the teenager with nothing more than his bare hands.

"Are you crazy? Get in here before they cut you to ribbons!" she hissed at Sarah Jane.

"No, I'm tired of being afraid," Sarah Jane growled back. "I'm tired of being a slave to these snot nosed punks and being boarded up in my house while they roam free. If we're going to take back the city, it's got to start somewhere."

Donna fell silent and thought about that while she watched the Doctor and the Arab boy size each other up.

"So, what's your name then?" he said to the boy.

"Ali. And you?"

"I'm called the Doctor," he said.

Ali snorted.

"You oughta call yourself the Professor instead," he said.

"Actually, I used to travel with a lady who called me that but I prefer Doctor."

Ali shrugged. He tensed his muscles, keeping a wary eye on the people surrounding the Doctor, in case they did something to help him. Then Ali sprang at the Doctor, his finger knives pointed directly at his face. The Doctor seized his wrists and wrenched them. Ali cried out in pain and the Doctor held his wrists long enough to kick him squarely in the gut. The other Jacksprites backed up as Ali staggered backwards towards them.

"That's it, Boffin, you're dead," Ali snarled at him when he regained his footing.

He ran towards the Doctor but Rory ran out at the same time and blindsided him. Then it became a melee as everyone except Rani and Donna began to fight one another. The sun glinted off the scalpels as the Jacksprites tried to cut their adversaries to ribbons. Rani stood back and watched mutely while Sarah Jane tried to fight a tall ginger girl while trying to avoid getting cut. She looked at the front door of the house when Donna suddenly shut it. She was thinking she was a coward for leaving the fight but she knew she was just as big a coward for not helping Sarah Jane or the others.

But suddenly, the door flew open and Donna sprinted outside, wielding a cast iron frying pan in her hands. She swung it at a young black man's head and the Jacksprite grunted and fell to the ground unconscious seconds before he could cut Amy's face.

"Thanks," Amy said, nodding.

Donna gasped and pointed behind her. Amy turned and grunted when Ali cannoned into her, knocking both her and Donna backwards. The frying pan left Donna's hand and landed on the pavement with a loud clatter. Ali saw it and raced to get it but the Doctor scooped it up seconds before he could reach it and Ali jumped back when the Doctor swung it at his face.

"You're dead, Boffin!" Ali snarled at him.

"And you're unconscious," Eleven said smugly.

Ali frowned and Eleven nodded to something over Ali's shoulder. He turned to see Rose standing behind him, wielding a cricket bat. He grunted when Rose smacked it into the side of his head.

"Nicely done, my little cricketer," Eleven said, nodding his approval when Ali dropped to the ground like a sack of flour and lay there, stunned.

"Thank you," Rose said.

Behind her, John and Ten had joined the fight with their own cricket bats and in a matter of seconds, everyone except Rani was either unconscious or lying on the ground, stunned. Rory turned to deal with Rani but Ten stopped him with an upraised hand.

"No, wait. She's not a part of this, hasn't been since it began," Ten said to Rory.

"Rani, where's Luke and Cly…"

Sarah Jane trailed off and a look of horror spread over her face. Donna gasped and pointed and everyone turned to see seven long wisps of jet black smoke coming towards them.

"Everyone inside, it's the wraiths!" Donna yelled.

Sarah Jane snatched Rani's hand and ran with her and everyone else into the house. Ten glanced at the Jacksprites, still laying on the ground but Donna seized his hand when he tried to go back for them.

"There's no time, hurry before they get to you," Donna said to him.

Ten turned his attention towards the house and ran with Donna into it. Donna shut the door and locked it, pressing up against it as she gasped for air.

"What's going on?" John said.

Then they heard a high-pitched shriek outside and Ali's terrified screams as the howls increased in intensity.

"What's going on?" Eleven said to Sarah Jane.

"The Wraiths, they come without notice and kill anyone who doesn't get out of their way," Sarah Jane said.

Ali's screams stopped a few minutes before the shrieks of the Wraiths. Then it fell silent outside. Donna tentatively opened the door and looked out. She sighed and looked at them.

"It's over, they're gone and the Jacksprites are dead," she said dully.

