Chapter Fifteen

They went to the wardrobe room to choose their new outfits. The Doctors and John chose dark colored suits, something an inspector might wear while Jack chose a brown suit with a red waistcoat, something a bit flashier for a pimp. He found a brown bowler hat and put it on while he practiced a Cockney accent. Eleven glanced at his counterpart and giggled at his accent.

"What?" Jack said to them. "I'm from the East End, I might as well sound like someone from there."

"Yeah but it's odd hearing you speaking in anything other than an American accent," John said while he fiddled with a brown bow tie. "I think that's what they're laughing at."

"Gotta play the part," Jack said.

"Well, find a hat other than a bowler hat then," Ten said.

"Here," Eleven said, grabbing a brown pork pie hat, "this might suit you better."

Jack switched hats and studied himself in the mirror.

"I need a walking stick," he said. "I'm thinking I'm pretending I'm upper class when I'm really not, you know. I'm one of the toffs cause I got me bangtails workin' for me."

Ten glanced at Eleven.

"Do you have the walking stick Ben gave us?" he said to Eleven.

"Yes, I believe I do," Eleven said, walking to a section of the room devoted to fashion accessories.

"Ben?" Jack said, frowning.

"Benjamin Franklin," Ten said. "He gave me a walking stick. Cherry wood with an ivory handle. Is that posh enough for you, Mister Pimp?"

"That'll do," Jack said.

"Be careful with it because it's an antique, obviously," Eleven said, walking towards him with the stick in his hands.

"Nice," Jack said, taking it from him.

He put the butt of it on the floor and held it while he looked at himself in the mirror. He fixed his hat so it was at a jaunty angle and hefted the walking stick onto his right shoulder.

"Very nice, I can live with this," he said to them.

He looked over when Rose and River came up the stairs and stepped out onto the floor. Both of them were dressed as Victorian women but a bit shabby with mismatched items of clothing. Rose was wearing a navy blue dress and River had on a black one. The Doctors and John paused to admire them.

"I have something for all of you," Ten said, walking to them while reaching into his pocket. "I have a box of pills that you can share with the other women. Swallow them and they'll give you alcohol breath for twelve hours. Course you'll have to act drunk but at least you'll have the breath without actually being pissed."

He pulled out a white box and handed it to Rose. As she took it, he noticed she was wearing black lace fingerless gloves and he admired them while Rose put the pills in a little black velvet pouch she had tied on the sash around her waist. Ten nodded and walked back to the racks of clothes, trying to finish his disguise. River walked over to Eleven while Rose walked to her fiancé.

"You're very handsome in this outfit," she said, fingering his black jacket.

"And you are beautiful…for a whore," Eleven teased as River wrapped her arms around him.

"I've fallin' on 'ard times, Gov'nor," River drawled in a screechy Cockney accent. "Spare a shillin' for a bit of tail?"

"How about a penny, you filthy whore?" Eleven teased.

"A penny?" River said in her normal voice. "Wow, you spoil me. Usually people pay me a ha'penny for my services."

"Well, I like to throw money around," Eleven said while River snickered.

She kissed his lips.

"Be careful, my love," she whispered to him.

"And you, you'll be in more danger than I will," Eleven said. "So you be careful and all of you, watch your backs out there. Jack will be with you but he only has one set of eyes and you'll be among experienced thieves and punters who know how to use the shadows to their advantage."

"Not to mention the Ripper," River said.

"Yes, and him," Eleven said, rubbing her arm.

While this was going on, Rose was holding John.

"You be careful, Arkytior, Whitechapel won't be a walk in the park. There's dangers around every corner," John said. "We'll try to get a beat in the same district you're in so we'll be there if you need us but I won't be able to keep my eyes on everything all at once. And you're young and not haggard and rundown like a lot of the East End prostitutes are, you'll be fresh meat to a lot of eyes out there."

"I'll be careful," Rose said.

