Chapter Thirty Four

"So this Ripper," Rory said as he, Amy, Rory, Sarah Jane and Jack followed Eleven towards Christ Church. "Is this Ripper the Dream Lord, I've been thinking and what you said about the Dream Lord being you."

"Yes, Rory, this man is very much like the Dream Lord," Eleven said, glancing over his shoulder at him. "Except this time it's not a piece of space dust on the console. This man is very real and very tangible and he needs to be stopped."

Leaving Sally behind at the house, Eleven had taken the TARDIS and parked it behind the Ten Bells. They had tried to get Rani to stay behind but she would have none of it.

"No, everyone here is risking their lives and I want to do the same," she said. "Besides, you said I worked with Sarah Jane in the other reality. If you lot are risking death, I want to as well. Besides, it's the least I can do after causing havoc with the Jacksprites."

Eleven used his sonic, following the artron energy of the Doctors. He snorted when he realized Ripper had done nothing to mask the energy from his sonic.

"Arrogant as ever," Eleven muttered, ignoring the fact that was commenting about himself.

They walked around the back of Christ Church and froze when they saw the black TARDIS.

"Oh my God," River said.

Eleven let out an angry sigh and shook his head, muttering under his breath about how the Valeyard would pay for doing this. He nodded to his team and they slowly walked towards the TARDIS, keeping watch for any enemies. They reached it unopposed and Eleven grinned when he saw the disc affixed firmly to the door.

"What's that?" Rani said, pointing to it when Eleven pushed the button on the disc.

"Overrides his TARDIS so she doesn't act against us," Eleven said. "Hopefully, he's busy at the moment and we can come right in."

He tried his TARDIS key and heard the lock click. He slowly opened it and looked inside.

"All clear," he said softly before hurrying everyone inside.


"Well?" Ten said as he and Ripper stared at one another. "You gonna start the conversion, Shipyard, or are we going to stand here and pretend we're Weeping Angels?"

"Don't call me that, Doctor. I am the Ripper," Ripper snarled at him.

Ten gaffawed.

"Oh please," Ten said as the Ripper glowered at him. "Jack the Ripper? Really? So now you think you're him, eh? You can't even rip through a bed sheet, Scrap Yard, let along kill a bunch of women. You're useless. You're nothing but a figment of our imaginations," he said, opening his arms to indicate the coven. "You have no real life of your own so you have to take ours in order to exist. What makes you think you'll ever be more substantial than these smoke monsters, eh?" he said, pointing to the wraiths. "You're nothing without us. You're not even a for sure reality. You're just an alternate reality."

"And I have made myself real, Doctor," Ripper thundered at him.

"But yet, you fear us," Ten said.

"I fear nothing," Ripper bellowed at him.

"Then step outside the pentagram," Ten said mildly. "Step outside the protection zone and see if your dogs stay in their places. These smoke monsters, I take it they are the distillation of all the hate and anger that was inside my other selves?"

"Yes," Ripper said.

"Then step outside the pentagram and show us how brave you are," Ten said.

"I don't have time for this," Ripper growled at him.

He started to walk towards Rose and Donna but Ten stepped in front of him. Ripper's eyes widened when Nine stepped into the pentagram and walked up beside his counterpart.

"Oh look, someone got through the pentagram without your permission," Ten said airily while Nine glowered at the Ripper. "How did that happen then? I mean this is magic, right? Or…Rose, my dear?"

"Yeah?" Rose said.

Head on my shoulder for a mo," he said, tapping his right shoulder.

Rose put her chin on his shoulder.

"Yeah?" she said, glancing at him.

"Remember the werewolf at Torchwood House, my dear?"

"Yup," Rose said.

"Remember how the monkey monks used oil of mistletoe to control the wolf by making it think it would be bad for him, Rose dearest?"


"Do you suppose, my poppet, that the Boneyard has done the same here and there really isn't anything to this pretty pentagram at our feet?"

"Hmm, that could be," Rose said.

"Do you think, poppet, that my ninth self figured out this little nugget of information we just put forth now and that's why he's in here with us without permission from his master?"

"Perhaps," Rose said.

"Thanks ever so muchly, my partner in crime, you can step back now," Ten said, patting her head.

"Okay," Rose said before taking her chin off his shoulder.

"Just getting my partner's valuable opinion since I think my hunch is correct. You see, my other self just stepped in here and he's not bursting into flames or balled up on the floor in agony so…you really don't have any real protection from us, do ya?" Ten said smugly.

"I can kill you all the same, Doctor!" Ripper said, jabbing his finger at him. "You and you friends!"

"Kill me, isn't that counterintuitive to your plan?" Ten said. "Sounds like the word of a desperate man to me."

Ripper stepped towards him and Nine stepped towards the Ripper in response.

"I order you to leave the pentagram," Ripper said to Nine.

Ten, Rose and Donna looked at Nine. Nine smirked at that and folded his arms over his chest, giving the Ripper a pointed look.

"You're losing your power over us, Ripper," Ten taunted.

"You, coven, attack and restrain them!" Ripper said to the other Doctors.

Ten, Nine, Rose and Donna looked around but the Doctors didn't move.

"Coven, eh?" Ten said to Ripper when he noticed no one was moving. "So you are basing all this control on magical rubbish. Doesn't seem to be working now."

"Wraiths! Kill them!" Ripper yelled as he pointed at the people in front of them.

The wraiths tried to get inside the pentagram and Ten chuckled when they were repelled by it.

"Trained them a little too well, I see," Ten said to the Ripper when the wraiths howled in frustration and tried to come into the pentagram.

His eyes widened when suddenly as one, the other Doctors stepped inside it and stood around the inner circumference of it.

"See, the other Doctors are listening," Ten said to the Ripper. "They finally get that they can come in while the smoke monsters can't. We're not that thick, Graveyard."

While he was talking, Nine glanced up at the stairs and noticed Eleven was now at the top with his team, taking in the situation. Eleven caught his eye and Nine nodded a bit, letting him know it was safe to continue. Eleven and his team slowly came down the steps while Ten distracted Ripper with his taunting.

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