Chapter Four

"So here I am again, running errands for people too lazy to do it themselves," the Doctor said to his friends while the TARDIS flew towards the coordinates indicated on the handheld device.

"I want to see stuff," Michelle said as she stood beside him.

The Doctor bent over and pointed to his bum.

"There, there's a moon for ya," he said, standing back up.

Gwen stared at him in shock while Jack sniggered.

"Wow, wasn't expecting that after all the things Jack told me about you," she said while Michelle giggled.

"Why? What has Jack told you?" the Doctor said warily.

"He told me you were ancient and wise but here you are, showing your bum to a little child," Gwen said.

"Well, as I always say, what's the point of being an adult if you can't act childish sometimes? And what else has he said about me? Because I'm sure there's more, lots more that can't be said in front of children."

"Um…yeah," Gwen said while Jack shushed her.

"Thought so," the Doctor said, rolling his eyes while Michelle giggled.


When the TARDIS finally stopped, the Doctor and his friends walked to the front door. The Doctor opened it and looked out into deep space. The Doctor scanned the area but couldn't see any orb.


The Doctor looked down at Michelle who was standing beside him. She was pointing out and he followed her finger and saw a nebula cloud that he hadn't paid attention to in his first scan.

"That's pretty," Michelle said, looking at him.

"Ah, yes. That's the Mermaid Nebula," the Doctor said, putting his arm around her. "Gorgeous, isn't it?"

Michelle stared at the mermaid shaped purple and orange gas cloud in enraptured silence. The Doctor patted her shoulder before continuing his search for the void ship.

"I don't see anything," the Doctor said. "Perhaps it moved on," he said to Jack and Gwen while they looked out the door. "I suppose we'll have to track it."

"How far out are we?" Gwen said.

"From the Earth, you mean? Oh, we're about ten light years away," the Doctor said. "Hear that, Shelly, you're ten light years away and looking at something that no one's seen with the naked eye."

"It's pretty," Michelle said, pointing to the nebula.

"Yes, it is. But you need to step back so I can shut the doors now," the Doctor said.

His friends stepped back and the Doctor shut the door. He raced back up the steps to the console and did a quick scan of the area. He frowned when the scans didn't pick up anything.

"Not a sausage," he said to his friends while they joined him on the console platform. "That shouldn't be if it's a void ship, they don't travel that fast. I'll run another scan, just to be certain."

He tried again and shook his head when the scan turned up negative.

"Nope, nothing," he said to his friends.

"Maybe the weird white lady's drunk," Michelle said.

The Doctor sniggered.

"Yes, the weird white lady had a bit too much to drink and she's seeing rips in the universe," he said, patting her head. "That's what comes of spending all your time with Judoon."

"So what do we do now?" Jack said.

"Well, I just did a scan in a five light year radius and nothing. So I suppose we report back to her. But since there's nothing here, I'm going back to my party," the Doctor said. "The weird white lady can wait!"


When the Doctor opened the TARDIS doors, Rex was there to greet him, wagging his tail while the Doctor grinned and rubbed his head.

"Reggie, there you are!" he said while Rex barked hello. "I missed you, old friend!"

He let everyone come out of the TARDIS before shutting the doors. He rushed past everyone and made a beeline into the lounge.

"I'M HERE, ROSE, WORSHIP ME!" he bellowed as soon as he ran through.

He stopped and froze in an embarrassed silence. Now there were more people besides the Stevens family, John, Rose, River and Donna. Martha, Mickey, Sarah Jane, Wilf, Sylvia and Luke were sitting on the chairs and sofa. They'd been chatting but when the Doctor burst into the room and yelled, all of them shut up and stared at him. Rose giggled when the Doctor turned beet red and coughed nervously.

"Sorry, I didn't know you lot showed up," he said to the newcomers.

"So, I'm to worship you then?" Rose said, amused, while everyone else laughed hysterically.

"Um…yes, worship me," the Doctor said, walking over to her. "I'm your god."

"Yeah, right," Rose said, hugging him.

"Yes, folks, he's still arrogant after all these years," Jack said as he, Gwen and Michelle came into the room.

