Chapter Thirty

The Ripper was enraged. He stood before his coven, including the Fifth Doctor who was now in the center of the pentagram.

"You…how could you let this happen!" he raged at Five. "You are all stupid! It's a wonder all of you lived so long!"

"I'm sorry, master, forgive me," Five said, bowing his head. "I had no idea that the Ninth Doctor would betray us."

"It's because of her, it's because she lives," the Ripper said. "This is how powerful the Rose child is, he loves her still and she has the power to get through to him. That is why she must die!"

"But what about the Tenth Doctor, I couldn't find him," Five said.

Ripper snorted.

"We will find him," he said. "But now, all of you must join the hunt! Find the Doctors and find Rose Tyler. Kill River Song or bring her to me alive but Rose is the one who is the more dangerous of the pair. It is essential that she is brought to me alive. Now go, all of you, and don't fail me again."


"Fancy a pint, love?" Miranda said when she and John reached the Ten Bells.

John shook his head, keeping his eyes peeled for the Fifth Doctor.

"No, you go ahead, I need to watch for my friends," he said distractedly.

"They'll be here, lovey, you'll see," Miranda said, patting his shoulder.

John nodded, too distracted to look at her. Miranda went inside while the pub while he leaned against the wall near the door and continued to watch.


River set the coordinates, preparing to leave the loft so they could go get John. While they were doing that, they heard a knock on the front door. Amy looked around the console and her eyes widened when she heard Eleven's voice.

"Queer thing this, is it a chest of drawers?" he heard him saying.

"No idea," she heard Ten say.

Amy gasped, realizing the door was unlocked. She rushed down the steps to try to beat the Doctors to the door but she was too late. The door opened and Eleven stuck his head inside. His eyes bulged when he saw the interior.

"I say…Georgie, old boy, have a dekko at this," he said.

He opened the door wider and everyone watched while he and Ten came inside. Ten looked around in astonishment and then looked at Amy.

"Amelia, what trickery is this?" he said to her.

Just then, Rory came rushing into the TARDIS.

"Sorry, I tried to stop them," he said. "And her…" he said, pointing to Sally as she came in behind him.

"What is this?" Sally said, looking around. "Is this a trick of the eyes?"

Eleven frowned when he noticed the group of people on the console landing.

"Who are all of you?" he said, walking up to them.

"We're friends of Amelia," River said.

"How did you get in here? We didn't see you come in. Did you sneak in here? And what is this thing?" Eleven said, looking around.

Jack sighed.

"I say we open the watch," Jack said to everyone. "I'm tired of dealing with a Doctor who can't even remember who he is."

Ten walked up the steps and froze when he saw Rose. He looked at her and looked back at Sally.

"Sally? You have a sister?" he asked her.

Rose came around the console and froze when she saw Sally.

"Whoa, someone who really could be your sister," Jack said when he looked at Sally.

Sally came up the steps, bewildered as she took in Rose's appearance.

"They say that everyone has a doppelganger, maybe this is yours," Jack said to Rose as he gestured to Sally.

Ten was completely flummoxed. He looked at Rose and then Sally and then back again. He looked at Nine who was still unconscious, slumped in the chair.

"I say, what's wrong with this chappie?" he said, walking over to him. "Is he alright?"

"Yeah, he's just passed out," Jack said.

"Look, we need to get going. John needs us," River said, moving to the console. "Mother, please shut the front door so we can go."

"Go? Go where?" Ten said, walking over to her.

"We're going to go get your brother, he's in the East End at the moment," River said sweetly.

"Yes, John said he was taking a cab there," Ten said, nodding. "What's wrong? He can't make it back?"

"Yes, because he's being followed," River said.

"Followed? By who?" Ten said.

"An…old friend," River said.

Ten was about to protest when River pushed the final button and started her. Ten gasped at the sudden jolt of movement and he grabbed the rim of the console while Eleven ran to steady Sally before she could tumble down the stairs.

"What the hell is this?" Ten said.

"This is your ship…well, his ship," River said, nodding to Eleven. "But technically, it's your ship as well."

"What are you talking about, woman? This isn't a ship, we're not even near the sea," Ten said to her in a shaky voice while the TARDIS vibrated.

River rolled her eyes at that and held on with everyone else as the TARDIS headed towards the Ten Bells.


John leaned up when he heard the wheezing noise and saw the TARDIS materializing beside Christ Church. A few women gasped and hurried to get out of its way as John strode purposefully towards it. He stopped and waited while the TARDIS materialized fully and shut door. The door opened and John smiled at Amy.

"Stand aside, we need to go in case the Fifth Doctor's in the area," he said.

Amy stepped aside and John entered. He froze and his mouth dropped when he saw everyone inside the TARDIS.

"Yeah, we sorta attracted attention when we landed in the loft," Amy said as she shut the door behind him.

"John, what the hell is going on?" Ten said as he came down the steps towards him. "What is this?"

"We're debating whether or not to open the watch," Amy said. "The Ninth Doctor changed himself but he did it so his other persona matched the Doctor's persona. Could we do that for him?"

"John, there's an unconscious man up there," Ten said, pointing to the landing. "I don't even know who it is."

"I say we open the watch," Jack said while River rushed to get the TARDIS into the vortex.

John thought for a moment while Ten stood in front of him, hands on hips, waiting for an explanation to all the madness around him. John nodded to Jack and beckoned to him. Ten looked at Jack warily as Jack approached.

"Do you have the watches?" he said to Jack.

"Yeah but since you gave me the other one, I'm not sure which is which now," he said, pulling out both fob watches from his pocket.

John took them and held them. He listened to each watch and the voice of the Doctor coming from it before he gave Eleven's watch back to Jack. He held the remaining fob watch up to the perplexed Tenth Doctor and opened it. Immediately, a golden light streamed out and Ten's eyes widened as the light bathed his face.

"What's going on?" Eleven said as he came down the steps. "John, what are you doing to George?"

The light faded and Ten blinked a few moments as his real memories reasserted themselves.

"Hi, welcome back," John said as he closed the watch.

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