A/N: The Twelfth Doctor is based on Ioan Gruffudd and Thirteen is based on Benedict Cumberbatch.

Chapter Thirty Five

Eleven paused on the landing just before the last set of steps. Ripper still had his back to him but some of the robed people could see him, at least they were turned in his direction and the wraiths. They were still slowly moving around the perimeter of the pentagram. He had no idea if the energy could see him but so far, no one had raised an alarm. He slowly descended the last set of steps towards his foe.

Meanwhile, Donna was watching and listening to Ten while he spoke to the Ripper. As she watched, she felt someone come up behind her. She turned and was startled when she saw one of the hooded figures was just behind her.

"Don't be alarmed, Donna," the man said with a deep voice.

"You're one of the Doctors then?" Donna said to him.

"I am. You know me, although you might not remember it."

"No, I…don't," Donna said.

Rose turned her head and stared at the hooded man.

"Who are you?" she said.

"I am the Thirteenth Doctor," he said softly. "Donna was my companion and…I killed her."

He grabbed her shoulder when Donna tried to get away from him.

"No, I was tricked. I was made to believe you were attacking me," he said to her. "Please, I won't hurt you."

"She traveled with you? But…she traveled with the Tenth Doctor," Rose said softly.

"And me…it took awhile but I finally figured out a way to fix her mind so she could remember me safely. After that, she traveled with me again," he said.

He noticed that Eleven was nearing the pentagram so he decided to act quickly. He stepped in front of Donna and got the Ripper's attention. He pulled down his hood. Ten looked at him. He was youthful with an angular face and prominent cheekbones. He had alluring blue eyes and soft brown curly hair; although at the moment the hair was matted and dirty. He was also emaciated as were the other Doctors but there was still strength in his face.

"You are the Thirteenth Doctor," Ten said to him.

"I am," Thirteen said, nodding.

"I command you to step back and form the circle with your fellow Doctors," Ripper said, jabbing his finger at him.

"As I was telling Donna, I was tricked into killing her. This bastard managed to cause a hallucination that made me believe Donna was trying to kill me. I killed her in self defense when I thought there was no other recourse but I learned the truth afterwards. That's when I began my descent into darkness and the Ripper stepped in to claim me. But seeing Donna alive and well has done wonders for me."

"Is that right? So you used manipulation and hallucinations to bring my fellow Doctors to the dark side?" Ten said to the Ripper.

Ripper glared silent at him and Ten nodded and smirked.

"So…you basically either tricked most of the Doctors here or you tormented them until they gave in. I'm beginning to think we're not as evil as you think we are. You're sustained only by that evil and without it, you're nothing, Valeyard."

The Valeyard let out a loud grunt when Eleven suddenly cannoned into him from behind.

"Hey! I'm not affected by the magical pentagram thing on the floor. I can come inside it," he crowed as the Ripper glared at him and got to his feet. "Hello, Doctors, I'm the fabulous number Eleven, here to join your little party!"

Wraiths, destroy them! Destroy everyone here!" Ripper shrieked.

The Wraiths suddenly began to glide around the room, letting out their anguished howls. The Ripper laughed when the Doctors huddled together until he realized the Wraiths were menacing him as well."

"No, not me! Them!" Ripper yelled as he stepped back towards the other Doctors.

"You said destroy everyone here, Boneyard, so your pets are going to do just that," Ten said as Eleven urged his team to join the Doctors in the pentagram. "Maybe you should choose your words more carefully next time!"

Ripper looked around at the Wraiths swirling around them. Then suddenly, he jumped out in front of everyone and opened his arms wide.

"Take me, all of you! Come inside me and make me powerful!" he yelled.

"Oh bugger," Eleven said as the Wraiths changed course and began entering his chest one by one. With each absorbed Wraith, the Ripper's eyes grew blacker and blacker until there was nothing but blackness in his eyes. The final Wraith entered him and the Ripper gave them an evil smile.

"Yes! I am more powerful than ever!" he said. "The evil from all of you gives me strength! I will kill you all and then there will be only me!"

Ten glanced over his shoulder when the other Doctors lowered their hoods. All of them looked gaunt but there was now a spark of defiance among them that hadn't been there. The Doctors formed a ring of protection around everyone as Ripper laughed at them.

"I will kill all the people you hold dear, Doctors, and then you will be mine again. My personal army that will conquer the universe."

"But you just said we would all die," the Fourth Doctor said.

"Yes, get it right, Boneyard. Do we die or don't we die, make up your mind," Six said.

Ripper was about to say something to him when he got an odd look on his face.

"Something the matter?" Ten said.

"He looks pained," Eleven said. "Could it be something he ate perhaps?"

Ripper let out a scream of anguish and collapsed to his knees, holding his head in his hands.

"What's going on?" Sarah Jane said.

"I believe he's absorbed a bit too much evil for his liking, Sarah," Four said, coming close to her.

"How do you know me?" Sarah Jane said.

"He knew you in the original reality," Eleven said. "You traveled with him."

"Oh. I'm sorry, I wish I could remember you," Sarah Jane said.

"It's alright, it's this blighter here that's the cause of that," Four said as he pointed to the Ripper. "Although, I think he went a bit too far."

By now, the Ripper was in agony, clutching his head as he cried out in pain. Ten walked up to him and smirked as he squatted down beside him.

"You thought you could control all that anger and hate, eh? But you fail to realize that all that darkness comes with the memories of everything we did that was dark. Now your mind is being overloaded with eleven lives worth of thoughts and wishes and memories and fantasies. Hurts, doesn't it? Having that much going on in your mind. That's why I had to take it out of Donna because her mind couldn't contain it either. However, unlike Donna, I'm not going to do a damn thing to save you. You brought this on yourself, Valeyard, not deal with the consequences."

"No, have pity on me, Doctor, save me!" Ripper yelled.

"Doctors, anyone care to help him?" Ten said, looking over his shoulder.

The Doctors glanced at one another and as one folded their arms over their chests while they watched the Ripper's agony. The Ripper tried to crawl towards them but the Doctors stepped backwards, urging their companions and friends to step with them. By now, the Ripper was dying and he stretched forth his hand, imploring someone to do something.

"We're dark and evil, why should we help you?" Eleven said. "That would be doing a good deed and we're not good."

"Everything has its time and everything dies," Nine said to the Ripper. "Except you never should have had your time in the first place. I feel no pity watching you die, Valeyard, especially after everything that happened because of your meddling."

The Ripper tried to get up but the memories and darkness overwhelmed him and he lay on the floor, groaning in agony while everyone watched dispassionately. Five minutes passed before the Ripper finally let out one last weak groan as he lay his head on the floor and finally died.

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