A/N: This is part of my Family in Indiana series. The other stories in the series are Happy Hillbilly Thanksgiving, A Country Christmas, Loss and Healing, Refugees and Breakfast with Mandy.

Chapter One

It was the fourth Thursday in November, a very chilly morning in London. In the Mayfair mansion that belonged to the Stevens family, Lori was cooking breakfast for everyone while most of the children prepared to go to school. While she was frying some bacon, she noticed Michelle coming into the room and she smiled at her daughter.

"Good morning, baby," Lori said.

"Mornin' Mommy, you know what day it is today?" Michelle said, walking up to the stove.

"It's Thursday as far as I know," Lori said, glancing at her.

"It's Thanksgiving Day!" Michelle said.

Lori chuckled.

"Not here, baby. Here in England, it's Thursday," she said.

"I know but…this is the day we met the Doctor and River and Amy and Rory and Donna. We should have a party for that, kinda like Thanksgiving, shouldn't we?"

Lori paused for a moment in thought.

"I don't see why not," Lori said. "After all, it was because of the Doctor that we have this lovely house and a nicer life. Of course, you guys like any excuse for a party."

She chuckled when Michelle nodded emphatically at that. She finished cooking the bacon and after putting them on a plate, she turned off the gas cooker for a moment so she could call the Doctor.


Donna lay on the sofa in the TARDIS lounge, lazily reading a magazine while she stretched out. He foot flicked lazily while she turned the page of the fashion magazine in the magazine rack by one of the chairs. While she was reading, the Doctor came into the room and stopped when he saw her.

"All of time and space to explore and you're on the sofa reading rubbish," he said after seeing what she was doing.

"I'm resting," Donna said. "I do like to rest sometimes and take a break from running."

"Yeah but…that?" he said, pointing to the fashion magazine. "Ew, where did you find that thing?"

"In the rack by the chair," Donna said, pointing to it. "It wasn't mine."

"No, probably Rose's. Maybe I should give it back to her before your mind turns to mush," he said.

Donna was about to say something about that when the mobile rang in the Doctor's pocket. He fished it out and smiled when he looked at the tiny monitor.

"It's Lori," he said, answering it. "Lori, is this your weekly chat with me telephone call?"

"Well, yes and no. Shelly is here and she gave me a wonderful idea," Lori said.

"Oh? Well, let's hear it because I'm eager for something to do besides sit on a sofa and read magazines," the Doctor said while Donna stuck out her tongue at that.

"Well, today is Thanksgiving Day, at least it is in the US, and Shelly pointed out that it's the first anniversary of your first meeting with us and she wants to have a party to celebrate."

"Ah ha ha, a party sounds brilliant," the Doctor said while Donna gave him a quizzical look.

"Well, like I said to Shelly, the children look for any excuse to have a party and to see you again," she said.

"Well, I'm much the same," the Doctor said. "So when do you want me to arrive?"

"Well…the children are getting ready for school right now so sometime this evening?" Lori said. "No, baby, you can't stay home from school," he heard her say to Michelle. "He has a time machine; he'll be here when you get home. I can't pull you out of school everytime he comes over…Sorry, she's begging for you to come now so she can stay home," Lori said to the Doctor. "I keep telling her if she wants to travel with you, she needs her education so she can figure things out for you."

"Yes, because I need an extra mind from time to time," the Doctor said. "Anyway, we'll get ready for this evening. Did you want me to try to find River?"

"If you can, she was a part of this too," Lori said. "Besides, I want to see River. It's been awhile."

"I WANT TO SEE RIVER TOO!" the Doctor heard Michelle say.

"Can I honk at Bookworm for a moment then?" the Doctor said.

"Sure, hang on. Honey, the Doctor wants to honk at you," he heard her say.

"Hello?" Michelle said when she took the phone from her mother.

"HONK, HONK, HONK! There, put your mother back on," the Doctor said.

Michelle giggled.

"Please come," she said after sobering up.

"Oh, if I must," the Doctor said with an exaggerated sigh. "I suppose I must come and see you all again and enjoy good food and company."

"And bring the crystal so we can see Amy and Rory too."

"That reminds me, I need to talk to Amy when we see her," the Doctor said. "I keep feeling like someone is kicking me in the bum but when I turn around, there's no one there. I have a feeling it's Pond amusing herself by irrita…there it is again!" he said as he put his hand over his butt. "Amy, stop it!" he yelled at the air. "I'm going to turn the crystal on now and give her a piece of my mind but yes, we'll bring it for the party."

"Honey, you need to get off the phone so you can eat and go to school," he heard Lori saying to her daughter.

"Look, you better go. We'll be there tonight so have fun at school and learn, learn, learn!"

"I'll see you later. I love you," Michelle said.

"Love ya too, Bookworm. Laters!"

The Doctor ended the call and put it back in his pocket. He then asked the TARDIS to give him the crystal so he wouldn't have to go get it. The box containing the crystal appeared on the coffee table in front of Donna and when the Doctor turned it on, Donna pointed behind him and he turned to see Rory sitting against a tree while he read a magazine.

"Where is your wife?" the Doctor said to Rory.

Rory shrugged and gave him an innocent look.

"Is your wife kicking me in the bum?" the Doctor said to him.

Rory shrugged and the Doctor gave him a withering look.

"Where is she, Rory?" he said while Donna giggled.

"Off doing spirit stuff, probably," Rory said, turning the page of his magazine.

"Rory…" the Doctor said while Donna giggled.

"What? I don't know where she went," Rory said to him. "The afterlife is a vast, eternal place. She might have gone to Tesco for some groceries. There's probably one around here somewhere."


"Or maybe…a zoo? We probably have some vast zoo with everything there ever was in it," Rory said, looking around.


The Doctor grunted and Donna laughed when Amy suddenly appeared behind the Doctor and gave him a swift kick in the ass.

"Damn, I was hoping the bloke wouldn't notice!" Amy said, walking past the Doctor to Rory.

"Oh look. She's back from Tesco now," Rory said.

The Ponds giggled when the Doctor flipped them the vees.

"Looking forward to the party tonight by the way," Amy called to him as he left the room, mumbling to himself about figuring out a way to get to Heaven so he could kick Amy's ass in return.

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