Chapter Fourteen

The Ripper smirked as he descended the stairs of the Cloister Room. He had chosen the name Ripper after being known as the Valeyard for many years. The name change was simple. He felt that Valeyard didn't describe his personality whereas Ripper…that was definitely a name he could live up to.

He was currently inside the TARDIS of the thirteenth Doctor, a man in his early thirties with short dark hair and a slightly baby face. Ripper snorted at that. Even on his last life, the Doctor was still trying to remain youthful instead of being thousands of years old. But now that Doctor was in his thrall along with eleven others. Only two remained now and they would soon join the others.

Amazingly, the Cloister Room remained pretty much the same on all the TARDISes. The Doctors considered it a place of refuge and contemplation so no one ever changed it the way they changed the console rooms.

In the center of the Cloister Room, he had cast a glowing pentagram, a little bit of black magic he'd picked up from an alien priestess on some distant moon somewhere. Swarming around the perimeter of the pentagram were his wraiths, pure concentrated evil, distilled from eleven of the Doctors. All he needed was two more Doctors and his coven would be complete.

Speaking of the coven, the eleven Doctors stood in a circle around the pentagram, their cowls pulled up over their heads. He looked them over and then called for the Ninth Doctor to step forward and reveal himself. There was a pause and then one hooded figure stepped out from the coven and walked slowly towards him. He reached up, pulled down his hood and Ripper smirked when he saw his emaciated face with dull, dead eyes. The Ripper stared at his slave for a moment and then suddenly slapped him across the face as hard as he could. Nine did nothing, barely even flinched as he watched his master.

"You let her go! You let them both go!" Ripper spat at him.

"I'm sorry, master," Nine said with a dull, lifeless voice. "They were too fast for me."

"No matter," Ripper said dismissively. "We can still get her. She'll be the perfect sacrifice to bring the Tenth Doctor into the coven. As for the eleventh Doctor, I'm sure he could be compelled to kill Amy Pond or his precious River. But for the moment, we'll focus on the tenth one."

"What is thy will, master?" Nine said.

"You will go after Rose," Ripper said. "I believe they were traveling to Victorian London. Take your TARDIS and follow them. Bring her here and the lovesick Doctor will follow and I'm sure he'll do anything to save her, even surrender himself to us. After he has become one of us, we will kill Rose Tyler."

"Yes, master," Nine said.

Ripper studied him and smirked. No reaction whatsoever from him at the mention of killing Rose. But then again, all the goodness that had been within his body had been taken out and discarded. Nine was now little more than an zombie as were all the others while their accumulated evil roamed free, killing others at will and feasting on them.

"Go now and do not fail me again," Ripper said.

Nine bowed his head before pulling his cowl back over his head. Ripper chuckled as he turned and left the room.


"So..." Eleven said as everyone stood around him in the console room, "the first accepted murder of Jack was the 31st of August, 1888 and that was Mary Ann Nichols. So we'll go back in time to about a week before the murder happens. Hopefully, that'll be enough time to find Mary and warn her. The last canonical murder was Mary Kelly and that was on 9th of November, 1888. Now in our reality, that's when people believe the Ripper stopped but in the new reality, he went on killing until others did it for him. Now…I'm thinking that one or more of the women should pose as a prostitute in Whitechapel. However, it will be a very dangerous assignment but we need to find Mary Ann Nichols before the Ripper finds her."

"I'll do it," Rose said.

"So will I," Sarah Jane said.

"My fiancé's a bangtail now," John said, nudging Ten.

"Sarah, are you sure you want to do this?" Eleven said.

"Yes. She can't go by herself. I've read about Whitechapel during the Victorian era and all the murders that occurred there, Ripper and otherwise. There's safety in numbers."

"I'll go as well," River said. "We can watch each other's backs."

"Good," Eleven said. "That leaves Donna, Amy and Rani. What do you lot want to do?"

"I'll stick with Rory. If Rani doesn't mind, she could pose as our adopted daughter. We could protect her that way," Amy said.

"So am I going to be one of the inspectors then?" Rory said.

"You could. We'll supply you with credentials and a cover story so you can be hired by the police. Tell them you want to work in Whitechapel and they'll give you a beat there."

Jack stepped forward.

"Let me go with Rose and River and Sarah Jane," he said. "I'll pose as their pimp and hopefully they'll be left alone by the real pimps out there. Besides, I can't die so if something happens, I can shield them from harm."

"Thank you," Eleven said to him. "Doctor, John and I will also pose as inspectors. Although, John will have to take the lead and guide us since we won't have any knowledge of our true selves."

"Really? You're going to put your lives into the hands of a genocidal maniac?" John teased.

"I am because there have been times when I've also been a genocidal maniac," Eleven said. "We will need to rely on you and you need to make sure we stay true to our mission, even though we won't know what it is."

John nodded. Everyone looked at Donna who was standing at the back.

"Donna, you don't have to do anything," Eleven said gently. "You can stay inside the TARDIS and guard it since you've never traveled with any of us."

Donna considered that.

"You lot are risking your lives to do this," she finally said. "You risked your lives to fight the Jacksprites. After all that, it would be selfish of me to stay in here. I want to help as well."

"Come with us then," Rose said. "We can travel together."

"Yes, go with them. Rose and River and Jack are experienced fighters. They can keep you safe," Eleven said.

Donna nodded and walked over to Rose's side. Eleven sighed, looked at Ten and then looked up at the chameleon arch above their heads.

"Right, I suppose it's time for us to get dressed and get our new identities," he said to Ten.

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