Chapter Thirty Six

Ten came forward and prodded the Ripper's dead body.

"Is he dead?" Rani said.

"I think so, yeah," Ten said.

"So everything will return to normal?" Sarah Jane said.

"Well…he never killed Polly Nichols and started off the Ripper murders so the proper timeline should…"

He trailed off when the Cloister Room suddenly faded away and they were standing behind Christ Church.

"What's going on?" Rose said.

"The Ripper and his TARDIS are insubstantial things," Eleven said. "Just an alternate reality that was given flesh, like the Dream Lord me and Amy and Rory encountered. He died before committing his evil deeds so now he and his TARDIS are being erased from the timeline and everything is being returned to normal. See…" he said, pointing to the Ripper as his dead body faded away into nothingness.

He turned and was pleased when he saw the same change come over the Doctors. Except instead of disappearing, they morphed back into their proper selves with their proper clothing, all of them healthy looking again. Then they heard the sound of several TARDISes wheezing and every Doctors TARDIS except for Ten's reappeared in a circle around the Doctors. Then while everyone watched, Sarah Jane, Rani, Donna and Jack faded away.

"Where'd they go?" Rose said, panicked.

"They went back to their proper places in time. History is restoring itself," Eleven said. "You and John should be the only ones left besides my companions."

Every TARDIS except for Eleven's wheezed impatiently.

"It's time for all of you to go now, Doctors," Eleven said. "You need to go back to your rightful places in time as well."

Rose's eyes misted over and she turned towards Nine. Nine now looked the same as she remembered him and she embraced him.

"I probably won't remember this timeline once I'm back in my proper place but I'm glad you're safe even after you've left my side," Nine said, hugging her tightly. "Goodbye, Rose."

"Goodbye, Doctor," she said.

She buried her nose in his jumper for a moment, breathing in his scent before letting go of him. He touched her cheek before he headed towards his TARDIS. Rose felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see the Thirteenth and Twelfth Doctors grinning at her. Twelve was in his early thirties with dark hair and blue eyes.

"Goodbye, Rose, nice seeing you again," he said.

"Yeah, it's been centuries since I've seen you," Thirteen said. "You look the same though. Take care."

Rose hugged them both quickly and smiled when they kissed both her cheeks. She watched as they waved goodbye to her and walked to their TARDISes. When every Doctor except for Eleven and Ten were inside their TARDISes, the TARDISes wheezed loudly and slowly vanished from view.

"That's it, timelines are restored," Eleven said.

"And London should be normal…well, as normal as it's ever going to be," Ten added. "Now there's only one thing left to sort out," he said, giving Rose a pointed look.

"We have to go back," Rose said, her face deflating.

"Well, I do have to go back and retrieve my TARDIS," Ten said. "We did leave it over there for safekeeping. But you really should go back, Rose. You and John have a duty to protect that universe."

"Yeah, but you'll be alone again," Rose said sadly.

"Not for long," Ten said, pointing to the Doctor's companions.

Eleven smiled and stepped up to her.

"Rose, I'll be fine, trust me," he said to her. "I love that you're so concerned about me but like my predecessor said, I will recover and move on. You have John and your family's in the other universe. Why not do what you were born to do and defend it?"

He kissed her forehead when Rose nodded reluctantly.

"Just a simple peck, dearest," Eleven said aloud when he finished.

"Good, keep it that way," River teased.

"Henpecked, me," Eleven said while Rose giggled.


"So…is everything alright?" John said when Eleven's TARDIS returned to the house.

"Time is sorted, the Valeyard is dead, our other selves are in their proper places, your fiancée needs cuddling, everything is super," Ten said as he emerged from the TARDIS.

"Cuddling? She always needs that," John said, taking Rose's hand when she stepped out behind Ten.

"Well, I suggested to her that we need to go back to Pete's World and naturally she's a bit gutted that I said no to her offer of staying over here," Ten said, taking Rose's other hand while Eleven stepped out with his family.

The two men looked at each other while Rose stood in the middle of her.

"This looks vaguely familiar somehow," Ten teased. "Weren't we in this exact same position once before?"

"I believe we were," John said. "Something about needing to say something to Rose?"

"Alright, alright, I'll say it then," Ten said, holding up his hand.

John leaned in as Rose waited expectantly. He whispered something and grinned when Rose gave him a withering look.

"What mystery of life did you impart to the lamb?" John said while Eleven sniggered. "Something about loving her?"

"Nah, I said, "If you build it, they will come," Ten said with a shrug, "It's one of my favorite film quotes."

"Hold her there," Eleven said, holding up his finger as he strode forward to Rose.

Rose giggled when John and Ten used their free hands to lock onto her wrists. Eleven gave her a gleeful smile.

"So…Tyler," he said. "You are restrained and your arms are akimbo and armpits are exposed to my fingers."

"Don't you dare!" she said while everyone else laughed.

"What say you, Pond, should I?" Eleven said, looking at Amy.

"But wouldn't that be giving in to your dark nature if you tickled her without mercy?" Amy said to him.

"Yes, but…I must resist, mustn't I?" Eleven said, pacing around while everyone laughed. "Must give in to the temptation to tickle Rose Tyler until she's breathless, that would be naughty."

Eleven smirked at Rose when she tried half-heartedly to get out of the grip of her fiancé and former lover. He waggled his fingers in her face and drew them back when Rose tried to bite them.

"Ooo, that's cheeky, perhaps I should give in to my inner darkness and tickle her until she's unconscious."

"I'll do it," Rory said, stepping up beside the Doctor.

"Why you?" Eleven said to him.

"Spare you the threat of becoming dark," Rory said.

"What about your wife?" the Doctor said, pointing to Amy.

"She would agree with me," Rory said.

Eleven looked at Amy.

"Would you agree with him?" he said.

"No," Amy said.

Eleven looked at Rory while Rose giggled.

"I think it would be wise to refrain from Rose tickling," he said to him.

"Blast," Rory said, stomping off.

"Hmm, I have a feeling the tension between the Ponds will be palpable tonight. Perhaps I should go to the other universe with Rose and John and stay there," Eleven said, winking while Rose giggled.

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