"Nah, just trying to take the mickey out of my Rosie," the Doctor said, patting her on the head.

"Hey, we saw these rhino people when we went to this place," Michelle told everyone. "And this weird white skinned lady, she was odd looking."

John looked at the Doctor.

"The Shadow Proclamation is visiting Cardiff then?" he asked the Doctor.

"No…we were pulled to them," the Doctor said.

"Why?" John said.

The Doctor explained what happened. John and Rose looked at each other and John stopped him after he finished telling them about the orb sighting.

"And they're sure it's an orb like the one we used?" John said.

"I don't know, they just said it was an orb," the Doctor said.

"Love, did they have another void orb at Torchwood?" John said to Rose.

"I…I'm not sure. They had tons of stuff, could have. But I never saw more than one," Rose said.

"Are you thinking those…aliens came over here?" Donna said to the Doctor.

"I don't know. I hope not but I ran a scan when I went to the coordinates they gave me and I found nothing for a five light year radius and a void ship doesn't move that fast."

He looked around, suddenly realizing that the crystal was turned off and Amy and Rory weren't visible. He started to go towards the box but River ran up to him.

"Amy said they wanted privacy," River said. "That's why we turned it off."

"They have all of eternity," the Doctor said to her. "I need to ask her and Rory a question. I'll turn it off once I'm finished."

He turned the crystal on and everyone turned to see Amy and Rory sitting at a floating table with an elderly man with long grey hair and bifocals. The man was dressed like a man from the 1700's and he was drinking wine along with Amy and Rory while they laughed. They stopped laughing and Amy sighed.

"See, I told ya he wouldn't listen," Amy said to Rory.

"Who's that?" Michelle said, pointing to the elderly man.

"It's Benjamin Franklin," Brittany said. "Amy said they were going to party with him earlier."

"Correct," Amy said, nodding to Brittany. "We are having a nice dinner and a chat and that's why we asked for privacy."

"Doctor," Ben said, pointing to him. "Hello again."

"Hello, Ben, nice to see you again," the Doctor said, nodding.

"I was just telling your friends about the time you tried to help me with my electricity experiment and you nearly electrocuted yourself," Ben said, gesturing to Amy and Rory.

"I did not," the Doctor said while everyone else laughed. "He's lying."

Ben shared a knowing look with Amy and Rory.

"Anyway, what did you want?" Amy said to him.

The Doctor explained about the orb before asking them if they detected it lately.

"No. Because we've been here," Amy said, holding up her wine glass. "But I can check, wait a tic."

The Doctor waited for her to leave but she sat there and stared at them.

"Well?" the Doctor said after a moment of inactivity.

"I'm checking," Amy said.

"No, you're not, you're sitting there," the Doctor said.

"I don't think we said anything about bilocation," Rory said to his wife.

"What's that?" the Doctor said.

"Since we don't have physical bodies any longer, our souls can split in two and be in two places at once," Amy said to him. "That's how we keep an eye on you and on them," she said, pointing to Lori and Jim. "All souls can do this but some of the more advanced souls like Jesus or Buddha can do it multiple times so they can be everywhere that people need them. But…while I'm here staring at you, I'm also asking the council members if they've seen anything."

"Council members?" the Doctor said.

"Heavenly body of elders, governs and keeps their eyes on things around here," Rory said. "They know everything pretty much. If anybody knows about another orb, it'd be them."

"And they say there was an orb that came through," Amy said, her face scrunched up in concentration. "But then a massive ship came through after it and took it inside its hull and zoomed away from there at warp speed."

"Massive ship?" the Doctor said with raised eyebrows.

"Yeah, that's what they said," Amy said with a shrug.

"And it zoomed away?"

Amy nodded.

"Yeah, they said at warp speed so by the time you got there and did the scan…"

"It was out of range," the Doctor said, interrupting Amy. "So I'll have to go back and do another scan for it."

"No need, they said it's coming towards Earth," Amy said.

Rose blanched and John tried to take her hand but she got up and left the room. John and the Doctor shared a glance. The Doctor nodded and asked everyone to wait for them while he and John followed Rose.

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