Chapter Eighteen

It was a dark, drizzly night in London and it made Whitechapel even more gloomy and uninviting. While Jack and the women made their way to the Ten Bells pub, they saw nearly every lowlife London had to offer. Drunks, prostitutes, thieves, punters, street children were out even at this late hour and the few Hanson cabs sped quickly by, splashing a bit of water onto people from the puddles left from an earlier rain shower. The night was a bit chilly and Rose was glad they decided to take some shawls with them as she pulled her black crochet shawl around her body. She caught more than a few seedy looking men giving her lustful eyes and she was glad they decided to go as a group since she was sure the presence of Jack was preventing some of them from coming closer. Jack was also glaring at a few of them and she figured they knew he was their pimp and stayed away from them.

"Just what I've always wanted to do," Donna said softly to her friends while they walked. "Slum it in the slums."

"I used to do that with my friends when I was younger," Rose said. "We used to come here to the pubs for fun."

"Well, I doubt it'll be much fun now," River said, glancing around.

"Less talk, more work, 'ores!" Jack said over his shoulder.

"Work?" Sarah Jane said while the girls giggled. "We're walking, Mister Punter, how are we working?"

"Um…you're eye candy?" he said over his shoulder in his normal voice. "Come on, you 'ores!" he said in his Cockney accent. "You're s'posed to be like them people in David Copperfield now, so act like it!"

"Yes, Mister Punter," Donna said in a screechy voice. "We'll be good 'ores, we will."

The women giggled at that while Jack grinned.

"That's it, me lovelies! Act like the 'ores you really are!" he crowed, taking no notice of the odd looks from the passerby around them.

"I just had a thought," River said while they walked. "Rose is the youngest one out of all of us. So is she our whore in training?"

The women giggled while Jack grinned at that.

"She just come from the toffs," Donna said with a Cockney accent. "She ran away 'cause she had to marry a rich stiff and she didn't like it! So now she's our 'ore in trainin', she is!"

"So does that mean I should act posh since I supposedly am posh?" Rose said.

"Um…yeah, you're the posh fallen woman and we're the three hags who recruited you to walk the streets," River said.

Jack giggled at that, enjoying the banter.

"So what are you then?" Rose said to her. "Eliza Doolittle?"

"Um…no, I'm not the type. Donna, wanna be Eliza then?" River said to her.

"If you want me to be," Donna said.

"And I'll be…Old Lady Senior Whore then since I think I'm the oldest," Sarah Jane said.

"You're the Mentor Ho, you mentor all of us to be good sluts," Donna said.

"You girls realize that some people are hearing you and giving you the oddest looks now, right?" Jack said over his shoulder.

"We're trying to work out the ho pecking order here," Donna said to him. "She's Old Age Pensioner Whore, Rose is Junior Posh Whore in Training, I'm Eliza Doolittle and River's…"

Everyone looked at her while River thought about that.

"I'll be The Enforcer Whore," she finally said. "If anyone tries to hurt us, I'll kill them."

"There you have it, the Enforcer Whore, now we know our place in the group," Donna said while the girls chortled.

"Well, it's a good thing since I see the Ten Bells up ahead," Jack said.

"Wait, what do we call you? Shifty?" Rose said. "Killer? Scars McGee?"

Jack stopped them for a moment while he thought that over.

"You're right; I should have a pimp name. Something that inspires terror and fear in whores," he said. "How about Fluffy Wonderbum? Okay, to the Ten Bells!"

"Seriously, that's what you're going with?" Rose said.

"Too gay?" Jack said.

"I think that would invite a slit throat, yes," River said.

"Well, what name would suit me then? I mean, I didn't put any scars on my body. I guess I should have though," he said.

"How about The Captain?" Rose said.

Jack's face brightened at that.

"The Captain?" Donna said.

"That's what he calls himself, Captain Jack Harkness," Rose said, gesturing to him. "So he could use The Captain."

"Interesting. Yes, I was a ship captain before I became a pimp. Very good, Posh Spice, I won't beat you tonight since you thought of that," he said, patting her on the head. "Come along, me 'ores!"

"Yes, Captain," the girls said in unison before they resumed their walk towards the Ten Bells.

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