John nodded. Rose kissed his lips and whispered something in his ear. John glanced at Ten who was finishing up and nodded. Rose kissed his cheek and whispered her love for him. John nodded, squeezed her hand and watched while Rose walked over to River. Rose whispered something to River and River nodded before Rose walked towards Ten. Ten glanced at her and smiled when she walked up to him.

"I have permission to do this," Rose said to him as she put her arms around him. "Be careful, please."

"And you, I heard what John said and I agree. Most prostitutes wear themselves out from the harsh lifestyle and the drink and drugs. You don't look like that and neither does River, Sarah and Donna. Jack'll be there but you have to keep an eye out for him and for each other."

Rose nodded.

"Arkytior?" he said with an amused grin.

"John started calling me that. Said it's Gallifreyan for Rose."

"It is. It's also was my granddaughter Susan's Gallifreyan name," he said. "But you can borrow it, I suppose."

"Gee, thanks," Rose said while he chuckled. "And if it belonged to your granddaughter, I'll use it with pride."

Ten smiled and Rose kissed his lips. Ten closed his eyes and breathed a contented sigh through his nose, loving the feel of her lips on his once again. She finished the kiss and rubbed his cheek.

"I love you," she said softly to him.

"And I love you too," Ten whispered back. "Satisfied now that I said it?"

"Very," Rose said, putting her hand on his chest.

Ten put his hand on hers and patted it. He smiled when River came up beside Rose. Rose and River glanced at each other and Rose turned to go to Eleven while River put her arms around Ten.

"I don't know you and Rose doesn't know my husband but technically, you are the men we fell in love with so we decided to wish you both good luck as well," River said.

"I know you," Ten said. "Briefly knew you but…"

"Ah, spoilers," River said, putting a finger on his lips. "I haven't reached that point in your timeline yet."

"Fair enough," Ten said. "I will tell you what I told Rose. Be careful because you're going to be vulnerable out there."

River nodded.

"And you, because you and my husband won't be in your right minds," she said. "For all we know, you and him could land up prostitutes."

Ten chuckled.

"Might be interesting," he said to her. "Then again, Jack is now a pimp and I don't want to end up in his harem so best not."

"Yeah, I don't really know him but I get the sense he's quite a playboy," River said.

Ten snorted.

"Playboy doesn't even begin to cover it," he said.

River smiled and kissed him on the lips.


Eleven smiled when Rose came to his side.

"I have permission to do this," she said, putting her arms around him. "From my fiancé and your wife. That's why she's over there with the other Doctor."

Eleven glanced over his shoulder and saw River and Ten talking before he turned his attention back to Rose.

"Everyone's told me to be careful already," Rose said. "And I told everyone to be careful in return."

"Well, I echo that sentiment then," Eleven said. "I'm glad I got to see you again. I missed you and I told you, you had a special place in my hearts and always would have."

Rose nodded and smiled when Eleven kissed her forehead.

"John calls me Arkytior," Rose said, "as a term of endearment."

"Does he? It suits you," Eleven said.

"The other Doctor told me it was Susan's Gallifreyan name," Rose said.

She put her hand on his cheek and stroked it when she saw pain reflected on his face for a moment.

"I told the other Doctor I would use that name with pride," Rose said. "Especially now that I know it has a special connection to you."

She kissed his lips and Eleven embraced her tightly as he returned the kiss with gusto. When they finished, he put his forehead against hers, listening to the sound of her breathing and relishing the feel of her body against his.

"Get to work, slut, what do I pay you for?" Jack said as he passed by them.

"Piss off, punter," Rose said while Eleven giggled. "And pay me? I'm your whore, remember?"

"Oh yeah," Jack said, walking up to her backside. "So why aren't you making money from him so I can get a flashy new Mercedes or something like that."

"Ignore him," Rose murmured to Eleven.

"Believe me, I learned how to do that long, long ago," Eleven murmured back.

"Whores, they never listen to me," Jack said, walking away while Rose and Eleven giggled.

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