Chapter Thirty Two

Ten thanked the driver of the hansom cab when he stopped in front of the Ten Bells.

"Cheers, mate," Ten said, paying the man as Nine, Rose and Donna stepped out of it. "So…now what? We walk around and wait for our other selves to come and find us?"

"There you are!"

Ten turned and frowned when Miranda walked up to him.

"You back, lovey? I thought you left," she said.

"Um…I left but I came…back," the Doctor said, wondering who the hell she was. "Sorry, do I know you?"

"Oi, I only saved your life from 'oever was huntin' ya," Miranda said angrily.

Ten's eyes widened and his mouth formed an O.

"Oh, you're Miranda. Sorry, I'm…John's twin brother," he said.

"Oh, sorry, mate, thought you were your brother," Miranda said. "Is 'e at 'ome then? Is 'e safe?"

"Yes, he is and thank you for looking after him," Ten said.

Rose heard her name being called and looked over at the entrance to the Ten Bells. Annie was coming out of the pub with a thirty something woman with blonde curly hair at her side.

"Rose! Donna! There you are! Been lookin' for ya!" Annie said. "Found Polly. Sorry, we didn't come back last night. We worked late into the night and we decided to sleep in the church until we found ya again. Who're they then?" he said, pointing to Nine and Ten.

"Friends," Rose said.

"Annie Chapman, long time no see," Miranda said.

"Miranda Jones, so 'ow's it been, Miss Hoity-toity. Living the posh live still in your little ol' 'ouse?"

"Least I got an 'ouse, you strumpet!" Miranda shot back.

Annie and Polly cackled.

"Yeah, you're living like toffs now, you are," Annie taunted. "The only reason you got an 'ouse is because your pimp up and died and left it to yas."

"Um…we're not interested in this," Nine said to them.

He sighed when the taunting continued and the voices got shriller as the three women traded insults.

"Lovely," Nine said, rolling his eyes. "Not only are we in danger of being enslaved by the Ripper, we get to watch an ape fight on top of it."

Ten pointed towards the church and the four of them walked away.

"Oi, wait!" Annie said when she finally realized they were leaving them behind. "Oi, come back, we'll stop, we will!"

Everyone stopped in front of the church while the three women ran to catch up with them.

"Sorry, that was uncalled for," Polly said when they caught up to them. "We'll be'ave now."

"Look, we're in a bit of danger and it wouldn't be a good idea to stay here with us," Nine said.

"Why, are you being followed as well?" Miranda said.

"You could say that," Ten said, looking around.

"Look, why don't you and Polly go to the boarding house and get some rest," Rose said to them. "And Miranda…"

"She's got an 'ouse, she's 'oity-toity now," Polly said, derision dripping from her mouth as she glared at Miranda.

"Fine, yes, good. Go to your respective places of rest and rest there," Nine said.

"You don't want to 'ide?" Miranda said. "John was 'iding!"

"But we decided to face our pursuers," Ten said. "But the three of you are in danger so please leave."

"Come on, let's leave them alone," Annie said. "Let's 'ave another pint while they sort this out."

"Yes, have some pints and relax," Donna said.

"Are you sure you'll be okay, loveys?" Miranda said, casting a concerned look over all of them.

"We'll be fine, Miranda, thank you," Ten said, taking her hand and putting his free hand on top of it. "Go and relax, please. Share a few pints and be friends again."

"Come on, Miranda, we'll catch up on old times," Annie said.

Miranda nodded. She gave Ten a quick peck on the cheek before following her friends into the pub. Ten breathed a sigh of relief.

"Okay, hopefully that's sorted," Ten said. "Now all we do is wait."

"How long do we wait?" Donna said. "What if it takes ages before they come back?"

"Then we'll go into the pub and have a few pints as well," Ten said.


The Ripper frowned. He felt the minds of the Ninth and Tenth Doctor but now he could no longer feel Eleven. He stepped into the center of the pentagram and looked at the wraiths encircling them.

"Something's going on, I believe the Doctors are playing games with me. Perhaps I should send my slaves to confront them," he said to the wraiths. "You will follow them but you will refrain from attacking until I command it. I want the Doctors to surrender peacefully if necessary. I want them whole and alive and in their original body for the conversion. Go and obey me!"

He watched as the wraiths zoomed away, snakelike wisps of smoke that floated up and out of the cloister room. Ripper smiled as he watched them go.

"You may think you'll win, Doctors. But sooner or later you will join my coven and become one with us all," he said as the wraiths left the TARDIS.

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