She opened the door and everyone except Donna, Sarah Jane and Rani gasped when they saw the Jacksprites. All of them were reduced to piles of mangled flesh, barely recognizable now. They went outside and stared at the bodies in horror as pools of blood rapidly formed under the bodies and spread out over the asphalt. Eleven walked up to Ali who was now a pile of shredded flesh and bones and shook his head angrily before he spun around to confront Rani.

"And this is what you left home for? This?" he snarled at Rani as he walked towards her. "Is this worth killing people over?"

"I…I haven't killed anyone," Rani protested, shrinking back from the Doctor's fury. "I just travel with them."

"And how many people have your mates killed and mutilated, Rani?" Eleven growled at her.

"Who are you? I don't even know you," Rani protested.

"Yeah? Well, I know you and you're not the sort of person who would join up with people like this," Eleven said, jabbing a finger at the corpses. "So why do it? Why did you leave Sarah behind to risk death like this?"

"Leave Sarah? I barely know the woman," Rani said.

Eleven looked at Sarah Jane.

"She and Clyde and Luke don't help you fight evil?" Eleven said.

Sarah Jane was taken aback by that.

"No, she's just a friend of Luke and one of our neighbors. She used to come over to my house to hang out with him but fight evil with me? You mean the Jacksprites? That sort of evil?" Sarah Jane said, pointing to the corpses.

"No," Eleven said, sighing with frustration.

"Doctor, why do we still remember things as they were while everyone else forgot?" Rose said. "If time changed, why do I still remember everything?"

"Because we were protected," Eleven said to her. "The tenth Doctor and me and my family were protected by the TARDIS and you and John were protected by being in another universe. That's why we can remember the proper timeline but for everyone else, this is reality now. This twisted, corrupted reality that would probably make Hell look attractive at the moment."

He looked at Donna and glanced at Ten, John and Rose before looking back at her. She was looking their way but so far, she wasn't exhibiting signs of distress or recognition. He walked over to her, deciding to take a chance.

"See these three?" he said, pointing to Ten, John and Rose. "Have you ever seen them before…ever?"

Donna shook her head.

"Do you remember traveling with him?" he said, pointing to the Tenth Doctor.

"I just said I don't remember them," Donna said, annoyed.

Eleven looked at Ten.

"What if she never met you at all?" Eleven said to him. "Perhaps we don't need to worry about her remembering you."

"I don't know him," Donna growled at Eleven. "Are you thick or something?"

Ten sighed.

"How can we know for sure?" he said to Eleven. "She might not remember me for the moment but later on…"

"But maybe that's a chance we'll have to take," Eleven said. "I don't wanna leave her here alone, not after all this," he said, nodding at the corpses. "If we have to, we can always…put her in a comatose state."

"What?" Donna said. "You're not putting me in a coma, Sunshine!"

Eleven smiled at that, despite himself, and Ten chuckled.

"Same old Donna," he said. "Look," he said to Donna. "Would you like to join us? There's safety in numbers."

"So you can put me in a coma?" Donna said.

"No, I was only joking about that. But as you can see, we can fight the Jacksprites."

Donna nodded in agreement. She looked back at her house and sighed.

"I hate to leave Granddad and Mum but…what choice do I have?" she said, laying her hand on the doorframe. "They'd want me to be safe."

She let her hand slide down the frame to her side and she nodded.

"Yeah, I'll go," she said wearily.

"Thank you," Eleven said.

"Doctor, what about Martha? And Jack?" Rose said.

Eleven looked at Ten. Ten leaned against the house and thought.

"Dunno about Jack," he said. "Depends on when my ninth self killed her mum and Mickey. He could have done that before we met him and if that's so, he still a con man somewhere up there," he said, pointing up. "Martha…I s'pose we could check on her since her house is in the area."

"I suppose we could make a side trip to Cardiff and check on Jack as well," Eleven said. "Just to be sure. Although, if Jack is with Torchwood, I would imagine they would be out fighting all this," he said, waving his hand around. "At any rate, we might as well check on Martha and her family while we're here. Everyone, follow us," Eleven said to the group. "We're going to check on another old friend."

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